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This is the place to be for all PPGZ, RRBZ, and PNKZ!!!...I guess you can call this their ultimate fan site :D


- A chat I'm currently working on. I made the first two episodes and uploaded them on my FanFiction profile, but took them off after a few weeks. Reason being is that I came up with a new way for the PPGZ+RRBZ to first meet. So as soon as I fix that, they'll be back up for everyone to see and they'll also be made into a video and uploaded on Youtube. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I had fun making it!! :DDD

As soon as it's up on Youtube I'll put a link to it on here.

- New PPGZ+RRBZ tributes are up on my Youtube profile!!! Check them out and tell me what you think!! :D





I have other accounts but these are the ones you need to know about so check out my other channels! :))


- Powerpuff Girls Z (DUH!!)

- Powerpuff Girls D

- Shakugan No Shana

- Shugo Chara

- Kilari Super Star

- Pokemon

- Bakugan

I know the last three are kinda shockers but let's be clear I DON'T LIKE WATCHING THEM ON TV!!! I'm not a nerd with nothing better to do with their life!! I just use the characters in those shows for my chat(the characters names don't appear in the chat, just their pictures are used to represent the PPGZ, RRBZ, and PNKZ's real look for games they play later on in the chat)


- On my DevianART account, I haven't uploaded any art yet since I've been busy writing my chat and making PPGZ tributes. But since I'm done writing my chat and ran out of ideas for my tributes, I've started drawing. So I'll take pictures of them and upload them as soon as I can.

- The pictures I upload on DeviantART are meant to be used in my chat so please don't say they're weird or don't make any sense or something like that. Also you may use the pictures I drew in anything you want as long as you ask for my permission first and say somewhere that it was created my me. I take requests for drawings and for those you don't need my pemission to use them but you still do need to say somewhere that it was created by me. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!(even for my besties)

So please Explore my other channels and check out my Youtube tributes! Also watch out for new DeviantART pictures and my new chat! Thanx and have a great day!! :D