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Greetings to all who stop by!

I am a new member and a novice but avid consumer Starsky and Hutch fan fiction. My fondness for the Boys of Bay City stems from a tremendous respect for their characters, their uniqueness, their partnership, and the relationship they share. All of this blends together to create wonderful story opportunities. I love both of the guys, but my favorite of the duo is flaxen haired, long limbed Hutch.

I am enjoying so many of the excellent stories posted here. I've learned my way around enough to at least start commenting on stories I read. I tip my hat to so many talented writers! I am in awe!

With respect to stories, I am particularly fond of character studies, dialogue, angst, h/c, visual details, soapy scenes, and unexpected nuggets of insight or wisdom on the part of characters. I am also interested in stories exploring their flaws, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. I love chapter stories, but also enjoy brief interludes describing a part of a day, an evening spent, a drunken ramble, recalling memories, "getting inside your thoughts" type stuff. I love missing scenes!

I have a plan to start writing my inaugural S&H story very soon. In my outline, it is set in the near term future after the events of "Survival" but it will be more light hearted than angst, so that I can practice character interaction and dialogue. I have written fan fiction - but it was many years ago - when I dabbled in the Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice) genre. However, as many of you may know, Anne vehemently forbids any fan fiction now, and so many stellar stories by hundreds of great writers have vanished. I was a huge fan of the Vampire Lestat (Hear that Hutch? Another blond!).

In the real world, I am a female living on the Eastern Coast of the United States. I have a contented homelife, wonderful husband and pets, a job I love - I enjoy gardening, reading, needlecraft, and (as of recently) vintage television. I grew up in India, the Philippines, Guam, and Japan, although I am American. My father's career kept the Pacific and Indian Oceans in our backyard most of my childhood to teenage years. I started watching Starky and Hutch (the television program) for the first time via DVD about 2 months ago. It was not available to me during my late childhood - when it originally ran - because of where we lived. Well, first, I saw the Starsky and Hutch movie and loved it! Then more people than I can count told me to forget the movie, watch the real deal! So, I started doing so and was hooked (having viewed my way through season 2 at this point)!

I look forward to getting to know more folks here...Peace to all - light to all - love to all -