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Since having a blank profile seems pretty boring, I decided to tell something about myself.

First off, I'm a twenty-year-old university student from Finland. English is not my native language, however it is my favourite one. I definitely prefer reading and writing in English. Finnish is such an odd-sounding language when used in its most formal style.

I have been a fan of Harry Potter ever since my mother borrowed Harry Potter ja viisasten kivi (the Finnish translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) from our local library. Before I read the book I was sure it wouldn't be any good. How completely wrong I was...

That same year (I'm pretty sure it was the same one) I received books 1-4 as a Christmas present. I remember I had a fever that day, and so I spent the rest of that Christmas Eve lying on the living room sofa, reading JKR's wonderful novels. I was 10 years old, and the Finnish version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had just been released earlier that year (2001).

I only found Harry Potter fanfiction less than two years ago. I had visited this site before then, but had not ventured to the English archive, believing I did not know enough English. Ever since I finally abandoned the Finnish archive (not much to read there, really), I have been hooked.

The first fic I remember reading is the first story in Lightning on the Wave's series. At that time I was a fan of Drarry and Sev(er)itus, and the fics had a hefty dose of both of them. I absolutely love the series, and you'll find all seven stories in my C2 archive.

Nowadays I am starting to run out of really good fics to read, due to there being a few no-nos I simply refuse to read. I have taken to searching through C2s of completed stories, and that method has proved quite successful.

Here's a list of what I will not read:

Fics that feature:

- Harry/Ginny. I hate that girl, and the way the two ended up together was far from believable or realistic. Besides, she's just plain annoying.

- Mpreg. Whoever came up with that disgustingly unnatural monstrosity should be ashamed of themselves. You wouldn't believe how many slash fics have had an intriguing summary - and then there's been a warning of Mpreg. Seriously, if you're that obsessed with the characters having kids (something I avoid reading about, whether the pairing be het, slash or femmeslash), either pair them with the opposite gender, or have them adopt a kid. Even magic cannot change a male's anatomy enough to allow them to have babies!

Yes, only two things. And yet they cover too big a percentage of the fics listed on this site.

If you want to see what kinds of fics I like to read, visit my C2.

My top 5 favourite Harry Potter characters:

1. Severus Snape. There's no question about that. He is the true hero of the series, and his character is easily the most fascinating of them all. Needless to say, I was not happy when JKR killed him off - and in such a lame way, too.

2. Harry Potter. Although I don't much care about canon-Harry, his character has potential to be something a lot greater than the Golden Gryffindor who (blindly) follows Dumbledore's lead. He deserves better than what he became and got in canon.

3. Tom Riddle Jr./Lord Voldemort. Despite being the main antagonist, I really like him. He's evil and Dark, yes, but a large part of that is due to his crappy childhood. Growing up without ever knowing love cannot possibly leave a child unaffected.

4. Hedwig. She is Harry's most loyal friend, right till the end. She's intelligent, affectionate and beautiful. As you probably know, her death in the book and in the movie differ quite a bit. In the book she's simply sitting in her cage when the Killing Curse hits her, while in the movie she takes an Avada Kedavra meant for Harry. The latter underlines her loyalty and bravery, which is why I actually prefer it.

5. Hermione Granger. She's a much better friend than Ron could ever hope to be, and she's also the brain of the Golden Trio. She saves Harry and Ron's arses more than a few times; without her the boys would never have never solved the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets, nor would Buckbeak and Sirius have been rescued. I don't think I need to mention the role she played in Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows.
Hermione, like Harry, would have deserved someone better as her spouse.

My top 5 least favourite Harry Potter characters:

1. Ginny Weasley. I loathe her. She's such a little princess, and definitely does not deserve someone as great as Harry. Being possessed by the diary Horcrux was likely meant to get us readers to pity her, as well as add a link between her and Harry. To me, the way Harry saves her in the Chamber of Secrets is nothing but a cliché; knight in shining armour and that rot.

2. Dolores Umbridge. Is there anyone who likes her? She's even more evil than Voldemort, in her own way. I hated her the moment she interrupted Dumbledore's welcoming speech in Order of the Phoenix.

3. Peter Pettigrew. He's a traitorous rat, who dies by accidentally committing suicide (it was his hand, regardless of whatever spells Voldemort had placed in it). How pathetic is that?

4. Gilderoy Lockhart. I won't even bother listing the reasons...

5. Cornelius Fudge. What kind of Minister for Magic takes bribes from the likes of Lucius Malfoy (not that I have anything against him)? A corrupted, irresponsible one. Fudge is also too stubborn for his own good.

I really, really hate seeing fics with poor grammar (not that I'm perfect myself!). Here's a list of the most common, and annoying mistakes:

1. than/then (*growls in frustration*)

2. you're/your

3. they're/their/there

4. to/too(/two)

5. it's/its

6. weather/whether

7. where/were

8. Apostrophes in simple plurals (such as Dursleys, Weasleys and Slytherins) and singulars(!) (such as Hogwarts and Gringotts). Just because a word ends with an s does not mean it requires an apostrophe.

Really, it is not difficult to use all of those correctly. Especially if you're a native English speaker. I'd be ashamed to be even nearly that bad at Finnish!

I also hate it when people cannot even spells names/words/spells from the Potterverse. If you like Harry Potter enough to write fanfiction about it, then at the very least make sure you know how to spell the characters' names, spells' incantations and other terms.
Here are some examples of the correct spelling of some of the most "difficult" Potterverse words:

Avada Kedavra, Alohomora, Quirrell, Hermione, Imperius Curse, Lestrange, phoenix, Sybill Trelawney, Parseltongue, Hannah Abbott, Seamus Finnigan and the Creevey brothers.

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