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Welcome, folks.

I'm SixTwoSixFour, and it's nice tah meetcha. I ended up here because I'm an aspiring fiction writer, and I wanted some place where I could get feedback on my writing in a pretty easy manner. I am working on a real novel as well, but the stuff I post on here is so that people can tell me how to improve myself. It's a good balance I got goin'. Well, I think so. I love reviews, I love feedback, I love questions and suggestions. And they really do change things- I can think of at least one character who I am handling differently because someone pointed out why they should be important. I try to respond to all reviews that say more than "keep up the good work." Theoretically, that could change if I get totally swamped, but that seems pretty unlikely at this point in time.

My first, and main story is the Code Geass AU fic "Armed Resistance," or "AR." Basically, it all came about as I was watching Code Geass for maybe the third time, and started thinking to myself about how differently things would have gone if Lelouch was just more... angry. And I'm sure you'll learn if you check out AR, but my Lelouch is really a pretty furious dude. Took a little too much Hate-orade. So far, it's stuck pretty closely to the timeline of the anime, but there are little changes here and there that will snowball into a completely different plot. It's pretty close to getting there right now, actually. There are also some core universe changes, to the Geass Order and the Emperor and stuff like that. By the time it reaches what would be Code Geass R2, it will be completely derailed, and going off its own way. I gotta say, anyone who thinks it's cool now, you should really see what's coming. I've got some pretty rockin' stuff planned. Mao, for instance- he'll be a lot of fun.

My second story is "Armed Resistance: Side Stories," which is... well, side stories for AR, heheh. Since AR is first person, there is a lot we don't get to see- what other characters are doing while stuff is going on. If you're interested in that stuff- what Suzaku is up to, how Milly sees things, how miserable Jeremiah is right now... then you'll enjoy Side Stories. I'm not going to say it's exclusively for readers of AR- read whatever ya want, of course- but if you don't read AR, Side Stories will probably be pretty confusing.

My third story was a Bleach AU fic called "A House Divided," but essentially, it was a failed experiment. Pretty much nobody read it, and when I was just about ready to post chapter two... I realized I just didn't like it as a story. It was too boring. Decent character design, maybe, but all the interaction was meh. I might resurrect it in a more interesting way sometime, though.

The greatest compliment I've ever received is that I "type like I speak." Readin' this, you can probably figure out what they meant by dat- I intentionally misspell things either for emphasis or to demonstrate an accent. Rest assured, I don't do that sorta fing when I'm narrating. Only author commentary, and in dialogue. Cause gawd that would get old fast. That doesn't mean I don't make typos, mind you- you spot a mistake, I'd be grateful if you sent me a message about it. I try to fix that sort of stuff. I tend to like to explore the psychological aspects of things- how the people around a character influence their behavior, emotions, things like that. There's nothing like a good mind game, if you ask me.

Future stories? Well, I'm a big time gamer, so I might do some video game fics, and I do watch a decent amount of anime, so there's potential for that... but I don't think I'll ever have more than two stories being updated at a time. Let's face it... I have a life, and I don't want to spend all of it doing writing that I don't get paid for XD

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