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Hi, I'm a writer, currently trying to get through high school. I have many different fandoms, so it won't be to rare to see me post different stories to different things. I have a short attention span, which means their will be times when stories don't get uploaded that quickly. I hope to finish everything I start though, so even if I don't upload a story for awhile, that doesn't mean I've given up on it. It just means I'm thinking of what to do next for it, or I want to work on other stuff. But, if you pester me, I will most likely update the story, but if you notice that I'm not despite pestering, it means that I'm stuck on that story, and may find time to rwrite it. Sometimes I'll drop off from here, be gone for awhile and not upload anything. Usually, that means that I'm either working on my book (which is most definitely not a fanfiction), busy with school, or I've gotten inspiration to draw.

Name: Clubliki (Give me any other nicknames you like, I'm fine with being called anything, as long as it's tasteful and nice)

Age: Pfft, wouldn't you like to know

Personality: If you notice, I may reply or my Author Notes are very straight forward and serious. Truthfully, I'm not like that at all. I'm sarcastic, naive, childish, and I enjoy seeing how weird situations can get. I just don't like getting that part of my personality wrapped up in my writing, mostly due to the fact that then it would start to affect my writing.

Things I Read: I began reading many, many books with dragons in it (thanks to my mom, who was trying to get me to read more), which led to a love of dragons that I still have traces of to this day. Then, after reading many fantasy, mysteries, and regular life stories for most of my reading life, I have settled down on reading mainly Alice in Wonderland, Edgar Allan Poe, Wicked, and Grim Brother's Fairytails. I also enjoy reading a good fanfiction, and unfortionatley my views on fanfics are quite picky, and I usually go by good plots and fairly good grammer. I want to read something that I can understand for the most part, and a few misspells and grammer mistakes won't deter me, as long as it's obvious it's just something simple that the writer just missed, not something that happens every sentence.

FanFictions I Will Write About: I will mainly write one-fics, since it may have a hard time to continue fully with a story with many chapters. I have plans to completley finsh my Incredibles/Meet the Robinsons fic, and also due a sequal for it, and maybe a third to the story. I also have been reading some X-Men fics, much to my younger selfs horror, but I find a few very good and interesting, and I may do my own story of it (Of the Movie verse, not comic-cannon, sorry haven't read any comics). If I do, I would likely write the entire story out first, and then update a chapter once a week.

To Anyone Interested: I would be immensley flattered if anyone ever asked me to write something for them, or if a specific character to be put into one of my stories. If someone asked, I'd do it in an instant, but it would have to be about a fandom I am in, and also, if I don't know the character that well, I will research them a bit and find how they act, so it may take longer.


You're waiting for a train...

A train that will take you far away...

You know where you hope this train will take you...

But you don't know for sure...

But it doesn't matter...

Because we will be together...


Do you know, what it's like to be a lover?

Half of a whole?


I'm the bad guy!

I don't save the day, I don't fly off into the sunset

And I don't get the girl.


She locked away a secret...

Deep inside herself...

Something she once knew to be true...

But chose to forget...


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