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Hello Everybody!

Im a Pisces

I love yaoi, reading, cooking, playing videogames, reading fanfiction, going on vacation, writing poems, being with family and friends.

I hate people who jerk me off for money and fakers (If you don't have them don't fucking buy them).

My favorite animes are Naruto,Bleach,Ouran Highschool Host Club,Inuyasha,Prince of Tennis,Fullmetal Alchemist,Saiyuki,BlackCat, Beyblade, YuYu Hakusho, DragonBall Z, One Piece, and Death Note.

My favorite shows are the Boondocks,Family Guy,the Cleavland Show,the Simpsons,Wizards of Waverly Place,Johnny Test,South Park,Drawn Together, Teen Titans, Wrestling, Degrassi, Total Drama Series, The Proud Family .

KakaIta (They were in the Anbu together)
JiraOro (Older verison of NaruSasu)

IchiHitsu (Watch Bleach the Diamond Dust Rebellion to see why)
ShunshiUkitake (Their so Close)
GrimmUlqurr (They lust for each other)


InuSessh (Brotherly Love)

Prince of Tennis
AtobeRyoma (Royal Pair)

Fullmetal Alchemist




YuYu Hakusho

Dragonball Z

One Piece

Death Note


South Park
StanKyle (Style)
CraigTweek (Creek)
DamonPip (Dip)

Teen Titans


Fruit Basket KyoYuki ShigureHatori

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"5 out of 4 people have trouble with fractions."
"667. Evil and then some."
"Always forgive your enemies, because nothing annoys them more."
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