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Author has written 9 stories for Twilight, Wizards of Waverly Place, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis.

Hi, we are Shannon and Raven, and share one account. We both LOVE the Twilight Saga and House of Anubis.

We live in that town where you go swimming in the bayou, go mud riding with 14 friends on four wheelers (that's pretty much a daily activity), you know your best friends when you are a toddler, and your parents were high school sweethearts. Does that make us a bunch of country folk? Heck, no!!!! All that may be true, but we also spend our weekends at the mall, drink smoothies under a palm tree (not to hard when you live less than 5 miles from the ocean), and (of course) cheer on our favorite team at the Superbowl by wearing jerseys--and Shannon putting black icing streaks on her face (apparently she is allergic to the black dye in cupcakes. Skin reaction, nothing happened when she ate it. Weird, huh?) and almost ending up in the hospital because her cheeks got really red and she said they were buring a lot. We all laughed about it later. (Her cat died that day. Then we heard the bell on his collar jingling in the middle of the night.) And who doesn't love a good Coach bag???

Update: Our best friend, Libbiek introduced Shannon to House of Anubis, so then she got our friend, PO AND LAA-LAA into it, and they all got Raven into it. So now we all look at each other and randomly look at each other and say, "Sibuna!" So Shannon is now writing stories for House of Anubis, and The Twilight Saga has been totally forgotten.

NEW OBSESSION: House of Anubis (More specifically: Nina and Fabian. MAKE A MOVE ALREADY, MAN!)


What is your favorite Twilight Character? Bella and Edward, can't decide!

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Edward, but also Team Taylor.

Favorite Cullen? Ummm, too many! Renesmee, Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Bella.

Favorite Werewolf? Seth Clearwater

Favorite book? Eclipse, but Midnight Sun is amazing! If it was published, it would become my favorite.

Favorite Twilight Quote: "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,"


What is your favorite Twilight Character? Can't say

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Edward

Favorite Cullen? Jasper

Favorite Werewolf? Leah

Favorite book? Breaking Dawn

We are good friends, and as everyone down south, your perfect little southern bells. (Well, Shannon is, Raven's a total tom boy.) We are in our teens. We both have little brothers, aging less than a year apart. Just an FYI, our lives suck and we wil probably get on this so much that it is ridiculous just because we have nothing better to do because the attention goes to everyone else in the house. With our stories, the characters will have the same name and personality traits and will most likely be all human. Chances are we will search for any outfits on the internet and post them on our profile, so we will leave a little author's note when we do. Just like most other authors on FanFiction, we love R&R, so please feel free!

Bella (The Bonds of Life):

Tanya's Wedding--Bella's Dress:


Lilies of the Nile:

College? More Like Soap Opera! (Not Yet Available)

Bella's Bedroom set:

Bella's Dress for the Crashed Date:

Cabin: )

Birthday Present from Edward:

Hotel in Catania, Italy:

The Royal Greek Family:

Hey, everyone! It's Shannon! I just wanted to say that we are writing a non-twilight story! This one will be on the greek gods (just went to a greek mythology camp. I was the only one in the class that knew anything about it. Review thing-- all of my questions were college level and the rest were all-- how many snakes are on Medusa's head?). It inspired me to write a story on it! Trust me, it's really only their names and powers so you don't even have to like Mythology to read it. Please check it out when we post it!

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