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So, this is the space where I say something about me, eh? I like to write, I like Mass Effect, and I adore it that the two can be married in some strange form. And here I am.

Other facts:
1) I am a 100% supporter of Shepley, and I don't intend (for now) to ever write anything else. There are other LIs in the game? Lies.
2) Never have been one to write fanfics because I hate screwing with characters that others have grown attached to and fleshed out in their own ways ... but I can't stop myself from writing about ME, nor do I want to. So now you shall suffer.
3) I'm female and I can't get through a Fem!Shep playthrough past Eden Prime. Why? No Ash ...
4) Raging lit nerd alert. ;) Once my thoughts were all the lyrical, and now narration flows: I used to think in poetry; now, I think in prose.
5) I'm not snotty and abrasive, nor do I have an attitude problem; I'm a New Yorker. Get it straight.

Also - thanks for coming here and for reading. This site (FFN) is a veritable treasure trove of awesome. Hope you all enjoy my little contribution to it.

Update - February 28, 2011.

I lied.

Thanks to some awesome, interesting, and intelligent people who make some very persuasive arguments, I've decided to do the unthinkable: do a complete playthrough as FemShep. I've never been able to finish one before, but this time I'm going to. And, to make myself accountable and not quit halfway through as I always have, I'm going to write about it. So no ... first the first time, there will be no Shepley. However, knowing that I can't bear to write Mass Effect without paying due to a dear Gunnery Chief, know that I'll certainly give her plenty of airtime.

Thanks to those of you who have read my work, and especially to those who have left reviews. It gives me the encouragement to keep making you suffer through what the voices in my head command me to do.

Iunctio by sinvraal reviews
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