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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Avatar: Last Airbender.


Update 12/13/2014: Right, so Ive been MIA for quite sometime leaving you all in a lurch for about a year. I can't even find an explanation that would be suitable for that. Life is hard, I suck at it sometimes, and Ive been trying to get it together. So, the story goes by the wayside. It is difficult to write multi-chapter fiction when your whole life doesnt revolve around it. It is difficult to live up to the expectation that your story has set without you knowing it. It is difficult. But excuses are boring. I've been writing Chap 23 for a while now, but it's coming along extremely slowly as life has been kicking my arse lately. But I suppose thats the way it goes, so I wont pretend like this is the first time that has happened to someone. The crazy thing about this story is I haven't even gotten to the hard part yet, if you've seen the pensieve therapy part of it, you should know that the amount of research and transcription I'll have to do for those chapters will be epic as it will require a certain amount of re-telling of images from the series and books. The remainder of the story will have to be built around that, the main plot points have already been developed but keeping it legit to both stories will require a re-reading of all books and re watching of all episodes. Ive re-read all the books but it is still daunting. Daunting. Be that as it may, I started this and god help me I will finish it. I haven't forgotten and I feel terrible for the disappointment I have put my fanbase through but we persevere. Hopefully, I will get back to a place in life where I can do this on the regular and enjoy it again. So, that being said, I have started to think about what the best scenes from the Avatar series would be for inclusion in the pensieve therapy chapters. What would be most germane for the story? I have a few, but if you have time and you've seen this, drop me some suggestions, there may be scenes that aren't as prominent but may be good for the overall theme of trauma in post war teens. What do you think? Drop me a message. Later Kids.

Update: 7/4/11: So I guess I need to update my profile now that I have written a fanfic and all...

Ah, so apparently I should say something. I write research manuscripts, just finished my thesis. Very mechanical, this one. I recently got into fan fiction because I cant accept that HP is over. I got an account because Im into organization, and I like to organize my stories and have the alerts sent to my email. Simple enough yea?

I just wrote my first fanfiction and it is HARD. Im constantly wondering if what Im writing makes sense, if people are following what's going on and who is talking. I have this unnatural urge to insert a buttload of dialogue...probably because I like to talk. I use the "dot dot dot" thing way too much...(ha). Any snoozles, I've gotten really into the traffic stats thing (probably because Im into research). Someone from KOREA read my thing. That is so cool. I now, all of a sudden, get why people beg for reviews. Im desperate to hear what someone thinks of this...thing I've farted out. Yes, Im a bit of a pessimist and my hardest critic lol. All together though, Im glad I finally did this. Although I cant believe my first fic is a crossover...I thought it would be scor/rose for sure. Silly rabbit. I'll write more later. Happy 4th Americans! Happy regular day everyone else!

Fun facts and random opinions:

- I conduct research with Juvenile offenders, my current research interests involve the effects of trauma in adjudicated youth attitudes and beliefs. I also work in drug abuse treatment research.

-I am a 20-something yr. old chickadee (that means woman...). When I told my friends I started trying to write fanfiction they laughed at me for, like, 10 minutes. Gotta love em.

- I capitalize at random times.

- I am obsessed with Harry Potter, when people ask me what I read, I say Criminology and Harry Potter. It is quite the conversation starter as you can imagine.

- I've thought several times about writing a fanfiction, but I thought that my fiction writing is not concise enough, I tend to ramble because I have too many ideas.

- I freaking hate bees...so much.

- I think that Dramione is an affront against God and J.K. Rowling. Also apparently, in my mind, those two belong in the same sentence. ErinFabu (Check my faves) wrote on her profile something along the lines of "Your mother was dead wrong when she told you a guy treats you like shit cuz he loves you." She's right, thats how domestic abuse happens, keep up people. However, I am a hypocrite because as a Scor/Rose fic fan, I find it far more interesting when enemies fall in love than friends. Heretofore, its much more interesting when Scor/Rose hate each other then fall in love, so I sympathize with Dramione fans cuz I get why they like it, even though Dramione is disgusting. Ahhhh, Im a Psychologist dammit!

