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Name: Daniela Pavlova

From: Bulgaria (it's a country)

I want to: Move to America (LA), become an singer and actress.

You know your a Sonny With A Chance Fan when...

You keep telling your friends that Chad Dylan Cooper is real.

Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about Sonny With A Chance.

Your favorite dog combination is a chocopoke, the ice cream that licks itself.

You jump around in front of random people(and teachers in my case...) and yell: "I'M SO OBSESSED WITH SONNY WITH A CHANCE!"

You babble about Channy all the time and wish there's more Channy in every episode you watch.

When you want someone to change something you bawk like a chicken.

You watch the episodes a week before they air on youtube.

You just wish Channy would form already!

So Far So Great is always stuck in your head.

You think cheese pants are the coolest invention.

You agree that Tawni Town is one heck of a town!

You want a blarmie, the blanket with arms.

Your cellphone ringer is MOOOO!

You wish you could taste the creamy goodness or the fro yo machine.

Instead of Oh my God, you say Oh my Chad!

You can honestly say you love Chad Dylan Cooper.

You suddenly want to go live in a vent.

Your favorite lipstick is Coco Moco Coco.

You settle things by playing musical chairs.

You do know there are 80 shades of white.

You wrote a complainent letter to Condor studios about the unfair treatment to the So Random! cast.

You can't say no to the kiss cam.

You laugh at people who say double duty.

You look up the episodes on YouTube, even weeks before the promo is up.

You and your friends do the "Good, good, fine, fine!" thing way too often.

You say "Peace out suckas!" whenever you leave a room.

You say "That was So Random!" a lot and then silently laugh to yourself because of your secret reference.

You know the theme songs of most, if not all, the So Random! sketches (like annoying girl, dolphin boy, etc.).

You believe Sonny and Chad will finally become a couple in every new episode, then are extremely disappointed when they don't.

You have already read the script for "Falling For the Falls" a million times and the day it comes out, you are recording it, even though you already know what happens.

You know each episode by the title and episode number and you can identify which episode it is, just by the first line/glance.

You were more than disappointed when "I Think She's Back" wasn't an actual episode and just a rumor. You also wish that they would still write this episode and have it air.

You believe the writers steal ideas from SWAC FanFiction stories! (Tru That!)

You say "Peace out suckas!" whenever you leave a room.

You understand this statement, and why its one of the best: Peace out suckahhs!

Your smiling through this whole thing and nodding agreeing with it...
And you are proud to call yourself a SWAC Fan.

If you didn't watch SWAC already you are poor... If you watched SWAC already and you didn't like it, you are a looser!

High School Miserable Lyrics:

Tawni: I`ve never ever been to public school... I never thought it would be this cruel!
Nico: It`s endless, we`re friendless
Grady: It`s nothing but paaain...
Zora: And no one in this dump knows our name! Sonny: I know you think this is probably my fault
Tawni: (spoken) We do!
Sonny: The catty comments and the constant assults!
Grady: (spoken) It's cool!
Sonny: I was there once, and I'm still alone(?), so listen if you want to survive... Inside this...
Everyone: High School Miserable...
Tawni: I never thought I'd be invisible!
Everyone: In this High School Miserable...
Sonny: You've gotta keep in and divisible.
Everyone: In this High School Miserable... I don't understand what's happening to me... This High School Miserable... Someone get me back on TV...
Nico: I thought the girls here would go crazy for me... I flubbed a test, I`m clearly getting a D!
Grady: I never knew how high my undies would go...
There's tons of wedgies, I didn't know.
Like the... hoodie ... The Hourglass(ow!)... The 360 spin(that hurt!)... the fig leg, the bat, the bowling pin(strike!)The donkey, The monkey... man I am sore!
Zora:(spoken) I cant believe there`s twenty-eight more. Neat!
Tawni: Someone get me back on TV...
Sonny,Tawni, Nico: Away from...
Everyone: High School Miserable!
Zora, Sonny, Tawni: It`s endless, it`s friendless...
Nico:(spoken) This place is cruel!
Everyone: Someone get us away from High School Miserable!
Tawni: Someone get us back on...!
Everyone: Away from High School Miserable...
Someone get us back on tv!

The legend of Candy Face lyrics:

Sonny: Turns out that I was Candy Face!
Miss Bitterman: And I found garbage all over the place!
Nico: I was so scared it made me hurl.
Grady: And made Chad Dylan scream like a girl!
Chad: The woods and altitude make my voice high!
Tawni: And a new curling iron candy can buy!
Sonny: (spoken) I know.
Tawni: Hair master model 302.
Sonny: (spoken) I got it.
Tawni: And it better be in aqua blue!
Sonny: (spoken) Okay!
Zora: And if you think Candy Face has bid adeiu...
Miss Bitterman: Beware my friends...
All: Candy Face is in you...!

Twenty-One Things I've Learned From Sonny With A Chance.

1. There are eighty shades of white.

2. Cold Cut catapults also work with cheese.

3. You shouldn't fake your own fan letters. (Unless you have a weird beard costume)

4. You shouldn't open giant boxes that belong to a certain eleven year old.

5. Tawni Town is one heck of a town.

6. You can fall in love with your mortal enemy

7. Not all proms end in disaster.

8. You have to play yourself before you can play someone your not.

9. People will get mad if you wear the same clothes as them to the "Oh No You Didn'ts".

10. Five weddings and a wedding makes a lot of weddings!

11. Children Having A Dream isn't a real charity

12. James doesn't get dumped. He dumps . . . from a distance.

13. A mop makes a great present!

14. A tiara can also be a key to a secret unicorn stable...

15. ANYONE can pull off a weird beard!

16. Even jerkthrobs look ah-mazing in pink!

17. A 9 year old could be the final vote between losing your job or keeping it.

18. You should never let your co-star talk without a script.

19. If you rent a snake, be sure to know what SIZE you're renting.

20. Chicken fingers and skee ball are a heck of a combo!

And most importantly...

Even if you've been warned, and you deny it all, you can and just might fall in love with the enemy.

Tawni's the most egotistic.

Sonny's the prettiest.

Nico's the funniest.

Grady's the clumsiest.

Zora's the sneakiest.

And Chad's the jerkthrob(in Sonny's eyes, anyway!)

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