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After fielding a surprising flow of questions on the matter, I see a better explanation is due as to the stories I wrote previously. Firstly, and most importantly: their removal was not voluntary. I am certainly the cause of that effect, but I didn't swing the blade, so to speak. Suffice to say that in every relationship my writing has always been the metaphorical equivalent of a mistress I'm unable to deny. And hell hath no fury...so there you have it.

Generally speaking, I loathe repeating myself, but under the circumstances, and thanks to a new friend that had a full copy, I'm going to be re-posting Night People. The caveat to this act of repetition is that I get a chance to edit the material and streamline it to fit a plot that really only became clear towards the middle of the project. It's a fluffy tale, and that won't change, but as with any story there will be at least some balance of drama.