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Author has written 4 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Hunger Games, and Avengers.

About Me: Despite the screenname, I'm an American/Texan medical student with a passion for heroes and not nearly enough free time to write as much as I do. Not much else to say, really--my stories probably tell you more about me than I ever could.

FictionPress: Link. There's not much there except a short story of mine called Oops. It's pretty different from my other work, but was a ton of fun to write. Plus it's my first (and only) piece to get published, even if it was just in a college magazine, so I'm a little prejudiced.

Upcoming Works: At the moment, I'm working on an Avengers AU where the bad guys have won. Not going to say any more about it in case I jinx it, but I'm really excited. After that, hopefully I'll get to the last of the Batman series; we'll see if another story takes over my brain first.

Bonus Content:

One of my favorite things to do for my stories is to cast the characters for myself; feel free to imagine them as you prefer, of course, but these are the people I picture when I write the stories.


Liv (Livy) Caldwell: Emily Browning. Not much to say here, except that I like the odd combination of innocence and just a hint of deadness in her expression.
Mareen Caldwell: I have a pet peeve in movies or TV shows when there are 'siblings' that look absolutely nothing alike. Solution for Mareen and Liv? I cast Emily Browning for Mareen too, but with a different age and look.
Kev Caldwell: Shocking, I know, but there aren't any pictures of a male Browning, so I had to take Freddie Highmore instead.
Bren Nellon: I sometimes find pictures of random people that I think would be good characters to write about and save them to be used 'someday.' Bren's picture is one of those. *Edit* A-And it looks like the link is now broken... guess you crazy kids are going to have to use that wacky thing called imagination for Bren.


Andi (Andrea) Taylor: After scouring the internet for pics that suited Andi, I finally managed to get one of Moon Bloodgood that fits her pretty darn well. I picture her with a little shorter hair, and a bit of a Hispanic cast to her features, though.
Pam Isley: I don't think she looks like her normally, but in this shot Rachelle Lefevre is almost exactly how I picture Pam, just with green eyes rather than brown.
Leena (Harleen) Quinzel: Emilie de Ravin. No question. She'd have to lose the Aussie accent, but after watching her in LOST, I know she can play both innocent and insane with equal skill. And she just looks like Harley, sweet but almost eerily so.


JP Valley/Azrael: Devon Sawa. It's the first time I've ever cast a character right at the start of writing for them, and it worked out wonderfully. Also, if you haven't seen him as Owen Elliot in Nikita yet, you're missing out!
Deadshot/Floyd Lawton: Clive Owen. There's just something about his eyes in that pic that fits. Like he's bored and dangerous and watching everything all at the same time.

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