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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Harvest Moon.

Well, if you want to know about me... I'll list a few random things?

- DragonBallZ has always been my favorite anime, hence my username.

- I'm a gamer.

- I definitely prefer the Pokémon games over the anime. But I do actually take some inspiration from what little I've watched... sometimes.

- By the way, I am female.

- I do have both a brother and a sister.

- I tend to incorporate lots of humor in my fanfics, but I usually get odd looks whenever I try to use humor in everyday life. I guess I kind of alternate between being really serious and really random. Forgive me if I come across as too serious or too weird, as I don't seem to have a middle ground between the two. Kuudere, I guess?

- You can find me on deviantART too. Sometimes I'll post writings there that I'm not brave enough to post here yet. My username is the same as on here: dbzespio.

- My avatar pic isn't mine; it came from: ballerwaller over at tumblr.

Azelf's Aura blurbs ahead...

AA is something I thought up while I was playing Pokémon Platinum. Now, I hadn't played a Pokémon game in years before I played that game, so I was thoroughly impressed by how fun it was to play. Back when I was into it, we didn't have battle partners or underground fossil digging. Actually... it was pretty lame back then compared to now. Although, I have to admit it was fun playing LeafGreen as well. It was better gameplay than the old Blue game I played who knows how long ago. And! I finally got to be a girl for once, so that was great!

I've had a few people wondering why the title is what it is. To be honest, I had no idea what title I should go for, and this one just stuck. I felt Azelf is a pretty pivotal, yet mysterious, character, so he would be well-suited for a more interesting title...? Also, Aura is very mysterious as well, and it plays out as a pretty significant ability throughout the fanfic, since there are many Lucario characters as well. And of course, mysterious characters always catch my interest, so... hopefully it catches yours too? Yeah, pretty pathetic explanation, but it has grown on me by now, I guess.

I wound up choosing Leaf for the main character in my fanfic because I wanted an older character, and plus, everyone seems to have preconceived notions about Dawn's character since she's been on TV. Leaf, on the other hand, has not appeared on TV, so nobody really knows anything about her. Which is a shame; I think her character could be pretty interesting. Ultimately, I decided to make Leaf cheerful and quirky to offset Riley's quiet and serious attitude. I figure that balance is a good thing. I just hope that comes across well in the fanfic.

Now onto Leaf's Pokémon. Let's start with Lucario. Why did I choose a Lucario as the main Pokémon of this story? To be perfectly honest, I have no idea... I just saw Lucario on TV and thought he was the cutest and toughest Pokémon ever. Yeah, I'm not kidding. I'm that strange. He reminded me of Knuckles the Echidna (for some reason), and I think that character is the perfect combination of toughness and cuteness. I just love things that are both adorable and tough. Don't ask me to explain because I don't even think I can... And of course, I put in a Pokemon I really like... mainly because it'll keep me writing the story! Well, and also, it seems that Lucario is a pretty popular Pokemon within the fandom, so... why not go with him?

Azelf. This is Leaf's newest Pokémon and basically the whole reason why Team Galatic comes into play... We don't really see a whole lot of him, but there's a reason for that. And if I gave that reason away... I would totally ruin the entire point of the story! Plus, mystery is fun, don't you think?

Blastoise. This is Leaf's first and most familiar Pokémon on her team. Her starter, and also her strongest. And his nickname is Vegeta. Why didn't I name him Goku? Well, I didn't intend for this Pokémon to be very funny (in a Goku sort of way) and also I wanted to mark him somewhat as second best. (Leaf is not that strong a battler, compared to her peers, Red and Blue.) But, I do love the character Vegeta (he's my favorite in DBZ, actually), and I actually named my Blastoise in my game Vegeta as well. And he always has a special place in my heart because Squirtle was my first Pokémon ever. Hopefully, some readers might feel similarly.

Flareon. I nicknamed this Pokémon Blaze. She's NOT named after that purple cat from Sonic games! Her nickname is actually based off of one of the main characters from a fighting game I played as a little kid called Streets of Rage. Also, I put her in because I always thought of Flareon as the best (and cutest) of the Eevees until Espeon came around. Again, I put in Pokemon I like... Sorry.

