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Author has written 8 stories for Bleach, and Homestuck.

Me Stuff

Name: You don't need to know.

Gender: Divine Being

Age: Eternal

Species: Human in appearance at least, though I'm not totally sure beyond that.

Appearance: (*Raises eyebrow, wondering why you might need to know that*)

Status: Rather new author but you got to start somewhere right.

Random Stuff

Firstly some stuff about me. Hmm...Well I am completely and utterly, marvelously and madly, insane! I also have a fairly dark personality, possibly stemming from my past depression caused by social awkwardness, lack of friends, horrible luck, and no romantic history. Some of those things might be related. Correction: I am now in a relationship, and my mood has vastly improved as a result. On a lighter note, my hobbies include reading, writing, riding my bike, talking to myself (mostly self-criticism), playing video games, planning for the future, coming up with ideas, philosophizing on the nature of the universe and everything, and avoiding human contact. Although why you might care what my hobbies or personality are like I can't fathom, but it seems common so what the hell why not. It might give people an idea what my stories might be like I suppose.

Some other things which may or may not be more relevant. I have been an avid reader of fiction novels for a very long time. Mostly read Fantasy, Romance, Angst, Sci-fi, Adventure (Not necessarily in that order). Small category I know. I started getting into Anime/Manga a few years ago. Although for the first year-and-a-half it was just Bleach. I started University in September 2011 (Posting the year as I don't know how long that will be there) and since I haven't really had as much human contact since then I've watched a few more anime, and have gotten much more into that. I've also started writing more, hence the expansion of my profile.

As of yet my stories are all for Bleach as I consider it an excellent series taking place in a very deep, unique and vastly interesting universe. I have a few other story ideas floating around, some for other series, as well as helping someone else with some of their stories...if they ever get written. This person is very lazy. Sin of sloth you know.

Okay now I'm also starting to write some Homestuck fanfiction. It has begun!!!!!!

On that note, I'll say that most people think I'm not very religious. I am though. The thing is just that I made up my own religion, and no it doesn't have a name, and no I don't know whether I will give it one. You can't think about the nature and origins of the universe without thinking about religion and formulating or taking on some sort of belief system. Oh look now I'm rambling/ranting. How did that happen.

Back on topic (the topic being fanfiction). Despite being a dark person with no romantic history I have a surprising like for romance stories. On the other hand it might be because I'm a dark person with no romantic history (and a slight taste for mental and emotional masochism). Woops off topic again. So because I'm a bit of a romantic and because I am an opinionated person who likes to speculate on things, of course I think about the possible pairings in practically every piece of fiction I read. As I am very interested in the Bleach universe of course I have thought of pairings. If you don't care for that sort of thing stop reading here. As I am opinionated I will state my opinions on various pairings here. On second thought, I won't. As it would take too much time and energy for something no one will probably ever read, or if they do they likely won't care. If you want to know, read my stories or message me. Otherwise your welcome.

Ah something else to write. Here we go.


A Dark Vengeance: A mysterious figure appears in Karakura town. The gang saves him, but he is still crippled. They don't know who he is, what his intentions are, or where he comes from. He just calls himself Fugu. Just who might this man be...and what is he planning?

Emptiness: Ichigo has managed to beat Aizen, after pulling out his last stop and using The Final Getsuga Tenshou. With his Shinigami powers gone just what is going to happen? What has become of his hollow powers? And most importantly...what's going to happen when a familiar figure limps out of the smoke of Ichigo's final attack...wounded, but still very much alive. Can Ichigo hope to survive?

Redemption: (Oneshot) This boy. The Shinigami had never seen anything like him. Boldly running up to face down an opponent he could never beat, in order to protect those close to him. But as she thought that she realized she had met one like him once before. Long ago. A relationship that had been too short, and ended so tragically. She only hoped this wouldn't end the same way. A relationship that would start, much as the last had ended. A redemption of sorts. A blade through the heart. Life taken. Life given.

Happy Birthday, Rukia: (Oneshot) Random oneshot idea I got when my Beta mentioned it was Rukia's birthday. A few scenes for Rukia's birthday. Ichiruki pairing with some fluff. Don't like that kind of stuff then don't read it.

Heart to Heart: Yeah I don't know what happened here. Random thought struck, plus Homestuck and...Yeah, shameful self-insert. Trying to avoid it reaching Stu proportion. Essentially I get thrown into the trolls session from my own, and shenanigans.

JuSt A jOkE :o) : (Oneshot) Nobody cares about Gamzee. No one notices him. No one helps him with is problems. He's just that cheerful clown everyone loves. He doesn't have problems. He's just a joke...right?

two sides of THE SAME CLOWN: (how does this keep happening? I hardly even like Gamzee; Oneshot) Gamzee has run out of sopor slime. The voice is back. Its followed him his whole life. It never goes away. Looks like this time he'll be the one leaving... (IT KEEPS HAPPENING)


As Fanfiction has recently added the ability to have pictures for individual stories I am looking for someone to accept commissions for mine given that I can not draw.

Don't know what else to post so I'll just stop there. Until next time. Dark Eccentric out.


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