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Unfortunately thanks to school starting I have to put my stuff on hold, so those who have been following my stories I'm deeply sorry but it seem's that my work has to take a backseat to school.

About me:

Welcome to my profile page. If you've made it here it's because you've either stumbled across my page, or you're a fan of my work. Either way let me introduce myself, my name is Tom and I'm like to what I consider to be a competent if adept writer and have just discovered the site. I've been a big fan of Resident Evil since it first came out in 96 and so I plan to dedicate my acheivements in writing to that category. In no way do I own anything I write about, unless created by myself, therefore all my ideas are a product of my own, but in collaboration with its legitimate owner.

Feel free to browse my work, and read it. Drop a review if you've got the time. Enjoy!

Well, there isn't much that I guess I can say about myself. I'm 21, I'm currently attending college and I still live at home (sadly), I guess you could say that I like pretty much anything that's horror. I like the thrill of something scaring me and keeping me on the edge of my seat until the end where you find out that the person you least expected to be the killer was in fact the killer.

I've been a fan of the Resident Evil Series my entire life, and I've been playing the games since the first one came out. I was very young whe it came out so it took me like two years to beat it, by then I was much older and it no longer scared me. I own RE:0-5, Outbreak 1&2, and both Chronicles. So I have pretty much every game in the series that actually matters to anyone who likes the RE Series. I'm also a huge fan of Leon.

Aside from Resident Evil I also love Halloween, Dead Rising 1 & 2, Halo, Cube: The Move, Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and Dawn of the Dead.


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Remember these rules kids, or you'll only look like an incompetent ass.

My Fanfiction

Halloween Trilogy:
Halloween: The Next Generation - Indefinite Hiatus.

Unrelated Fanfiction:
Dead City - Complete.
Island of the Dead - Coming Soon.
The Walking Dead - In Progress.

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