Superhero Contest for TwiFic
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The Superhero Contest for Twific

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a Cullen?!?

Hosted by: SunKing and WhatsMyNomDePlume

At one point, Bella was guessing that Edward was a superhero. We're not quite done with that idea yet.

We're talking Superward. Edward Kent. Batsper aka Bruce Hale. Spidermett. Ironlisle. Rose as Catwoman? Or even a new hero/heroine? Alice as the Oracle. Sam as AlphaDog. We want your origin stories, your daring rescues, your archvillians and all that good stuff that comes with superheroes. We'll even take some spandex costumes.

We are so honored and excited to present our esteemed panel of judges.

Derdriu oFaolain, author of And With Thee Fade Away
JenWordSong, author of Die To Self
Philadelphic, author of La Canzone Della Bella Cigna
QuothMe, author of Awake in the Infinite Cold
Sobriquett, author of L'Heure Bleu


Story MUST contain a superhero- this can be based on an established characters or an original one. They can have superpowers (radioactive spiders, anyone?) or not. They can be evil. Or not. You get the idea—there doesn’t have to be a traditional superhero, but there should be an obvious link back to the contest theme. (A caveat to this is that if you would like to write a story about a super-villain, that is valid, too.)

Any genre is acceptable. Dark and angsty ala The Dark Knight (aka Nom’s favorite movie?) Goofy and stupid (Fantastic Four, we're looking at you?) Crackfic (Kick Ass-style?) Snarky and fab? Fantasy (like The Kingdom- that's a book, the thing with the paper pages?) You write it, we'll take it. It can be canon, AU, AH, anything.

Entries must be rated appropriately according to content. Please take into account violence as well as language and sexual content when rating your entries.

Entries containing rape, pedophilia, incest or other unacceptable content as defined by the hosts will be disqualified.

Entries cannot come from any existing stories. The entry must be new material written for the competition and stand as a one-shot. Participants are more than welcome to continue the story after the contest concludes.

Word Limit: Between 2,000- 10,000 words excluding header and author’s notes. A few words over/under won’t disqualify you, 1000 will.

A maximum of three entries per author, including collaborations.

You are more than welcome to publicize your entry however you choose.

Entries must be on in order to enable the public vote. Once you have posted your entry, please PM this profile with the link so we can validate it. If your entry is rejected, you have one try to re-enter it for validation. After that, it will be disqualified.

Please include the follow header for all the entries:


Story Name:


Rating, pairing if applicable:

Word Count (not including header/author’s note):

To see other entries in the Twilight/Superhero Contest, please visit the following C2:


Last Day to Accept Entries: July 14 Midnight EST
Voting: July 15- July 22
Winners Announced: July 23


The first, second and third place winner of the public poll will get a banner designed by the lovely Daisy3853. Based on the number of entries we receive, we will also have special Judges' Choice winners and Host picks. Additionally, all of the winners will be publicized by SunKing and WhatsMyNomDePlume.

The winning entries will be announced on July 9 LIVE on the Twific News Webcast and Fictionator’s Blog.

Questions/ Contact information:

Please direct your questions to the hosts as opposed to the judges. Feel free to PM us at this profile if you have any questions or concerns. We can both also be reached on Twitter @SunKingFF and/or @WhatsMyNom .

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