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I hate who I was, I hate who I am, I fear what I will become

Have you ever tried to catch a shade? I am - forever free

Welcome! You have entered the lair of the Nightshade, for I, ShadedHeart Lamora, dwell here. Prithee, do not awaken the darkness. It consumes and crushes, it burns and scorches, it leaves naught but pain and despair. You have been warned.

After that rather deep, poetic and serious intro, I feel it's the right time to say; I do not bite. At least not via the Internet. IRL, I may crush people's knees if they make me angry. At least threaten to. Oh well, I'm actually quite nice. As I wrote before, my name's ShadedHeart Lamora, though my friends call me just Shade. As you probably understand, dear reader, 'tis not the name my mother and father gave me, 'tis the name I have chosen for myself. Ah, maybe you are curious of who I am? Then, let me tell you.

Name: ShadedHeart Lamora, a.k.a. Shade, Shadie, Tenshi no Akarui

Age: 16, though my mental maturity was stated to at least 16 when I was 13.

Nationality: Swedish. If you are unlucky, my forefathers, the Vikings, tormented your ancestors.

About me: Being Swedish and 16, my English might not be the best. Please accept this and do not hate me for violating the English language. I am somewhat odd; my personality shifts from very deep and serious to totally cracked up in a matter of seconds, I live in my own private world inside of my head, because of the simple reason that the world around me is such a horrible and cruel place. No one knows me fully, for I hold many secrets hidden deep within.

What I cherish: I cherish my loved ones; my niece, my Soulmates, my dog, and my parents. I also love my games and my sketch pad, without them I would be nothing more than an empty shell. There are also people on this site I like a bunch, and damn them if they don't know who they are.

What I do: I play games, mainly the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. When I have played my games, I write fanfiction. I also play some of the songs on my recorder and sing them, and I enjoy drawing, both fanart and other. I listen to heavy metal, though there are lots of non-metal songs I like too. I take art and acting lessons, something I love doing, since I can meet people like myself there.

My work

List of completed fanfictions

Status: Inactive

A Mimicked Life - Gogo one-shot, and also my first fanfic. You'd better not read it; my English was horrible. I might re-write this some day, however, now is not the time. Other things want my attention.

Ponderings of Shinobi - Yuffie one-shot. Being the person she is, the young ninja can't but wonder what animals the AVALANCHE members would be. Especially Vincent, with all his unusual skills...

How to lose an eye and a life - Fuujin one-shot. What happended to Fuujin in her past life? Surely, it must have been something special, or she wouldn't have that eyepatch or speak the way she does.

Redemption Is Beautiful, Don't You Think? - Yuffentine one-shot. Vincent still hasn't returned after the Omega incident, and Yuffie feels that she can't keep on living with her unspoken love for the gunslinger. In her sock she has a throwing knife, just waiting to be used...

We're Connected - Gau one-shot. Seven years after Kefka's fall, Gau still doesn't know whether or not Shadow is alive. Contacting the ninja in his mind, the now almost civilised young man gives his former comrade-in-arms an update on what's happened since he disappeared.

Legends Still Alive - One-shot. Some kids have just learned about the Jenova and DeepGround wars in school. Now, 507 years after the last war, their homework is to write about their favourite hero. The kids go to the park to eat ice-cream and discuss, but their debate whether Cloud was cooler than Tifa and if writing about Reno would really count is interrupted by a man in black and a big red dog on the opposite bench.

AVALANCHE Connected - One-shot. Nine paragraphs, nine characters. Ten key words to tie them all together. They are AVALANCHE, connected to each other.

List of fanfictions in progress

Status: Active

The White Rose & The Hero - My main focus at the time being. Yuffie was always the youngest, most immature member of AVALANCHE. Now, when she had fled head over heels from Wutai after gravely insulting a suitor, she travels to Edge, accompanied by Vincent. Here, Tifa gives her a job in the bar, and Yuffie's quest of becoming an adult begins. One day, a mysterious person with silver hair and mako-green eyes walks into the bar...maybe this can in some way be the help Yuffie needs? Gradual Yuffentine.

Tales of Life - A one-shot/drabble collection, each chapter focusing on a character or pairing in Final Fantasy IX. There is angst, sorrow, joy, love, hate, the desire to be grown up, the desire to have someone by your side, the desire to not be afraid. Four chapters up this far; Freymarant, Blank, Eiko and Zidane.