Chatot. His nickname is Blathers. You know that owl guy from the museum in Animal Crossing? I always thought he was kinda cute, and his name made sense when you're talking about a chattering Chatot. And why did I choose a Chatot? Well, I mainly chose it because I thought it would be a nice jokester character. Also, parrots are just plain adorable. And I wanted to show that Chatots can be fun, unlike that annoying one from PMD... Anyway, this little guy is definitely a fan favorite, so I try and incorporate him more often than I had initially planned to. At first, I thought he'd be seen as cheesy (but I was going to go for it anyway! XD), so I'm surprised (and glad) that he's become so popular with readers of AA.

Swablu. Mainly, I had this one just because I think it's adorable. I named her Popuri because she was my best friend in Harvest Moon, and I like that name because it's unique and pretty. Leaf received this Pokemon in a trade.

Espeon. Technically not a generation one Pokémon, but I think I got away with this one because Leaf's Eevee just evolved out of friendship. Eevee's generation one, so it all makes sense... right? Anyway, I had this Pokémon be a girl, and her name is Espio. Espio literally means 'I spy' in Spanish, so technically it's not a guy's name. Because technically, it's not even a name! Man, lots of technicalities with this one... Sorry.

Okay, so onto the human characters...

I chose to make Riley an important character in the story because... he can use Aura and he's awesome! I mean, come on, can you think of any better reasons than that? Well, I guess you could... but let's just leave it at that. Anyway, in all seriousness, Riley was my favorite to battle with in the Battle Tower because he always has the toughest Pokémon, and he (usually) doesn't annoy you or get in your way. Well... usually. And plus, Riley gives you a free Poké egg. No one besides Cynthia is that nice, right? So... who wouldn't want him around? Right?

Toby. He's an original character of mine. He's inspired loosely off of Shea from Harvest Moon. He's not really that important to the story, mainly there to prevent things from getting too intense. Anyway, if you're wondering where I got the name from, I really wanted a character that had a blind Lucario. When I got to thinking of blind people, I thought of Toby from Harvest Moon for some reason (even though he's just an 'eyes closed' kinda guy rather than he's actually blind)... So, I was originally going to name the Lucario Toby, but I really liked the sound of the name, and it's definitely a better human name than a Pokemon one. So, I named the trainer Toby and planned a simpler name for his Pokemon: Ki.

As for non main characters...

Clowns are evil. Nuff said. If you've read, you know.

Hunter J. Yeah, she's not in the games, but she's just so evil! I had to have her in my story. After seeing her capture that poor little Riolu, I knew she was just pure evil! In my story, however, I kind of make her have issues with winning and always getting her way. It might seem a little strange, but that's how things wound up, I guess. I don't know too much about her (having not watched enough of the anime to know a ton about her), so I kind of had to make up her character a bit. So, in short, I wouldn't argue with everybody who says her character is a little off. And seriously, is she even alive anymore in the anime...?

And yeah, I think many may have noticed by now, but I really dislike Barry. I think he's really annoying, so he might be portrayed as a silly noob... Sorry Barry fans. However! The treatment of noobs is something worth talking about, so... we'll see what happens.

As for my other stories...

A Chaotic Christmas is a little Pokécentric story I felt like writing for Christmas. The characters in it are from Azelf's Aura, of course. It's basically something silly that I figured might be a tad interesting and good for a laugh or two. I know how much readers like the PokéPal type chapters, and this is basically what this fanfic is all about. Unfortunately, I decided to put this on hiatus until I get further along in AA. It's starting to contain... spoilers! DX

Chaotix Chaos is on hiatus until... idk. But it's mostly just a goofy little story, so don't expect to learn some great lesson from it or anything. But seriously, I love the Chaotix! They're such a cute little bumbling team! I was playing Sonic Dark Brotherhood when I first wrote this story, and I was totally disappointed that they didn't make the Chaotix useful as playable characters! I mean, come on, you can play as Cream the annoying rabbit, Big the dope, and even Egghead himself! Why would anyone chose them over the Chaotix??? ...They deserve more credit, so this story is a little shout out to and some recognition for my favorite Sonic team ever.

