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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Once Upon a Time, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

I am just a guy who likes to watch cartoons, anime, television shows, draw, and read books. I read stories on here for years and decided to to try and make some. Not much to say I am a college student who just started summer vacation (sweet to take a break by the way). I love to hang out with my friends, which I can do more during the summer when we are all home from school. Looking for a job, but having no luck. That' about all I can think of right now. I'll add more to my profile later. I hope to make more stories and became a better writer. See you around.

I also have a account on Adult Fan Fiction.net. I admit I write OOC unrealistic smut on there with little plot. I do my more serious IC stuff on here. Like my favorite Bleach character said I am just a humble pervert. The one story I wrote on there that followed a plot was Flowers and Strawberry story which serves a purpose my Bleach story: 1 year amd 5 months, so I posted it on here as well.

Some of favorite animes:

Yu Yu Hakusho



Dragon Ball/DBZ

Code Geass

Gundam Wing

Cowboy Bebop


Favorite cartoons:

Justice League/JLU

Spider-Man 94 series

Batman the Animated Series

Superman the Animated Series

Static Shock

X-Men 90 series

X-Men Evolution

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Beast Wars


Hey guys it is come to my attention that the material for My Pride, My Lust, and My Love is against the site’s policies. I regretfully say that I will be removing this story along with Flowers and Strawberry down from FF.net. I have heard from friends that FF.net is cracking down on stories like mine and some users are getting banned. I do not wish to be banned because I want to finish my other stories on here. If you think this sounds like a cop out or an excuse that is because it is. If you are disappointed in me I understand. I only ask you to bear with me. I will try to keep this up for another day so all the readers following this story can see this.

However, if you wish to follow this story I have uploaded this story on AFF.net as well. I will continue to write it on that site. Flowers and Strawberry is up there as well. The stories may be gone from this site, but you can still enjoy them on the appropriate website. Please review and give me feedback there. I could use the encouragement there or some tips if you have any. The material still exists on a different site, but I want to keep writing and uploading for stories I have such 1 year and 5 months for Bleach and the sequel I have planned and my Yu-Gi-Oh! stories I have on here. I have followers for both and I at least want them to see the stories get finished on here. If FF.net ever decides to allow these stories on here again I will upload them on here.

Thank you for the feedback. I will try to have 1 year and 5 months chapter up as soon as I can along with Yu-Gi-Oh! Crisis of Time and Space. If you have any questions for me just pm me.

To readers of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Crisis of Time and Space I want to aplogize for not updating in six months. It wasn't my intention to stop updating. I just have not gotten inspired after my last chapter. I want you to know that will change. I am going to finish the story. I can at least say that while I have not been writing down chapters I have been coming up with ideas for the story. I have a clear direction where I want to take it and end it. It is not really an excuse mind you, especially since I have been updating my other stories on here and on AFF.net. I addressed some questions I recieved in reviews that I think other readers may have.

Q: Will Yuma and Astral be in the story?

A: No. I have nothing against the characters, but when I first wrote up the story it was before Zexal was annouunced and when 5Ds had gotten through the first rounds of the WRGP. I have set the story up around DM, GX, and 5Ds. Adding Yuma and Astral now would disrupt the flow I have going with the story. I am not sure where Zexal goes in the YGO world yet, since it has been stated yet at least to my knowledge. In my personal opinion it seems further into the future after 5Ds if I am right that would mean it is the future Yusei created by solving the Momentum problem. In my story Yusei and company haven't fought Zone yet, so the Zexal future hasn't happened yet, making Yuma and Astral entering the story even more unlikely.

Q: Are you using villains from all 3 series for the 12 Holy Knights?

A: There is no point in hiding it since Pegasus has been revealed as the first knight. The answer is I am using various characters from the three series as members of the Knights. They aren't all villains.

Q: What deck is Yugi using?

A: Yugi is using a deck mixed with cards he used against Atemu in the final duel of DM and cards he and Atemu used in the past. He runs Dark Magician theme with Magnet warriors and level up monsters. There are a few new cards and old ones in there. With Dark Magician taken his deck will focus on the Dark Magician theme less and on other monsters.