- Ron/Hermione shipper HARDCORE! If you kill Ron, I hate your story. If you make him cheat, your wildly wrong about Ron's character, you need to re-read Rowling, cuz that's like a slap in her face. Infidelity is a weak plot device and so is rape. Ron would never cheat, find another way to make your story interesting. Make Draco cheat, he would totally do it. Kill off Ginny, nobody likes Ginny. (I think she's kind of a whore from what I read in HP.)

- I LOVE Scor/Rose- the Romeo/Juliet tip is always fun.

- I hate fics that make Rose this weak little girl, always falling apart whenever Scorpius is even near her. This is HERMIONE GRANGER'S daughter we're talking about. She's not just going to put out as soon as Scorpius touches her cuz realistically, why would a man want a woman who is so easily conquered? Oh and no, having Scorpius not take advantage of her is not indicative of respect. You must have some LOW self-esteem if you think that's what it looks like for a man to respect you. A girl must have respect for HERSELF before a man will have respect for her and putting out immediately is NOT a sign of self respect.

-Timing is everything loves and quite frankly it takes TIME to develop a relationship, so if your writing a multi-chap piece of fiction about Scor/Rose and they are making out within the first five chapters, try again, cuz it is in no way believable that two people who had no romantic relationship before would just have one that fast. Im just saying. Plus, its boring to be so quick about it, there are others things that could be happening, other characters that could be developed or plot lines/twists/turns/scurvy?, that can take place...its FICTION, so play with it! On the other end of that coin, make sure that you keep the plot centered to the main story (Scor/Rose...or whatever) or else people will be like, why put a ship on it if the story is about a bunch of other crap? Also, be careful not to stretch it out TOO long, I started reading a Hr/R fic that took 25 chapters for them to KISS. Maybe it would have been interesting if the author came up with new interesting ways to delay the inevitable but it was the same "interruption" plot device EVERYTIME. I had to stop reading it. Fiction, its HARD and yet, miraculously, I have so much critique to give. Hahahaha.

-If you THINK Ron has a beard, you're a jerk.

- I like the humor...obviously, but I hate that so many stories claim to have humor when they don't. You want an example of a funny writer? Springtime7 (Check my faves). Model yourself after her.

-ANYWAY, I NEED Canon compliant. I cant stand when people try to change J.K.'s (Or Konietzko & DiMartino- for my Avatar heads) plot to fit their own delusional ideas. Who are you to change genius? Who are you to say, SIKE! Snape's not dead, Fred is alive, Dobby gets adopted by Harry Potter and goes to Hogwarts as a student and gets McGonagall preggo... Stop it! Fred is dead, Dobby is dead, Snape is dead, Hedwic is dead...Fleur's alive...tragically. Accept it and formulate a good plot.

- I feel bad about reviewing alot cuz I just started writing fan fic... but people are always BEGGING for them, so I do it. However, don't expect me to write a glowing review unless your story is bangin awesome (Once again, see ErinFabu). I review truthfully. You think I wouldn't need to say this, but I have had people rage at me cuz I didnt praise their fic. Sowwie.

- I like smut. We all do, dont be fake. If you have sex, you like sex, you'll want to read about sex. Period. You can convey such a broad range of emotions from how two characters touch each other than from what they say, an excellent example of a writer that does wonders with the realm of touch would be The Duckster (see faves) in addition to having a truly spectacular user name, she really has a way with words when it comes to describing actions (haha), check her out. Sex is a part of humanity, a part of relationships, a part of love, a part of life. So deal with it.

- Twilight is stupid bullshit. It promotes unhealthy, obsessive relationships to teenage girls and unrealistic beliefs about love and relationships. Also, it's written just...terribly. Like 400 pages of repetitive, childlike nothing, and 100 pages of plot. If you compare it to HP, I will verbally eviscerate you.

- I swear, I'm not this negative and pessimistic. I just have an aggressive sense of humor!

Lalala, see you around the site!

Picatsso (btw, the name isnt a typo)

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