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Plans for the future: Rape (Not really) a female animal.

My cat name: Ms. McKenzie.

Summing up: I'm a pretty lazy bastard.

-Currently, I'm writing a five arc planned Touhou Fanfiction. OCs are inbound, but they won't be a Mary Sue... I hope not.

-Currently looking for some beta reader, I prefer them having flat chests (Wait, wut?)

Fate/Whatever Project. (Or something)

Fate Project is a fiction, taking elements from Nasu's
Universe's Fate/something series, adding new elements
and possibly alternating another. Though it was not
made for any personal gain, I hoped that this will
improve my writings.

I love Nasuverse.


The story itself is simple. Seven servants, seven
masters, fighting for the holy grail. An object said to
give the winner anything he desires since the
object is omnipotent.

Through fire and flames, sheer colds and the raging
thunderstorms, this is a story about the interactions
between the characters, while adding, and possibly,
include the previous servants without having to
summon them, whatever the method is.

All in all, this story is not meant to be taken seriously.


-Weird sense of Humor
-Abiding rules and regulations
-Gothic Lolita
-A Magi prodigy,
-A Weak Magi


-=In Progress=-


Saber - The Brave Revolter of Taiwanese

Le Loi.

Depicted as per tradition of the Nasuverse Fate/
series, Le Loi is depicted as a young blonde girl
wielding a sword as big as her with both grace, and

Le Loi uses the power of her sword of Heaven's Will,
or Thuan Thien. A black double-bladed as big as
Le Loi herself, with the sheath as red as blood itself
that makes the name ironic. In-universe, lapshaded
to have a connection with Arthur Pendragon's
Excalibur, but Le Loi dissed them for she have
received them from a golden turtle, not something else
entirely different, or demonic.


Strength: S
Defense: B
Will: B
Speed: B-
Magic: C-
Riding: B
Charisma: A
Luck: C


The Crown of the Noble:

She established a dynasty itself was quite a feat that it
earned him the title of the emperor, raising her already
high charisma into A, guaranteed to make every man
with the charisma lower than B, or a skill to avoid
temptation or phantasms, to fall in love with her.

What the Horizon Seeks:

Thuan Thien, the blade of the Heaven's Will itself is
powerful, admirable, and hard. A perfect weapon
for a warrior to have. The weapon itself possesed
many qualities not found in other weapons, such as:

The ability to make the wielder grow ten times his or
her sizes.

The ability to give the wearer ten times the boost of
power if needed. (Which is what raised her power into
an exceedingly powerful S)

The ability to give the wearer protections from small
projectiles (Which is what raised her poor defense
from C to B)

The ability to cut down magic and alchemy,
regardless of how powerful, or how thick of a layer
it has.


Lore of the Liberator:

Le Loi summons his entire troops of rebellions
toward their enemies, each of them a class B servants
of their own. They rode on gallant white horses with
spears and swords at hand, an anti-batallion phantasm
that can be called when the need rises.

Likes: Good Food

Dislikes: Bad Food, Casters.

Overall: A good companion to have, sad she has to
kill people.


Wayland the Smith

A Jerkass with a golden heart. Legend says that he is
the second to the first jerkass, Gilgamesh himself.
Employing his skillfulness in smithing, he could use
his near-lightspeed tracing to copy any noble
phantasms he have glanced upon. Except mythical
beings, or evidently, souls. He took form of a
well-builded man in his late-thirties, bearded with
white lining visible on his hair.

Was summoned by the cunningly cool-headed master.
He himself takes upon a liking in teasing her anyway
he can, and his master takes upon a liking to tease him
back in full stride.

He is the origin of the Tracing System, and the first
person to invent "Unlimited Whatever Works" because
of his lazyness, and perfected it. Rumored in-universe
that if he wasn't lazy on his young days, he would be
the conquerer of worlds by now.

Power: A
Defense: A
Will: D
Speed: B
Magic: E
Riding: B
Charisma: S
Luck: C



The ability to change the compositions of anything.
This is also the only magical ability he has, evidently
shown by his poor Mag stats. He has perfected the
arts of Trace that his tracing ability could change a
simple wooden stick into a superb noble phantasm
with the appearance as grand as Excalibur, and making
an Excalibur-like noble phantasms into a simple
wooden stick, albeit for a limited time.

