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Hey there folks, this is v-tamers. I'm not gonna give too much personal information, but I will tell you somethings.

I'm a dude and I'm obviously into anime and video games. So much that I've become a bit of a obsessed with them, but I still go outside. My update's may take a while, but the stories will be finished, although I don't know when.

Current Stories:

New Beginnings - My journey through kanto.

Tactical Error - The re-telling of Fire Emblem 7. with added scenes.

Future Stories:



Eddy (Edward) - He is 17 year old teen who is an otaku and a gamer. He can be an idiot at times, but knows right from wrong (most the time). He has short messy brown hair and blue eyes and wears a pair of darkish/lightish blue somewhat baggy jeans, a plain white shirt, a pair of white with some black strips going through the middle sneakers, a black hoodie with a red and white strip going down the arms and a pair of black goggles around his neck.


Charizard (Shiny) - Firaga - Eddy's starter pokemon. He is strong, both close range and long, and is fast. He has a bit of an attitude and has the habit of hurting Eddy, but can always be relied on.

Kabutops - Rena - Eddy's second pokemon, whom he got from Brock. She is strong and can take a hit fairly well, but is not that fast. Normally sweet and shy, but at time's she becomes violent.

Fearow - Predator - Eddy's third pokemon who had the misfortune of fighting against Rena when she went berserk. He is fast and a close range fighter. He's always looking for a challenge.

Hypno - Konata - Eddy's fourth pokemon. She beat Eddy the first time they met, but lost the second time around to Predator. She has strong psychic abilities and has a lot of stamina, allowing her to take hits. She is an otaku and also drinks, much like Eddy, and is lazy, like Eddy as well.

Jolteon - Yoruichi - Eddy's fifth pokemon. He caused a little bit of trouble towards Eddy when they first met. He is very fast and extremely playful.

Hitmonchan - Little Mac - Eddy's sixth pokemon. He relies on speed and power to outmatch the enemy, with a few elemental attacks to help with advantages. Although a fighting pokemon, he is a hardcore gamer.

Jon - Eddy's friend of the same age. He too can have his moments, but not as much as Eddy. He is shorter than most people his age, wears a white shirt with a short sleeved summer shirt on top and blue jeans. He has short black hair, brown skin, and wears glasses. He gets angry when people make fun of his height.


Venusaur - His starter pokemon. Can give hits and take them. They seem to have a similar personality.

Blaziken - A pokemon Jon traded for a Clefairy. Is a strong close range fighter and fast. Don't get it angry.

Gyarados - A pokemon Jon bought because he didn't know about it. Was useless as a Magikarp, but now is a powerhouse and very temper-mental.

Ninetales - Unknown when he caught it. This nine tailed fox is quick and good at long range attacks.

Tentacruel - He caught it in the sea. It is very powerful and seems to be the only one out of us (humans and pokemon together) that gets any action.

Jolteon - Not known when Jon got an Eevee (not even known that he had one), but now as its evolved form, like all Jolteon's, its quick on its feet.

Salem - Another friend of Eddy's. Same age, shorter than Eddy, but taller than Jon. He has black emo style hair, but isn't an emo. He has a white shirt with a light blue unbutton short sleeve collar shirt over that. Black pants with blue running shoes. He is the most sane out of the three friends.


Charizard - Aphirex - Salem's starter pokemon. Is very offensive and defensive. Mature, but is a hot-head at times.

Scyther - How Salem got it is unknown, but it is very fast and a strong close range fighter. Calm and collective, he is almost like a ninja.

Haunter - A pokemon he caught in the Pokemon Tower. It's sneaky and a bit playful.

Alakazam - Salem traded his old Golduck to another trainer for his Kababra, which evolved right after. It's attacking abilities are great, but its defensive are another thing. Intelligent and calm.

Jolteon - Unknown when Salem obtained Jolteon, but like the rest of its species, its quite fast.

Emily - A girl that Eddy grew up with. She has red shoulder length hair, green eyes, and is the same age. She wears a pink short sleeve shirt with an unzipped black hoodie that had the sleeves ripped off, blue skinny jeans and black sneakers. She and the others don't get along too well, mainly because she is aggressive, cocky and thinks of herself better than them. She is also very athletic, with few years of training under her belt, she can easily beat up most men.


Wartortle - Emily's starter. Very defensive and can hit hard, but she isn't too fast. Her personality seems to be similar to that of Emily's.

Flareon - Unknown when obtained, he is quite offensive and a little cocky.

Doduo - Unknown when obtained, its quick to move and although a bird, it can't fly.

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