Fanfics to come

Status: In the stage of being invented

Her Heart's Desire - Terra multi-chapter. A year after Kefka's defeat, Terra feels a longing growing inside her. This yearning soon turns into a desire, a need. She wants to love, to be loved, and her body calls out to her; it wants a baby. But the young woman fears that she will never be able to love or be loved like other people, and after having been told how babies are made, she questions if she even will be able to do what it takes to satisfy her burning desire.

Letters of Illusionistic Love - AU Yuffentine. Yuffie Kisaragi is only nineteen, and the newest and youngest servant of lady Tifa Lockhart. Yet she is chosen to come with the lady to a big manor, where they will be staying for a while together with the lady's noble friends. Since the other servants have told her, Yuffie knows how the system at the manor works; people send letters to each other, delivered by the oldest servant who has this as his task. The letters often consists of three words only: I want you. This is not only for a chosen few, but for everyone. Nobles send letters to nobles, servants to servants, servants to nobles and in some rare cases nobles to servants. Among the nobles there is a man with eyes in the same colour as blood, and hair like midnight-black velvet. He captures Yuffie's interest, thought and heart without him even knowing. After some time, when she realises she can't resist the man's beauty and charm any more, she takes the step and sends him a letter of illusionistic love.

Lightshade - Kingdom Hearts OC fanfic. The young woman was the last one to enter the Olympus Coliseum, and the last one to register herself for the tournament. He watched her, there was something about her he that he recognised... The faun at the desk failed at pronouncing her name, making her shout it out loud: "It's Luxumbra, idiot! Lux-um-bra!" And then he knew. She was the first one he had to fight, and to his big surprise, she summoned a keyblade out of thin air. When they meet again in the finals, and he accidentally wounds her, he awakens something inside the girl. Darkness...a keyblade wielder with the power of both light and dark, and she has already taken a heart. What of the revengeful body left behind? What if someone from the past, who once killed them both, and is dead too, has returned, forcing them to face what they'd rather leave behind?

Element: Blank - One-shot collection. What affinity does Blank have with the elements; fire, water, lightning, ice, wind, earth, light and shadow?

Final Fantasy XIII Highlights - One-shot collection, taking up the best points of Final Fantasy XIII. Why does Hope linger before ringing the door bell? What are Lightning's feeling when realising that the Fal'Cie see humans as pets? How come Sazh wakes up in the middle of the night, only to find a crying Vanille next to him, having crossed her own line? Emotional.

Flurry of Dancing Flames - I shall write a songfic! Axel is the Flurry of Dancing Flames, Number VIII, and this will be his final thoughts before disappearing. I won't cry at all while writing.

Melodies of Life: Swedish translation - I'll translate the lyrics into Swedish. Because I can.

Final Fantasy IX Song Collection - I'll write lyrics to my favourite FFIX songs, like Freya's Theme and You're Not Alone. Simply because I love writing lyrics.

Nonameyet - AU. The neighbouring countries of Wutai and Midgar had always fought for supremacy, and now they both are drained of funds, their people starving and the land scarred and soiled with blood from many battles. The rulers, two elderly men with no other hope for the future than the plan which takes form in both of their heads, arrange a marriage between their children - King Grimoire Valentine's son Vincent, and Emperor Godo Kisaragi's daughter Yuffie. The two children know what's expected of them, and when they finally are old enough for Yuffie to walk down the aisle and take the taciturn older boy as her husband, a game for power and might, the same that had been going on for centuries, begins to unfold. Though now only between two people, who have sworn to love one another. And maybe they still do, in spite of both their lust for power?

I believe that is all you need to know. If you have anything at all you want to tell me, then send me a PM. Complaints on or praise for my work? Ideas for how I could get better or questions about how to write to get the readers' interest? Or do you simply feel up to a chat? Don't hesitate! My mailbox is always open, and I will reply as fast as I can.

Then, as a humble request: Read and Review! It makes me happy and less suicidal, and also helps me improve my writing skills and my English. Thank you in advance!

Shade Lamora

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In The Name Of Yuffie Kisaragi by Yes-4-Yuffentine reviews
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Actress reviews
She is an actress, always acting out her role perfectly when he's around. She will tell him, one day, when she's ready...but not quite yet. Yuffentine!
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FFIX one-shot/drabble collection. Focusing on one character or pairing, every chapter describes his or her feelings, in a try to capture their thoughts and personalities. It will be both heart-warming and sad, cute and serious.
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One-shot of Gau talking to Shadow in his mind. Set seven years after the game, and a lot has happened. Even though Gau doesn't know if Shadow can hear him, he still tells the ninja of everything that has happened after his presumed death. I don't own FFVI
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