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We, by the most holy order of the Internets do decree that our mission is to follow these most powerful rules posed by the omniscient WEB:



As loyal followers of the all-powerful and all-knowing Internet, we submit to these rules and make it our life's work to fulfill them to the best of our abilities.



oooookay uhhh. i have no idea how to do this. ahhhhhhhhh this is awkward um. okay, so in accordance with rule #34 and #35 of the internet, my dear friend Pudding Cup is in the process of writing a Carl/Mark corny lemon slashfic for the movie Pirate Radio. or, as its known in Britian, where we wish we were from, The Boat that Rocked. of course, i also asked her to write it, but as we couldnt find any Pirate Radio porn on the internet (and please let us know if there is!), something had to be done. And thus, we have created this account, to write and publish our amateur writing on the internet for your pleasure. Of course, we won't only write porn. actually, i dont write porn at all; just the thought of doing it makes me blush. ~ The Dinosaur

Later Edit by Pudding Cup: So, while submitting a story, I checked the "Boat That Rocked" section and it turns out that there are 3 new Pirate Radio fics. Yay!

Even Later Edit by Pudding Cup: There are now several Pirate Radio fics up, and ours got commented on a month or so back. Thanks!


RANDOM UPDATE 5/26/10: Stupid fail Mark/Carl porn first draft has been completed, totaling 4 double-sided pieces of 8"x10.5" binder paper. It has not yet been beta'd or edited in any way. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 5/28/10: The Dinosaur and I are off for Memorial Day weekend, and have collaborated at an ice cream shop and started the soon-to-be ridiculous PANTS SERIES. This has very little to do with actual pants, trousers, or any related leg coverings. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 6/1/10: Pudding Cup has caught the Dinosaur's cold and is currently unable to speak, making collaborating on the Pants Series difficult. Work will resume when Pudding Cup's larynx returns. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPADTE 6/2/10: I watched a movie in english today (Merchant of Venice, if anyone's curious) and I decided to do a 25 minute fic. So I texted the Dinosaur in whatever class she has while I have english and asked for musical inspiration. While she didn't actually help, I still wrote a very nice little 25 minute fic which should be posted by this weekend, because I have a chemistry final and a spanish final, even though finals aren't until next week, those bastard teachers. ~Pudding Cup

random update 6/somethingorotherithinkitsthefourth/10: who says it was my cold? and excuse me if i wasnt helpful. its not my fault pudding cup is stupidly picky and subborn. No progress yet on anything, but the 25-minute fic made me squee like an otaku. ~Dinosaur

RANDOM UPDATE 6/5/10: I think it was your cold because you were sick after my parents were, and you got laryngitis and they didn't. So I got sick closer to you being sick, and have more of your symptoms than theirs. Woo science! Anywho, 25 minute fic is done, but I'm too lazy to post it, so... It'll be up when it's up. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 6/7/10: The Dinosaur and I enter finals week, which lasts until Thursday. Well, for me it lasts until Wednesday, because I'm going to do my judo final today, so will only have 2 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday. But for most people it lasts until Thursday. ANYWAY, due to having 6 2-hour long tests in rapid succession, writing has been put on hold. BUT. BUT. But on Friday or Thursday or whenever, the Dinosaur and I will head back to the ice cream shop and talk about the Pants series and the new Mark/Carl porn I'm working on. ~Pudding Cup PS: Official Mark/Carl pairing name is KARL MARX. Y'know, like the 19th century German philosopher.

RANDOM UPDATE 6/20/10: As Pudding Cup has been out of town for a week and the Dinosaur will be out of the continent until the end of June and it's the MOTHERFUCKING WORLD CUP, BITCHES, WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING, all writing is on hiatus. Thanks. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 7/15/10 HOLY SHIT IT'S BEEN AGES: No updates to speak of because Pudding Cup has been working and attending camp and being in a band and the Dinosaur has been being awesome, which, as you know, is a full time job. And also because we have several things written, but are too lazy to type them up. Apologies. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 7/29/10: Pudding Cup got her wisdom teeth out on the 26th, so is pretty much incapable of doing anything right now. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 8/2/10: Pudding Cup has uploaded the fic "Rising of the Sun". That is the 25 minute fic from my English class several months ago. Huzzah! ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 9/27/10: Hullo internet peoples! Both Pudding Cup and the Dinosaur have been shit busy with school, but there has actually been loads of writing going on in the time that we've been gone. The Dinosaur has a continuing song-ficlet project going on, and Pudding Cup wrote a couple of ficlets for the Dinosaur's birthday (which happened in the last two months!) So... Sorry about the inactivity, we'll try to throw some stuff up pretty soon. ~Pudding Cup

RANDOM UPDATE 5/8/10: So, I suppose that we own you an explanation... Okay, really, all that's been going on is school and all the accompanying bullshit that goes along with it, such as massive amounts of testing, Pudding Cup getting a boyfriend, soccer and water polo and swimming, work, the list goes on. But rest assured, dear followers of which there are probably very few if any, we have not forgotten you. We still talk about this account and discuss story ideas. There are written but unpublished stories. We are still here. We are just shit busy. Such is the life of a high school student. ~Pudding Cup

Rising of the Sun reviews
Mark wakes up early and sees something he's never seen before.
Boat That Rocked - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 443 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 3 - Published: 8/2/2010