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OMG I'M BACK!!! I loved this profile to much to give it up!!! Allow me to reintroduce myself =3


Name: Haruhi

Age: 16

gender: Female

species: I'm a human

personality: I'm the love child of Tamaki Souh from Ouran High School Host Club, and Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Height: 5'6 1/2

Weight: 143 lbs. I'm fine with telling that. Weight is only a number baby!!!

Animes I like: Oh god...this'll take forever! Fullmetal Alchemist is my number one favorite anime, followed by Ouran High School Host Club. I love all Gundam, appart from Seed Destiny. What was that? Neon Evaongallion was awesome! So was Eureka 7. I love Bleach, and Code Geass, and Ryoni Kenshin *I probally spelled that wrong...* Um...Yu-Gi-Oh, GX and 5D's are cool. I LOVE SONIC X TOOO!!! I lubs Sonic.

Favorite character: Edward Elric. Then Mighty the Armadillo. Then Shadow the hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Silver the Hedgehog...And Amy Rose...and Miles 'Tails' Prower...*Goes on ranting Sonic characters*

Favorite character couples:

EdxWinry: They complete each other. lol

SonAmy: Sonic likes her, he's so shy! Kawaii! And I'm a hopeless romantic like Amy, so I want her to get the man of her dreams. And besides, pink and blue contrast so well don't they?

MightyXSoul: I love Mighty with Soul Emera. They also contrast well. And Soul is just so...well, she's so sad, she needs someone as sweet as Mighty to help her out

TailsxCream: CUTE!!! Nuff said.

ShadxMina: I know they never meet, but it's still an adorable pairing. Shadow is so sad, and Mina is sooo sweet. Together, maybe they might help each other. Mina lost a lot, love, her father, her mother was robotsized, and do I even have to start on Shadow? Together it'd be sweet

KnuxJulie-su: If you dont know who Julie-su is, I'm sorry. She's a pink echendina and Knux's partner in the Archie comics. I love her. She's so strong and pretty ^w^

BernidetteXJules: I love Sonic's mom and dad.

Monkally Acon: That means Monkey Ken Kahn and Sally Acorn. If it keeps Sally away from Sonic, i'm damn glad!

LelouchxSherily: I love Lulu, he's so smexy, and Shirley is so sweet and pretty, and she's loved Lulu for a long time. And I think Lulu loved her too. It's sad what happened...

SuzakuxEuphemia: Come on, do I have to explain?

Ichihime: Ichigo and Orihime. Their adorable!!!

TamaxHaru: Tamaki and Haruhi. SWEET!!!

HikaxKaoru: Twinsest...ahhh twinsest...

Couples I HATE!!!

Sonally: Sonic and that jerk of a princess Sally. Not after what she did to him...That was so mean. She smacked him and dumped him on the day of his return party from a two year long trip in space because he felt he had to fight the war against Robotnik he started. Pretty dumb right?

Sonilver: I'll admit it, I kinda like Sonadow at times, and I think Shadilver is really cute, but something about Sonilver gets to me. I dont know...It's like putting Vegeta with his son Trunks. you know?

Sonails: I don't care if Tails has a girl side named Tailsko, it's still GROSS!!!

Shadknux: Really?

Ichirukia: They respect each other to much.

Interests: I like to read and write, duh your on Haruhi! Sheesh! I love music and just getting out into nature. I also enjoy video games, every fan boys dream right? A normal girl who loves video games? Lol, and I love to sing. Piano is one of my many talents *Toot toot! My horn is a blaze!!!*

Favorite voice actor: Vic Mignonga

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite food: PICKLES!!! *drools*

Favorite band: Crush 40

Favorite song: Is it you, Crush 40

Running out of things to tell: Mhmm...;^^

Alchemist or Homuncilus?: Alchemist all the way. The homulici got a raw deal. I mean, they didn't ask to be what they are, and even they want to be human!!

Soul reaper or Arrancar?: Soul Reaper. I'd work on Squad 4 with Hinatro Yamada. He's so cute!!!

Gundam or Nightmare frame: ...0.o really? GUNDAM!! I'll fly with Sestuna F. Seiai! Or Lockon Stratous. He's so hawt!

Death note or Geass?: Geass all the way!

Super speed or super strength: I'll take super napping powers instead.

Favorite color: Purple

Career or dreams: I really want to be an author. An author and a mother and wife. ^^

Favorite video game: Sonic adventure 2 battle, followed by Sonic and the Black Knight

Video Game you liked despite all the bad reviews: I liked Sonic Heroes a lot. It's cute. I also didn't see what was so bad with SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, or Sonic next gen, or as I call it, Sonic '06. It brought me my baby Silver.

Favorite Author: Me! lol, no, I like Kristen and P.C. Cast and Charline Harris.

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