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Personal Statement

I won't pretend to be the best author in the world, or even on this site. I won't even pretend that the stories I write aren't utter trash.

But dammit, they'll always be the best I can do. I'm never going to half-ass a single thing I write and I'm never going to stop trying to improve!

I don't try to sell with sex, or enthrall with cheap shocks, but I will not shy away from adult subject matter. I only ask that readers respond with the same respect I show them.

Stories are important; they show us what we fear and what we desire; they tell us such things can be confronted. They can make us laugh aloud and cry bitterly and fulfill in our hearts that long-held yearning - that need to know there is something more fantastic out there. I hope anyone who reads my work has a little more happiness in their lives, or at least leaves with more to think about than they started. I won't pretend to be making grand political and philosophical statements here, but if something I write makes you stop and think as much as it makes you smile, then I'm doing my job as an author.

Special Thanks

I don't think I'd have the motivation or drive for writing, without a few very close friends, so let me thank them here.

Nacho, for being my illustrator, motivator, friend and provider of exactly my kind of art. You can see an example of his work here.

Yui, for always being there when I need her, for being kind, attentive and supporting and keeping me from my darkest moments.

Bram, for helping Yui in pulling my ass out of depression, despite his methods.

Sami, for being one of my best friends, in spite of his hatred of fanfiction.


Hey guys, sorry to interrupt your viewing pleasure, this is Araceil Captain Literate's housemate. Just before Christmas his health took a sharp downward swing, and he's been in hospital ever since.

We're not sure when he's going to get out, current estimates are around February, but we're not getting our hopes up. We thought he would be out just after Christmas, and he was, only within three days was readmitted and moved to a somewhat more serious ward. However, he's having around the clock care, the doctors and nurses at the hospital are fantastic, and he is thankfully no where near as bad as he was before I got him to the hospital back in early December.

Unfortunately, while most would think this a good opportunity to get some serious writing done, Cap is in far too much discomfort (with occasional bouts of pain now he's off the morphine) to concentrate for long periods of time at the moment.

This is just a PSA so you guys know what's up, and aren't too worried about the extended silence.

UPDATE: Cap here again! I'm out of the hospital and finally starting to feel something approaching human. Trust me, you do NOT want the list of what's plagued me over the last few months. I've finally managed to force myself to resume writing however and chapters will be coming out (hopefully) within a few days, whereupon this PSA will be a thing of the past. It's good to be back and I hope you're all still interested in what I write.

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