Smith, Implement, Enchant:

The ability to reinforce, add, or fuse an object with a
will of its own, creating a magnificent object that has
the property to enchance, increase, multiply, or divide.

Lovable Jerkass-ey:

What boost his charisma stats into S is because of
how lovable his tendency to be a total jerkass is. For
example is how he makes a woman, who he had raped
the previous time, into his loyal life partner, and is the
daughter whom have kidnapped him, and is the sister
of the brothers who's most of the jewelry she has, to
be precise 56 pieces of brooch, is made from the
tooth of her brother, who was killed by Wayland.

Independent Action:

Speaks for itself, as per the Archer Tradition.


Unlimited Whatever Works

From a ranging collection of weapons to house utilities
that have been made, forged, duplicated, or made by
Wayland the Smith is stored here, kept as a copy of
the originals which Wayland could replicate, made and
use time and time again without as much as depleting
a quarter of his full mana, which is so little it could be
that it was a fleck of a warrior's mana.

Wayland was lazy, so he never thought upon a greater
name for this grand whatever.

Likes: Fine Ladies, Strange Humors, Sleep.

Dislikes: Horrible Sandwhiches, in more ways than
one, and Ladies who can't make Sadwhiches yet again
in more ways than one.

Overall: A great Archer who could qualify as a top
leader if given a chance. Best servants one could ever
have, yet, many wants a replacement for him for many
obvious reasons.


Eh, Probably Lugh, or something.

-=In Progress=-


Vish Kanya, or Hassan-something.

-=In Progress=-


The Goddess Athena.

A versatile goddess. Her mastery on weapons, martial
arts, and worldly knowledge has been rumored,
proven, and adapted in many ways than one. If the
legends were true, then she has to be the perfect
amazon for a man.

Of course, if the summoner is a female, her charisma
is pretty much useless in woo-ing her... or not. She
is also an incompetent magi, reducing some of her
stats in the process.

Her noble phantasms are of the gods and goddesses
that has been always an ascociate of her, and yes, it
includes Hades. Hades is not evil, he's only wrongly
judged, or misunderstood. Among those borrowed
is the Chariot of the Sky, in which Helios once lent
to Athena, representing her as the Rider in this holy
grail war.

She speaks like a grandma, despite appearing with the
form of woman in her mid-twenty.

Power: B (A)
Defense: B (A)
Will: B (A)
Speed: B (B)
Magic: B (S)
Riding: B (S)
Charisma: A (S)
Luck: D (A)


Armory of the Celestials

Has accesses to the armory of the godess. Using her
knowledges of the weaponry, could pull mamy deus
ex machina if needed be. Some of the artifacts she
have in store are:

Chariots of the Sun:

Self-explanatory. A chariot in both early and late myth
to have a force equivalent to that of the sun itself. If
the sun is visible, will grant the chariot twice the power
of the sun. If the sun is down, the chariot will glow as
bright as the sun, blinding everyone who saw it for
a short time.

Thunderbolts of Jupiter:

Self-explanatory. A spear-like weapons imbued with
lightning-power. Can scorch poor saps who didn't
notice in time, and could travel as fast as light in
exchange for its huge firepower. The armory has a
limited supply, and is best used only when it is

Hide of the Beast King:

The clothing made from the Nemean Lion that perseus
killed. This clothing's ability has been reduced due to
the incompetencies of the master, but still proven to
be unbreakable, yet can only be worn for a short
amount of time, and took a large amount of mana to
be used.


The Ira of the Spirit

Athena can use her staff to make a distortion in reality.
The best examples are that of a hellish plane of despair
or changing how wordly physics worked. Due to the
incompetencies of her master, this phantasm can only
be used three times (Two now after her master wasted
a command spell to make her do the laundry) for the
span of five minutes only.

Likes: Hardworker, Cross-dressing.

Dislikes: Making Sandwhiches, or told to.

Overall: A perfect servant if not for the servant's
incompetency, yet again, the rider's master is always
the series butt monkey.


Amaterasu no Omikami.