Daycare of Doom is a crazy little one-shot I wrote for no real reason. It's crazy and random. I doubt there are many fics starring the Daycare Lady, so I figure it wouldn't hurt to give her the chance to pwn everyone in her own creepy and crazy way. It was meant to be funny, but it's really not for the faint of heart.

Les Ninjas is complete, and I translated it into English as well so more people can read it. It's not really that great though. It was an original story at first, but I tweaked it a little to make it a fanfiction. Basically, it was French practice for me. Don't judge meh, pleeassse. Ultimately, I decided to erase it, since I felt like it was cluttering up my space.

Hearty Harvest? I wrote this unexpectedly. It sort of popped into my head, and I liked it, so I decided to continue it. It's a bit more serious than many of my other fics, and it's probably the only crossover that I'll ever write. However, I don't have the plot worked out very fully, so expect slower updates on this one from time to time. Should contain some romance too, in addition to discovering the bond of friendship. Occasional humor.

Ridiculous Randomness: This is a fic I'm writing with ScotSniper. His characters meet my characters from Azelf's Aura. Here's a link to the characters' picture: We're not going to finish this one, since we've both got quite a few stories on our hands as it is. I leave it up for the lulz.

Riley's Remembrances is basically a bit of insight into Riley's past before the events in Azelf's Aura. I chose to do this one first (before Toby and Leaf) because I wanted a bit of a break from Azelf's Aura. It's basically really fun for me to try out a shorter and more clipped style and plus, the main character is male, and I haven't done anything like that for a while. I really like writing micro fictions, and this is basically what this is. However, this is currently under reconstruction. There's only one chapter left to write too...

Vaughn le Voyageur: Another story for French practice. I looked it over a while back and became wholeheartedly embarrassed of it. So I decided to delete it. Trust me, it was a very good decision.

Upcoming Stories (in order of how likely I am to actually write them)

Wesker Shorts: I like to make fun of Albert Wesker from Resident Evil. That is all. Will be on deviantART shortly. And then, I might post them here.

A Dark Souls Parody: Lordran is a world of death, despair, madness, and resignation... all it needs is one deluded fangirl!

The Man: A SSBB fanfic. Zelda and company live within an urban wasteland while a certain somebody brings in money by the billions, profiting off of their cage fights. Can she and her friends get down to the bottom of this and ultimately return home? Chapter One and Two are on deviantART.

Just Dance, Vegeta!: I've been wanting to write a DBZ fic, and now I have an idea! Goku challenges Vegeta to Just Dance! How will Vegeta's pride handle such a random request? Oh, and how did Goku afford a Wii, you ask? The Ox King needed to lose weight, so he bought Wii Fit. Expect foolishness with this one.

Pathetic Pirate: A really stupid and goofy Lucario inherits his father's pirate ship and crew, even though he sucks at... pretty much everything. Can he manage to pull it together and become a great and famous pirate like his father once was? My guess is no... Expect random craziness.

Something to do with Fire Emblem: That's so obviously not a tentative title. Seriously though, I love Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates, and I definitely want to write some kind of story... The only problem is... Romance tends to be cheesy. And I'm a hopeless fangirl...

Leaf's Life: Basically, Leaf's life as a novice trainer. It should have a light-hearted, fun tone similar to Azelf's Aura.

Toby's Tale: Insights into my oc, Toby's, life before events in Azelf's Aura. Haven't started this yet. Well, I did, but I hated it, so technically, that doesn't count. Will contain serious moments, and also random ones. We all know how silly many of his Pokemon are.

Escape: Lucario. The Pokémon with the ability to track down anyone. Is it even possible to escape the ultimate hunter? It should be a brief dip into horror? It will feature White (Hilda) as the main character.

Wondering why my fanfics are taking a long time to get updated? Here's why...

1. I have a job.

2. I have a lot of fanfics, and I work on whatever I feel like at the moment. And that includes re-writing old stuff and working on stuff I don't plan to publish on here until much later.

3. Video games are fun.

4. I get a headache if I stare at a computer for too long.

Well, that's all for now, I suppose. Thanks for being interested.

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