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About Me

Name: Carter Pollen, but here on FanFiction you can call me Opalpaw, Opal, Opal's Secret. Anything that has Opal in it.

Age: Thirteen, but I will be fourteen in October

Gender: Female

City: Jacksonville

State: Florida

Favorite Books: Warriors; Left Behind; Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Baby Sitters Club; the Anne Frank books.

Favorite TV Shows: Spongebob, Suite Life on Deck, Hannah Montana, NCIS, Mystery Hunters, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Code Lyoko.

About My Stories

Bigger Than Trilogy

Bigger Than Intended:

Hollykit is the daughter of Lionblaze and Cinderheart, named after a certain cat she looks exactly like. She believes in her heart that she is to be a warrior, but StarClan has bigger things in mind. They want her to be a medicine cat training under Jayfeather. Hollykit doesn't know what choice to make, follow her heart, or StarClan's wishes. Besides, Jayfeather had Mosspaw as an apprentice.

Goldenkit, Hollykit's older sister, is the one who wants to be a medicine cat. She loves the smell of herbs and the way medicine cats can speak to StarClan. But, when she finds out StarClan favors her younger sister more, she decides to get revenge with the help of a traitor in the Clan.

Honeykit, the oldest sister in the three, already knows her destiny: leader of ThunderClan. She is the best fighter out of the sisters, and she can think clearly. But, she is hiding a horrible secret. One that must never be found out.

Then, a mysterious cat comes to the ThunderClan camp, saying the One Born Again must help save the Clans with the Power of Three. Everything reaches its highest peak when one of the sisters learns that she is the One Born Again, one turns to the dark side, and one decides whether to stay in the Clan.

With relationships forming, secrets growing, and hatred let loose, one sister will make the ultimate sacrifice, making everything Bigger Than Intended. On Hold!!!!!!!!!

Bigger Than Life: Sequel to Bigger Than Intended:

The Great Battle between the Dark Forest and StarClan has not come, yet four cats know that it could strike at any moment. Time is precious to them, seeing as the cats from Hell could start the battle of the ages.

Hollypaw, the One Born Again, is one of the four. Her power can save her from death from mortal cats, but she does not know if the cats from the Place of No Stars could kill her. Training as a warrior apprentice, her mentor being Lionblaze, she is learning all the fighting skills she can so she can protect herself. But, what if it isn't enough?

Honeypaw doesn't know about the battle to come, so all she cares about is being a great warrior, and maybe the next leader of ThunderClan. But she is harboring a secret, something she wishes would never be let out. And with a little luck, it won't, so long as Hollypaw and Goldenpaw keep their mouths shut. Will they tell the truth?

Goldenpaw gave up her life to stop an evil cat from killing Hollypaw, showing StarClan she does have a heart. The starry warriors decide to give her a second chance, letting her live once more. This time on the side of good, the apprentice wants nothing more than to be a good medicine cat. Will she get to see her dream come true?

The Power of Three and the One Born Again will need to be able to rise up to face the upcoming challenge. Goldenpaw and Honeypaw will need to learn the truth to help, but will Hollypaw tell them so they can? Things are thrown into chaos when the battle starts right when everyone lets their guard down.

The stakes will be higher, lives will be lost, and one cat will make a wish that will turn back time, showing some things are Bigger Than Life. Not Started

Bigger Than Wished: Sequel to Bigger Than Life:

During the Great Battle between StarClan and the Dark Forest, one cat made a wish that sent six cats into the past. The Power of Three, the One Born Again, a medicine cat apprentice, and a regular apprentice are thrown into the era of the beginning of the Clans.

Hollypaw, Lionblaze's apprentice, can't seems to find an answer as to why her wish camp true. All she wished for was that she wished everything about the Dark Forest had never happened, and that she could go to a time of peace. Now, as she trains with her mentor in a new time, she wants to know if the prophecy had something to do with it. Does it play a part in the mess?

Goldenpaw, the medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan, is taken under Brambleberry's wing as she learns how to become a better medicine cat. Seeing as Brambleberry did not have a mentor before she became a medicine cat, she wonders how the cat learned so much about herbs. Training under Brambleberry seems to be more fun than being with Jayfeather. Why?

Honeypaw's secret seems to shrink after she is thrown back in time. Being the legendary Thunderstar's first apprentice, she gets to see how a Clan leader's life is, so that she can decide once and for all if she wants to be a ThunderClan leader. But seeing him in his struggle to keep the new Clan in control, she can't help but wonder if the leader life is for her. Is it for her or a mistake she made in thinking about?

Then, all six cats get to see how the prophecy about the Power of Three and the One Born Again started when Brambleberry receives one of her first prophecies from StarClan. As Clan life goes on in the brand new ThunderClan, the Three and the sisters watch as when the first evil cat died, it created the Hell known as the Place of No Stars or the Dark Forest.

The real struggle for survival begins when the new Dark Forests decides it's time for them to return to earth, possessing a cat's body. Good cats suddenly turn evil and begin attacking the Clans. Hollypaw, Goldenpaw, Honeypaw, Doveheart, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather must join together and help the Clans defeat their first ever enemy.

An important cat dies in the fight, many new cats are injured, and the one cat that started this whole mess begins to realize that this was Bigger Than Wished. Not Started.

New Life Series
Sequel to the Bigger Than Trilogy

Book One: Promise:

Book Two: Broken:

Book Three: Hatred:

Book Four: Forgotten:


Heartpaw is an apprentice of ForestClan, loyal to the bone. She is one of the kindest members, but she does wonder if she would last as a member of another Clan. ForestClan could become very boring, doing the same thing over and over again. Heartpaw wants some action, not just the regular hunting and apprentice chores. The other Clans are too afraid to cause a fight, so nothing happens. What is she to do?

Ashpaw is an apprentice of TreeClan, aggressive to the other two Clans, but very kind to her own. She wonders if life in another Clan is as boring as her very own Clan. TreeClan could become very boring, doing the same thing over and over again. Ashpaw actually just wants peace, not the regular fighting with LeafClan and chores. At least ForestClan doesn't like to cause a fight. What is she to do?

At a Gathering one night, the two she-cats realize that they can switch lives. They look exactly alike and they decide to live in the other Clan, pretending to be the other apprentice. Life in the other Clan is great at first, seeing as they get to do what they want to do. But, as they live life as their new lives, they start to miss their kin and friends. They love their new life, but they their old one, too.

Then, a rogue comes onto the Clans territory, asking to see her daughters. When one cat tells a shocking story, Heartpaw and Ashpaw get even closer together. The lies they learned and the friendships they had mean nothing to them, seeing as their whole lives had been a giant lie. What will happen to the two apprentices, living in the other Clan?

Just the Beginning
(Summary after Switched)

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When she pushes you or hits you
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When she starts cussing at you
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When she ignores you
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When she pulls away
Pull her back

When you see her at her worst
Tell her she's beautiful

When you see her start crying
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When you see her walking
Sneak up and hug her waist from behind

When she's scared
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When she lays her head on your shoulder
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When she steals your favorite hat
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When she teases you
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When she doesn't answer for a long time
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When she looks at you with doubt
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When she says that she likes you
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When she grabs at your hands
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When she bumps into you
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When she tells you a secret
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When she looks at you in your eyes
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Let her wear your clothes.-

When she's bored and sad, hang out with her.-

Let her know she's important.-

Kiss her in the pouring rain.-

When she runs up to you crying, the first thing you say is;
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