Skilled in the way of swords, the deity Amaterasu was
the only capable caster that have fought in equal terms
with Gilgamesh after receiving the Ame no Murakumo
no Tsurugi, Yata no Kagami, and Yasakani no
Magatama in the ages of old, for some unknown

Taking the role as the befitting Caster, she fell in love
with Saber as per traditions of the Fate/Stay universe,
thinking that she was one destined to be her goddess,
and so she made a prayer shrine for her in her master's
home, to her master's annoyance (and jealousy).

She has a weird sense of humor, and being a bipolar, it
doesn't help. She's a genuinely nice person though.

Power: D
Defense: S
Will: B
Speed: A
Magic: S
Riding: E
Charisma: A
Luck: C



-=In Progress=-

Yata no Kagami

-=In Progress=-

Yasakani no Magatama

-=In Progress=-

Likes: Good Fortune

Dislikes: Bad Fortune, Careless Person

Overall: A good servant, being a goddess helps. Also
a very versatile caster that wields a mythical sword,
the Ame-no-Murakumo, which can be transformed
into Tsurugi no Kusanagi, a more powerful version.


Death, taken to its logical anthropormism.

The Queen of the Underworld. The valkyrie Freyja,
The Grim Reaper, Shinigami, The Hell Girl, The angel
of Death Azazel, the Judgment of god Satan, the God
of the Underworld. All of them represents death, but
Death himself... er, herself is not them but a cute,
small, black-haired 16-year old girl with a skull-mask
strapped on her head, hiding her face.

Lo and behold the logical anthropormism of the Death.
She can rot the grounds, she can rust what is rustable,
and harvest lives with nothing but a simple touch of
a hand.

Death herself stated that she sees everything as data,
coming from the distant future, past, and present gave
her the ability to interract, analyze, approach, and
counter actions with naught but a simple twist of ones
hand, and a swift kick.

Pity she is summoned in the Berserker Class where
her god-like skills are reduced into mere instincts of
the beast, and regaining her sanity when she, or her
master has no more intention to kill.

When berserk, power is raised by five times and then
multiplied by thirteen. Speed is raised by three times
and then multipled by four.

Power: C (S while Berserk)
Defense: C
Will: S
Speed: C (S while Berserk)
Magic: C
Riding: C
Charisma: A (D while Berserk)
Luck: C (S while Berserk)


Swerve of Timeline:

Can interact with her past, and future self, but this
action is a burden to her, causing great mental damage
which will put her in unlimited berserk for a short
while, which cannot be stopped unless by sacrificing
a command spell.

Call of Nature:

Can change, transform, alliterate, and delete a data
stored inside a medium she came in contact upon.
This use up a lot of mana and cause heavy burdens to
both the master and the servant, as the servant's life
force is shortened by how long this ability is used.

Death Scythe:

A traditional weapon of the law of nature, death. Used
to reap, harvest, and pull souls and bring balance in
the multiverses. Useless in battle since its function as
a godly blessed mythical weapon is nullified becasue
of the berserk status.


If there is as much as an urge to battle within the mind
of the servant, or the master, she will transform into
a berserker state, a superpowered, god-level being
with the speed of lightning and the power of a
thousand erupting volcanos.


Abyssal Insanity

Creates a reality marble on herself to make herself
insane, this phantasm counteract the auto-berserk
status of a berserker, thus making her sane so long
as her flow of mana is not disrupted.

Likes: Chocolate Bar!

Dislikes: Bubblegum, Mitsubishi Lancer.

Overall: A slightly over-complicated servant. Relying
heavily on the berserker status, which if isn't limited to
a certain amount of time will force the opponent to
sacrifice a command spell to stop it, but Death is a
very faithful person it seems.

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AU: Taka Honjou, seorang siswa pindahan dari Teitoku, akan memulai hidup barunya di Kota Deimon, Takax? Eyeshield 21 Awards: Run to Win fanfiction, Warning: Author baru, Crack Pair, Typo, Garing, Gaje. Care to RnR?
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2 Years after Yusei battled Aporia, Yusei died by an unknown cause, the security has investigated it and no traces was found, then, at Yusei ceremony, somethings has changed, Contains Yusei x Ruka, at the later chapter, next chapter, the rating will be M
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