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Looking at everyone else's profiles makes me think I might as well put SOMETHING here.

Well, I'm Kamikazitwinkie and I'm from the US.

Um, I've only written one story and that's probably the way it's going to stay. I had the idea in my head for this and it just would not go away, so I started writing and it just kind of took off.

So...hm. What else to put? Oh! I've seen other people do this:

Favorite books: My favorite book of all time is Watership Down by Richard Adams, but I'm also a huge fan of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, the Wheel of Time series by Richard Jordin (or now by Brandon Sanderson, RIP Mr. Jordin), and the Xanth series by Piers Anthony.

Favorite Movies: Love Avatar, how can you not? Other really good ones are V for Vendetta, Boondock Saints, Kick-Ass, District 9, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I know there's more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head :P

Favorite TV shows: The Watership Down TV series is absolutely amazing, even though it doesn't follow the book so much. I'm a huge fan of Glee (*gasp* A guy liking Glee?! Holy crap!), the show LOST (weirdest show you'll ever watch), and then there's stuff like Family Guy, American Dad, and South Park. But not the Cleveland Show, that was a terrible idea.

Favorite music: My biggest genre is christian rock. Some of the bands specifically are the Newsboys (both new and old), Sanctus Real, Tenth Avenue North, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, David Crowder Band, Superchick (WAY better than the name would lead you to think), and Relient K.

Well, that's all I got. If you wanna know anything else PM me and I'll add it if it's something I don't mind being made public.

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This is a quote by a writer named King Kelvin that I found in a story I was reading one day. It is his opinion on writers saying "don't read if you don't like" at the end of their stories or in responses to negative reviews. I rather liked it, so I decided to put it on my profile for anyone else to see. He makes an excellent point.

Funny, but fancy report cards are not commonplace for most of You. Writer-to-critic relations tend to end with a neat "don't read if you don't like" argument. In fact, it is so wide-spread among first-time constructive criticism recipients, I'd say not using that line means You are one exceptional writer. Alas, for the majority, it is a vivid case that should not be ignored. There is a number of scenarios for this argument to occur, so bear with me and keep Your cool.

The most innocent scenario is being a simple passerby. You see a story on the front page and it gets a click for being somewhat promising. Sadly, when You go beyond the first few lines, you see 40-symbol screams, general disregard for your eyes and the author behaving like a pig. Some would definitely flee or even block the author so his or her eyes are not hurt ever again by that person. Others would want to deal with this problem to prevent other readers from bumping over the faulty fiction. The reader's expectations were not met and the author gave them an awful time, so the reader is entitled to express his or her opinion in a very consequential manner. Moreover, stories tend to have banners or ads with colorful "R&R" and "review or else". Therefore, it is inexcusable for the writer to even try to complain about getting what was ordered in the first place. Yes, some people secretly wish for 100 percent praise and nothing else, finding bliss in ignorance. Damn them all to heck. Everyone else, however, should find it appropriate to pay heed to the reviewer's words and address every flaw with utmost rigor.

Writers, please remember, You are at the community's mercy. You alone do not make the community. Readers are its backbone and support. If an unfortunate passerby happens to betray Your hopes of the fiction being perfect, treat it respectfully, like real published authors.

A less canon course of events occurs when the reader intended to appraise a fiction in question. To all you tender types: praise and appraise are not always neighbors. This variant requires serious consideration. For starters, ask yourself why a person would initially want to write constructive criticism. The reasons can range from noble help to petty shenanigans. (Let's make a standing point that the critic explains the flaws he or she stumbled upon in a story and does not call You out personally.) No matter the reason, one thing can set a temper winding up into dangerous territory. You guessed it, that silly "don't read if you don't like" sign clamped on the beginning of the first story. It immediately tells a critic that You are unable to respect opinions if they do not stroke your ego. That, in turn, explains the level of professionalism the story has. Often it can show how weak the author's fascination is with the series...or point out a number of other weaknesses and insecurities. Perhaps it is acceptable in some circles, and a random person would censor themselves to appease the author. Though, the end result would be quite awful. It's a general and explicit freedom limitation, therefore imposing You the title of a tyrant within the story. This diminishes the story's mental added value and can be fatal to a reader's enjoyment. Putting it dimly: "I don't care about what you say unless it makes me smile. Then again, if it does not, I will beat you up. Yes, I will fight you to show how much I don't care." Be bright, not dim. The community will thank you!

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