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Author has written 8 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Halo, and Legend of Zelda.

I'm just an overactive writer(I only write because I have great ideas and a horrible memory)...What was I talking about?

Who loves:Seto, Yami Bakura, Sesshomaru, Sonic, computers, Shonen Jump, TV, Halo, The Arbiter, tons more...

Who hates: Tea, Joey, Yugi, Myoga, foster brother, sharing, flamers, SENTINELS(DAMN THEM STRAIGHT TO HELL!), Flood, tons more..

Animes that I hav seen:
Yugioh(im a good duellist and an excellent strategist)
DB (better fights and "verbal" quality than DBZ, graphics need work though)
Shaman King(good, but could use a bit better graphics, the peoplelook like 8-year olds)
Sonic X(though I don't know if its really an anime)
Naruto(that is AWESOME)
One Piece(hate the opening theme though)

Fav Games:

PS2: Ratchet And Clank( I LOOOOOVE futuristic shoot-em-ups)
Xbox: Halo(if you dont like it i will call on my hunter friends to destroy you)
GC: Zelda( Any title, Zelda is the best)
GBA: Zelda
DS: Jump Superstars(I just wish it would come out already!)

Fav pairs:
Seto/Ishizu (YGO)
Joey/Mai (YGO)
Tristan/Serenity (YGO)
Yugi/Tea (YGO)
Nyways read my fics! Hope ya find 'em funny!

PLZ dont b mad at me being inactive for so long, I just hav been SO busy but I'll try to update soon!

Character Profiles:

Show:Inuyasha(Inu-Yasha Advanced)
Age:Differs Betweens Seasons
Description: A ruthless killer whose bloody past is kept from all but his brother Draiken. He is the main bad guy of "Inuyasha Advanced".

Scott Pegasus
Description:The secret son of Maximillion Pegasus(o_o)whose relation was kept secret from all but Kaiba(see "The Duel Monsters Wars: Episode 1" when it reaches that part). He thinks Yugi stole his father's Millennium Eye(even tho Yami Bakura did) and takes his calulating brains and huge ego out on Yugi.

Sentra(story coming soon!)
Game: Zelda
Description: A brave Zora whohelps Link on his adventures. His only weakness is not seeing the intenions of people.

Game: Halo
Race: Covenant Elite
Rank: Zealot(Gold for those who don't know)
Description: A good friend of the Arbiter, he has information on Halo even the Prophets do not. He aids the Master Chief in his quest to stop the rest of the Covenant.

The Prophet Of Liberty
Race: Covenant Prophet(duh)
Description: He is a high-ranking member of the Hierarchs. He is the manager of all Elite affairs. After the Covenant split into two sides, he decided he would fight by the side of the Elites. The Elites are very loyal to him.

Game: Halo
Race: Covenant Elite
Rank: SpecOps(blackish-grey)
Description: A great leader, he uses his authoritive power to band the Elites and Grunts together. He once fought the Demon, and miraculously survived. He has the ability to put courage into even the most cowardly Grunt.

Game: Halo
Race: Coveant Jackal
Rank: Major (orange shield)
Description: A bit of a coward, but is an incredible tactitian. He uses cover wisely. He is the only known Jackal who can use a Beam Rifle and still have a shield.

Just read my fics already...PLZ! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I NEED YOUR REVIEWS! T_T

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The Duel Monsters Wars Episode 3 reviews
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