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Hello everybody! Here's a bit about myself.

Name: Silas Baldar

Age: He he I'm 20!!

Sex: Oh god yes!! Female... 0.o

Occupation: Full time student, College, Associate Program

Likes: to many things to count, name or even list. Mostly books, vampires, werewolves, and Zombies...BRAINS!!!!!

Dislikes: Pink, people with no sense of humour, people who shove their religion down my throat, and ... He- Who- Must- Not- Be- Named...

I'm a big Harry Potter fan. A really big Harry Potter fan. I love yoai...and THE COLOUR GREEN.

And orange. Did you know nothing rhymes with orange or purple.

Well I must say that I will be posting a story within the next 5 weeks. It will take that long because of all this homework I have to do. Trust me college is no joke and If I want to have any chance of staying in school I must do the homework and make above a 70 or else I have to repeat that class. I kid you not and I don't have the money to repeat any classes.

The genres I will most likely stick to are Harry Potter, of course, Naruto, Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, the wereling, wild Kat, Chronicles of Vladimir Todd, Wolf lake, Blood and chocolate, Avatar the last air bender, Underworld, Moonlight, Danny Phantom, and Vampire hunter D.

I like to write tradegies, and Romances full of lots of action and they will most likely be rated M just because I like blood and cussing...a lot. Oh and adult situations as well.

So any body under the age of 18 shouldn't read my stories. Thats the only warning your gonna get.

Ah well anyways I hope everyone enjoys my stories and if you don't thats still cool. See you all later.

Buh bye.

Okay Now this is going to be rather important. I will try to update as fast as I possibly can. However I have a bunch of things I have to do and they take up a lot of my time. These things include school, Babysitting and building this dream tree house for my cousins. Its a lot of work and I know my updating will take time. I really wish I could update on a better schedule I just can't. It's impossible. Life juts in the way. Damn life. *throws wrench at it* I feel better now.

So the only thing I ask is for any one who finds my stories enjoyable to be just a little bit patient with me. I am trying.

Thank you for your time and your lovely reviews. They keep me going and thinking of new twists and turns.


Okay everybody here are my upcoming stories. Also If any of you guys see an Idea you like and you want to use it...please please please ask me my permission first and just put my name in their to let others know where you got the idea. Okay. Thank you.

1. Second Chance: During the last war both Harry and Severus truly die and Voldemort is victorious. However once they meet at the pearly gates they are shown what happens to the world after they die and given the choice to either pass on into Heaven or they are given the chance to right the world. The only catch is they will be going back in time to a time where they made a certain choice and given the opportunity to change it. But if they do change it what will happen.

This story will be Snarry, Dramoine, and have Lots of Voldemort Bashing oh and Ginny too. Sorry Ginny!

2. Topsey Turvey: The Potters never died. In fact they were Death Eaters. Neville Longbottom was the Boy-Who-Lived. Hermione is a pureblood and Ron is a pureblood werewolf. Insanity ensues and can this world ever be the same?

Pairings: I have no clue Probably Snarry, Dramoine, ron/luna...Albus/Grindelwald

3. Black Mirror: The Ghost Portal was his parents greatest invention... and their last. After the Ghost Portal failed to work Jack and Maddie went to start on the plans again to find what went wrong. Danny trying to be of help decided to go down into the OP Center and try to fix it. The machine works only while Danny was in the portal. The backlash of energy causes ghost material to fuse with him on a molecular level and then then explodes killing both his parents. Vlad Master's an old family friend adopts Danny and he is never heard or seen until Sam and Tuckers senior year of high school. With the appearance of Danny many strange things begin to happen especially around him. Like unexplained disappearances. Can Sam and Tucker unfold the mystery of the new Danny Fenton...before it's too late?

Pairings: Danny/Sam, Tucker/Valerie, and Vlad/OC (Meredith Dodson)

4. The 9 Lives of Harry Potter: Harry and Co. decide one night to sit up on the austronomy tower and drink. What started as a fun yet dangerous idea quickly turned into a devastating night with the death of Harry. Now after coming back to life, scaling walls 50 ft high and growing claws what will Harry do when he also finds himself falling for our very own Slytherin Prince Draco, who also has a few secrets of his own...

Pairings:Drarry, and Ron/Hermione.

5. The Chronicles Of Harry Potter: James and Lily get into a fight and split up for a month. During that time Lily gets drunk and goes home with Thomas Todd, a vampire, and ends up pregnant.

Pairings: Snarry, Dramione, and Ron/Luna...

This one is different because I've never done a crossover with the "The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd" series before so I'm interested in trying this out. Also The Chronicles Of Vladimir Todd is a fantastic book. I definitly recommend it..

6. The Black Pheonix:

Severus, out patrolling the corridors, stumbles upon two students in the midst of a heated conversation. Just who are these students and what are they up too? How's Albus involved? What's going on? Severus is determined to find out and solve this mystery.

Pairing: Severus/ Harry, Draco/ Hermione, and some side ones as well.

Well that's it for my updating tonight. So let me know if any of the stories listed about sound like they would be a good idea.

Buh Bye.

Oops...Well I just wanted to say that I have started a new that I had not preiviously posted in my list...but I can explain that...It's in the first chap. lol.

I hope you guys like it anyways.


Sunday, Oct, 10-2010

Hey every one, its with a very heavy heart that I type this note. I regret to inform you that I will not be able to update either of my stories for the next 18-20 weeks. I have had some familial problems come up and I need to take care of them, as well as finish getting my degree and then moving back to my old home town. There is just two much stress and tension at my current residence and I simply cant take it anymore. So out of best interest to my waning sanity, I move.

Again, I am so sorry for the major delay. When I find time I will be typing up chapters...and then hopefully they will be longer and when I post them I hope you'll like their length. I hope. Please bare with me.


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Severus, out patrolling the corridors, stumbles upon two students in the midst of a heated conversation. Just who are these students and what are they up too? How's Albus involved? What's going on? Severus is determined to find out and solve this mystery.
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