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Hey! It's you friendly neighbourhood 30thCenturyBreakdown pal :) I am currently living under constant rain and cloudiness, for I live in Scotland o.O I enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as writing, making AMVs, and trying to fulfil my life long dream of flying a kite on a hill. I am 16 years old, and my other main obsession is my Youtube account, so check it out if you feel particularly noice. Username is 'styPro66' and if you subscribe...I will...do something...nice?...:D Anyways, I'm feeling generous (as usual ;D ) so i'l treat you to some facts.

Fact 1 -Blimps are scary.

Fact 2- PG films are always the best. (with an exception of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. That was unfortunately a U. )

Fact 3- I never believed in the Easter Bunny, but I believed in the Tooth Fairy for a scarily long time. I would leave the tooth under my pillow, turn off the light, close the curtains, but then turn on the lamp. This was my method of enticing her, and it always seemed to work.

Fact 4 - There's writing on my wall. It was written in liquid eyeliner, and it quite scary to wake up to.

Fact 5 - Slugs have four noses. I dont care if it's been proven wrong, DEAL WITH IT. Slugs have four noses. End of.

Fact 6- 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' is the reason so many children are obese. Probobly.

Fact 7- I can't spell probobly

Fact 8- I love white bread. More than brown bread. Please hold your gasps, and understand that I have reasons. Mainly because brown bread is the taste of the devil.

Fact 9- I fancy Wicked. The musical...not the word...

Fact 10- I bit a boy at school REALLY hard on the hand when I was 5. Because I was pretending to be a cat. Which TOTALLY justifies my actions.

I, 30thCenturyBreakdown, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else. I have joined the Review Revolution.

Copy and Paste this into your profile to join the Revolution; because everyone knows how much it sucks when you have 500 hits and 3 reviews...

Anime Progress

Ouran High School Host Club - Check!

Gravitation- Check!

Loveless- Check!

Junjou Romantica- Check!

Papa to Kiss in the Dark- Check!

Sukisho/Sukisyo - Check!

Kirepapa- Check!

Gakuen Heaven- Check!

Hetalia Axis Powers - Check!

Koisuru Boukun - Check!

Hey Class President- Check!

Death Note - Check!

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - Check!

Fruits Basket - Check!

You know you're a Yaoi Fan Girl when...

You're initial thought upon seeing a hot guy is 'He would look GOOD kissing another boy!!'

Your ideal boyfriend is bisexual.

You can't help but giggle whenever the words 'hard', 'long' or 'stiff' are mentioned ;D

If you found out your best friend was a homophobe, you would take it upon yourself to tie them up in front of a computer and make them watch the full series of Gravitation. Every last episode >:D

You're hesitant to watch an anime that involves only heterosexual relationships. 'Cause that would be boring...

The bulk of your time spent on youtube is watching Yaoi AMVs

The idea of incest suddenly becomes quite hot.

The idea of ANYTHING that you would previously go 'eww' at...becomes hot (as long as it involves two guys) ;D

When your friend gets a nosebleed...you automatically think of Yaoi...

When meeting a fellow Yaoi Fan Girl feels like you're harmoniously discovering your soul mate.

Your mother is probably getting suspicious of the 'suggestive' male moans coming from your bedroom...followed by a man speaking breathlessly in a foreign lanuage

You get Yaoi cravings, and Yaoi withdrawal symptoms.


If you smiled at any point during this list ^.^

Write out the names of twelve Ouran characters, in no particular order

1. Mori

2. Haruhi

3. Kaoru

4. Renge

5. Kyouya

6. Honey

7. Beelzenef

8. Hikaru


10. Beni Bara

11. Kyouya's Dad

12. Nekezowa

Now answer the questions…

1) Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fanfic before?

Honey and Kyouya's Dad o.O dear lord, I luckily have NOT read a fanfic concerning them. *shivers* Poor Honey lol

2) Do you think Four is hot? How hot?

Renge...? Well... her voice is annoying enough to melt steel (wierd metaphore there... I could use that!) but I spose she's...kinda hot..?...WHY did I choose Renge to be number 4... lol

3) What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

NOOOOOO! Nekezowa, how could you! Go back to your dark room, you home wrecking Wiccan! Yea...Kaoru IS going to beat you up now...

4) Do you recall any fics about Nine?

Yes :L MANY! You can't have a fanfic without a BIT of comic relief from Tamaki :P

5) Would Two and Six make a good couple?

Haruhi and Honey? Actually...I guess they would :L But it would be more like a mother/ son relationship...which would be a bit wierd o.O But wierd is good, so YES they'd be a great couple :D

6) Five/Nine or Five/Ten?

Kyouya/ Tamaki or Kyouya/ Beni Bara...? U gotta be kidding me... Kyouya and Tamaki, my dear sirs! That's how it MUST be!!

7) What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?

What would happen... if BEELZENEF walked in on Haruhi and his MASTER doing it? Well Beelzenef never seems leave Nekezowa's hand (giggity) so I guess... he'd be there enjoying the situation...? XD

8) Make up a summary of a Three/Eleven Fanfic.

A Kaoru and Kyouya's Dad Fanfic...Oh dear lol Oh well I'll give it a bash.

' 'Kaoru...' whispered the silver moustached man. 'I can't hide my feelings anymore...' Kaoru gasped as the elderly gentleman lunged forward for a kiss...at the exact moment Kyouya walked through the door...' The chilling tale of Kaoru's betrayal, Kyouya's disgust, and an old man's dirty ways. '

Ha! I want to write it now...

9) Do you prefer Seven or Three?

I'm sorry Beelzenef, but Kaoru wins this round XD

10) Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve Hurt/Comfort fic.

Awww a Beelzenef and Nekezowa Hurt/Comfort Fic!!! That would be rather adorable :L And I guess it could be called... 'When the Puppet Learnt the Truth' Ha i fail at titles XD But it could be the story of how Beelzenef found out he was in fact not a real cat, but a PUPPET o.O dun dun duuuuun! :O

11) What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to seduce One?

Renge and Mori XD ha, well I guess Renge could dress up in a revealing cosplay as a sexy mime artist! Becuase, let's face it, that's what Mori IS, so of course he would be attracted by this... and there ya go!

12) Which partner for Three?

Which partner for Kaoru? Which partener for KAORU!? Ok this is such a stupid question I'm considering not answering...but I will anyway ;D HIKARU, YA SPOONS!

13) How would you draw Eleven?

I would draw him looking all stern...but looking lustfully at a picture of Kaoru ;D Sorry, I have my earlier fanfic idea in my head lol

14) Would you write Two/Four/Five ?

Haruhi/Renge/Kyouya? Ooft..that might work...Yea, I would consider it lol

15) What might Ten scream at a moment of great passion?

Knowing Beni Bara, she'd probably scream her own name lol

16) If you wrote a song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?

I would definaetly use Malchik Gay by T.A.T.U lol If you haven't heard it, listen to it nooowww! It's basically about... gay boys :D

17) If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?

Mori/Honey/Nekozowa? It would be 'WARNING! Contains a creepy dark creature trying to tear up a beautiful and adorable couple'

18) What might be a good pick-up line for Nine to use on Two?

'Hey Haruhi... I bet your kisses taste like Instant Coffe ;D '

Oh dear lord, I take that back. Please Tamaki, NEVER say that o.O

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