Q: Are duelists from DM and GX going to update their decks with cards from 5Ds time?

A: Yes and No. Some characters will upgrade their decks with newer cards and some will not. I doubt I will give any of the DM and GX characters Synchro monsters though. I have nothing against the idea. I even gave Judai some Synchro monsters in another story of mine. I want to them to show the older cards are still good. The scene with Rua questions the DM and GX characters' usefulness because of their outdated decks rubbed characters the wrong way. Prideful characters like Kaiba or Mai etc are going to want keep their original decks mostly in tact to show regardless of how much things change that they can win with their own decks.

Q: Does Yugi still have the God cards and can he still use them?

A: Yugi can use the God cards. In my story being Atemu's host, a Sennin Item user, and now the vessel for the powers of the Sennin Items are enough for him to wield a God card. I can't answer on rather or not he has them. All I can say is that the issue will be addressed within the story. I can say that the God arcs will eventually appear in the story.

I can give you some teasers or spoilers:

Judai and Aki will have to set aside their differences to duel Holy Knight who delights in their inner turmoil. Seeing their disharmony the knight tries to play them against each other in a Battle Royal.

Hachi challenges Yusei to a rematch to decide the fate of Stardust Dragon. Things go about the same as last time. In desperation Yusei uses Clear Mind to Accel Synchro Summon, Shooting Star Dragon. Yusei begins his counter assault, but Hachi says that Yusei has ensure his own defeat. Shooting Star turns against his master! The symbol of infinite possiblities becomes one of despair. What will Yusei do as his own power is used against him?!

Sho faces an opponent he never thought he would have to battle. Overwhelmed by the enemy's brutal tactics he keeps his eye on victory and unleashes his true power as a duelist, but will it be enough?

Ruka drags Rua along with her as she gives Yugi and Anzu a tour of the city. Unbeknown to them they are being stalked by a Holy Knight. Rua takes notice, but does not mention it to the others. Instead he slips away to confront the stalker alone. The Knight proclaims that Yugi is their target. His desire to protect Ruka and his doubt in Yugi's legendary skill prompt Rua to duel the Knight on his own. When the Knight summons a monster with 3800 attack points on their first turn Rua is forced on the defense. Things only get worse when his magic and trap cards get countered. Offense and defense become difficult to maintain. When things look bleakest Yugi appears to lend Rua his support.

The Watcher keeps secrets from them to keep the time line from being altered, but Kyle says otherwise. He reveals to Yugi the dark truth of humanity's future. Even if Yugi and his allies win will humanity still be doomed? Can the Watcher truly be trusted after keeping such a secret from them?

To readers of 1 year and 5 months I am working on chapter 41 right now. I should have up sometime next week. I think readers will enjoy it. Hard to believe I am up to 41 chapters already. It seems like yesterday when I started this story. I never dreamed it would get so big. I am happy that people are not only enjoying it, but following it like the manga itself. Thank you to everyone is is reading it. I hope to keep giving you a story that you enjoy to read.

It is nice to know there are a lot of IchiHime fans out there. :D

I have been following the manga and now that the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc is over I can better set up 1 year and 5 months for when it finally reaches that point. I will try to make my universe match up to the post time skip Bleach universe, while keeping my own changes, which of course makes my story a AU story, but I think we all knew that was going to happen when I put Ichigo with Orihime.

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The library was failing. She put all her heart and soul into making it something she could be proud of, to join the Storybrooke community, and to not be completely depended on Rumple. She had no visitors at all, until one boy walked through the door. Who would have thought her first visitor would be the son of the woman who held her captive for 28 years.
Once Upon a Time - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,406 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/26/2015 - Belle/Lacey, Henry Mills, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold
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It is their final year of high school. Colleges, careers, and growing up would take them to different places. Separating is only natural. They did not like the idea of being out of each other's lives completely. She wants him to reassure her that their bond will endure. He just wants to tell her he wants to stay in her life. IchiHime minor spoilers.
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