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Right now I'm just working on The Other Side. It's my first fan fic, so I appreciate everyone who is reviewing, and reading. I love the Sword of Truth books, and Legend of the Seeker. I can't wait for the third season. It's going to happen. I'm going to put a disclaimer here. I don't own any of the characters in my stories. If you've only seen the show, the ones that are new come from the mind of Terry Goodkind. I'm just borrowing them. I should probably put this in my story, but it might not happen. Thanks for reviewing. It's always appreciated.

So one night I couldn't go to sleep and wrote "A Moment" and "I've Tried" sleep deprivation may have killed the stories, but I had the idea and I didn't want to lose it. They're both one-shots and shouldn't interfere with The Other Side. I seem to be able to come up with ideas at one or two in the morning. Hope you like them. (7/9/10)

Another sleepless night, and now I've written my first Cape story, "Of Spondees and Dactyls". If you haven't seen the Cape, it's a great show and I recommend it. It's only a one-shot, and has a lot to do with poetry, but isn't a poem. Enjoy. (2/3/11)

I've started writing the sequel to The Other Side, the working title is The Rahl Right, for anyone interested. I'm planning on publishing it sometime in July, with updates everyday. I'm also going to try to finish it before then, so that you won't have to wait three months for a chapter again. I hope you like it. (4/12/11)

The Rahl Right is now out. For this week, there will be a chapter a day, but starting on the 10th, there will be a chapter every Sunday. Hope you enjoy. Also, I've been working on a Buffy/Dollhouse crossover featuring Willow. I don't really know where that will end up, but check it out if you want. Also, I have published a story on FictionPress, that is original, if anyone's interested. That's all for now. Reviews are always appreciated. (7/5/11)

I have two new stories out now, which are Dollhouse/Firefly crossovers. They're mainly about Wash. Just thought I should update this. Reviews are awesome. (10/9/11)

The last Dollhouse/Firefly crossover came out today. They are all part of a trilogy, and should be read in this order: The Number Ten, Seeing her Smile, and Echoes. The first two could probably stand alone, but the last one wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Also I'm still working on the Buffy/Dollhouse crossover, though it may seem like I'm not. My main focus is The Rahl Right, and I'm thinking that I might post two chapters on Christmas, or more, depending on what I get done the week before. As always I love reviews, and thank you for reading. (12/14/11)

I began working on the third installment of my LoTS trilogy, and as of the second chapter, I think it might be rated M this time just to be safe. I'll have to review all I have before publishing, and I may publish as T and then up the rating. We'll have to see. Just thought I should inform you of this new development, and I hope your excited for the sequel. Anyways, thanks for all the support over the last two years and I'm glad you've enjoyed the story. (5/10/12)

Four Years Later is officially posted and I'm going to publish just like I did with The Rahl Right. It hasn't turned M yet, so sorry to those of you looking forward to that. Also, I've post a Star Wars one-shot. Just something I came up with when I should have been sleeping. Not sure where the Dollhouse/Buffy crossover is going, but some of you may have noticed that. Thanks for all the reviews, and for the support while I've been writing. (7/12/12)


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