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Well, well, what have we here? Are you a wanderer, perhaps?
Come you to find your heart's desire in the myriad of pages to click past?
Or merely someone scrounging through forgotten writings in search of... stolen inspiration?
(cookies to whoever gets the reference!) (OH and I don't own the original line!)

ANYWHO. Weird, trying-hard, and failing-to-be-cool opening line aside... What's uuuup? :}

This here is a freaking awkward girl who refuses to curse, has a soupy brain, loves Red Vines, and frequently gets lost in her own picturesquely ferly inner landscapes.

BIO: (well. sort of.)

Name: Espasol (for this site at least)

Nationality: Filipina!

Schooling: HS Sophomore at the mo.

Maximum Ride, Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle, Pride and Prejudice, anything Shakespearean, Warriors (mostly just the first series, though), Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, A Song of Ice and Fire, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Sight, The Chronicles of Narnia, uhhhh... too many to remember... HAHA.

Games (this doesn't mean I've played them all):
Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Pokémon, Assasin's Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Borderlands, Dark Souls, Resident Evil, Star Wars, Dynasty Warriors, Spyro the Dragon, Little Big Planet, Klonoa... and others!

Music artists (forgive my limited taste - I only started obsessing 3 years ago):

Passions that I refuse to categorize: food in general, life, nature, love, tigers, books, ice cream, writing, art, lemon squares, photography, dogs, God (yeah don't get your bloomers in a twist), family, procrastination (I am a pro), llamas, playing guitar, beanies, anime/manga (very little. I stopped for a while), friends, marshmallows, doodling, sleeping, video games, cats,


Ah, I see. You do not wish to stare blankly at the screen and continue to read through my weird and mundane banter. You would rather find some mind-twistingly devious writing to abate your hunger, yes?

Well at the moment, that is... unattainable. /shot for trying to be suave

Yeah, it's because I have school! I'll probably get around to writing during school breaks though, so fear not! :D

Anyways. Thanks for passing by, I guess. HAHA Feel free to contact me! Somehow... uhuh..

Find me here (mind you, none of these have much.. /ashamed):
, Deviantart, Tumblr

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