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Yeah I'm not gonna be on here anymore. I might pop on to check my inbox rarely but I won't be posting anywhere at all, for the time being. College reasons 'n' shit, dawg. Anyway it's been nice RPing on the few forums I regularly attended. Apologies to those I'm abandoning, it's not necessarily a lack of enthusiasm it's just a lack of time and having to prioritize stuff that's more important than RPing on here.

So yeah, I'm sorry for rather abruptly leaving the...3-5 forums I RP'd on. Maybe I'll find some time in the future to post, maybe just interact with a few people, but for now I've got some important shit to knuckle down with so hopefully anyone reading this who I know/RP'd with can understand.

Special thanks to all those RPers who I interacted with and built friendships with, you guys made several weeks/months of my life great and filled with awesomeness. I still don't regret staying up till 3AM, nicking my parent's laptop just to read what had been previously done in my first RP. And then 4AM just to speak to 2 people one time on holiday. Thank you for putting up with my ass, I know on some days I could be a pain to talk to/RP with, but hopefully I've provided more positives than negatives.

Thanks to those who ever RPed in the same forum as me. I know I never spoke to some and never got to know others, but thank you for RPing and keeping it all ticking. As I said I may never of known your first time or what country you were from, Hell maybe I never RPed with you, but I thank you on behalf of those you did RP/talk to. You magnificent bastards.

Doubtful but hey, shout out to the first Call of Duty forum I joined (run by SeaNanners/Angel-of-Outlaws) which name I can't remember! Was my first RP I joined on here and definitely got me hooked. Spent several mornings RPing with Americans who were still enjoying their evening while I was defying basic common sense just to make one more post. Definitely got me into the whole RPing lark and even writing my own shiz. The whole crew their definitely made me feel welcome and more enthusiastic. Also great work on getting the forum back up and running after most people left it and it was bleeding out. Fantastic work.

Shout out to 'The GTA Forum'. Was the first RP forum I found when I started looking for other games. Had always been a fan of GTA and this forum satisfied my need to RP as a drug pedaling psychopath. With it's variety of threads and themes, it was certainly a very detailed and respectable forum. Totally enjoyed my time there and loved the people I RPed with. Got to know most of them (only really speak to one of them nowadays mind) and they were a great bunch of people. Although unfortunately it seems to be drifting in/out of life at the moment. Still great forum and great people.

Shout out to 'St. Claire's Institution for the Mentally Unwell'. Was asked if I wanted to RP there by a member on the GTA forum and it certainly was a big scary place. Definitely the social hub compared to the previous RPs I'd become accustomed to. A lot of members, several hundred characters (I may be exaggerating) and well, it's an asylum for fuck sakes all the characters there were scary. A really awesome forum this one with awesome members/characters. There was never really a lull, the forum never died nor was it short of drama! Met a special person on that forum too who now hates me but hey it was nice while it lasted. Made a load of friends on this forum, genuinely everyone on there was nice and welcoming to my strange arse. Would definitely recommend it if you want a darker, detailed forum to RP on.

Shout out to 'St Joseph's Academy'. An RP based on one Hell of a dysfunctional school (but hey aren't the best ones dysfunctional?). Very similar crop of members to the St Claire's one, due to the owner of the Academy forum being very frequent on the St. Claire's one. Practically mirrors what I said about the last forum. Very crazy characters with nice and awesome members alongside them. Anything and everything happened on this forum which definitely made it stand out compared to your standard school/college RP. Crazy nights were spent on there shagging teachers and pupils and having sordid love affairs. Oh, and I also did lessons on there but who gives a crap about that!

Shout out to the Last of Us RP I briefly joined. Can't remember it's name (terrible, I know) but it was very detailed on there. I thought TLOU was a great game and was suddenly curious about an RP for the game (thanks, ex!). Joined it after debating with myself whether it was too serious and would require good writing (I have doubts about my ability if that wasn't obvious) so I sort of put it off for a day. Then I thought, F it and joined. Had some great fun on there. The whole long reply thing I have a tendency to do was welcomed and even mirrored by other members. It was a great place to almost write yourself a chapter in a story. A lot of detail, a lot of good replies and a lot of clever thinking members. While my time was short, I definitely enjoyed it, so thanks for having me.

TLDR, I thank everyone and give thanks to every forum I've been apart of and announce my disappearance

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