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Mucho Love!

Hello! My name is Laura. I am currently writing my own TV Show, entitled 'The Show with no name'. Why? The clues in the title, fool!

I also write stories. I haven't been on here in a while, and I don't reguarly go on here, so updates may be slow. But I have a Quizilla account, if you would like to 'check me out' there. I'm currently a Jared Leto story, and my contest prizes, as well as a couple of oneshots. I know, I'm so popular ;)

I adore; The Mighty Boosh, Criminal Minds, Ian Watkins, Lostprophets, Music, Writing, Media, Imagination, Matthew Gray Gubler

I am influenced by; Noel Fielding (for his wonderful and wacky sense of style and humour), Julian Barratt (regardless of the fact that he's highly underrated, I think he's brilliant), Ian Watkins (he's inspired me to be who I am, not who they want me to be), and finally Zooey Deschanel (I think that she's an amazing actress, and gorgeous. She's my lady-crush).

I am not a fan of; Justin Beiber, Science, Maths, Unnecessary film sequels, bullies (I used to get bullied quite a bit, because I'm a nerd...pretty much), Toy Story.

Yeah, that's right. I don't like Toy Story.

I hate; Dave Grohl, Muse, Foo Fighters, MCR, Matt Bellamy, My damn laziness.

My celebrity crushes (because I am a sad teenager); Ian Watkins, Matthew Gray Gubler, David Tennant, Jared Leto, Noel Fielding, Tyson Ritter, Russell Brand.

Bands I have seen; Dragonforce (with Sabaton and Sylosis), Lostprophets (with Hatesharks and Kids In Glass Houses), 30 Seconds To Mars (with Funeral Party and Enter Shikari)

Bands I will see; All Time Low (with Yellowcard and Young Guns).

Bands I would love to see; Bullet For My Valentine, All American Rejects, Enter Shikari, Alter Bridge, Slash, Robots In Disguise, Bowling For Soup, Bon Jovi.

Old bands I would build a time machine to see; Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Aerosmith, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Queen.

My 'show' is inspired by the Mighty Boosh. It's pretty much surreal, with characters such as a gothic scarecrow, a skeleton with a poisonous shin and no hands, an old lady who's sweet one minute and then yells at you, hitting you with her bag, a purple blob, a zombie and a sewer creature with drains for fingers. Yeah. I love it :)

I read quite a bit. I'm currently reading the autobiographies of Simon Pegg and Russell Brand as well as The Mighty Book of Boosh. Fictional wise, I'm completely in love with Skulduggery Pleasant. I know it's probably for younger children, mainly boys more than likely, but you know what? It's witty, clever and it sucks you into a world where things aren't what they seem. Something that Twilight didn't achieve.

Yeah. I am neither Team Edward or Jacob; I am Team Get-The-Hell-Off-My-Lawn-Bitch.

My favourite shows are; The Mighty Boosh (I'm sure we've established this, but I like to make it certain), IT Crowd, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Russell Howard's Good News, Fawlty Towers, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

I love my friends. I love my family. My mother is my biggest inspiration of them all. She's hardworking and dedicated, but when it comes down to it, she will always hand me potatoes.

I'm Christian. A terrible one, because I curse and hardly ever go to Church, let alone pick a Bible...But I believe.

Even it's hidden, the sun is always shining...Sometimes, you just have to find it.

Read my stories! Review them, but no hate mail, as I will probably attack myself with a spoon!

I love you!

Have you had a shit day? Have a cyber muffin. *hands you muffin* Don't eat it all at once! You'll spoil your cyber dinner!


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