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Author has written 3 stories for Skip Beat!.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I accidentally deleted my previous well written awesome profile! Now I have to start over.

Interviewer-Pringles(sorry only name I could think of unless you like cup, cellphone, lipbalm, or glasses more)


Pringles: Hey guys! Let's start off with an interview with NekoBlade-sama!

*drumroll* light shines on NekoBlade-sama

NekoBlade-sama: Thanks for hav- No shit! This is my profile why do I have to thank you?

Pringles: Apparently, this author has a horrible attitu-

NekoBlade-sama snaps and water floods the room. Pringles is now drowning and NekoBlade-sama is on a fluffy cloud, floating.

NekoBlade-sama: Ha! That's what you get for defying me.

Pringles: -sadistic too...

NekoBlade-sama: *nods* A wonderful word that describes me perfectly. *snaps again, now Pringles's standing on a raft* Now, go on. You are interviewing me right?

Pringles: Ah y-yes! Let's get down to the first question. What-t is your name in real life?

NekoBlade-sama: Next.

Pringles's eyes widen and starts to speak, but after seeing NekoBlade-sama, stops.

Pringles: Uh-m. How old are you?


Pringles: N-NekoBlade-sama, you haven't answered the question...

NekoBlade-sama: LIKE HELL I'M GOING TO TELL YOU *kicks Pringles in the head*

Pringles: When is your birth-birthday?

NekoBlade-sama: November 25th. Better get me presents.

Pringles: I-I heard you are a lazy author, never updata-

Pringles dies from a huge rock.

NekoBlade-sama: Shows over. You guys took notes right? Good.

Wattpad- http :// www . wattpad . com / user / spadeillusion (remove the spaces)

Tumblr-http :// rhawrr . tumblr . com/ (remove the spaces)

I'm the kind of person who leaves you hanging.

To justify that, I say that it every cliffhanger is a new beginning

the ending is not for me to write, it is for you to write. NekoBlade-sama

Yet there is no end

That was just one of my weirdness...I don't even know what that was. I'm not one that's great at writing, I'm not being humble, it's the truth. Everything I write, I find it lacking in grammar and feelings. I write just because of my readers. Still, not the cliche' thing. Or maybe it is. My readers are those who look at my stories, the reason I post my stories, I yearn for your reviews.! On to what's important, look down- shit, I mean scroll down. That was just wrong...

Hey guys! So You got my basic information! That was my real personality that can never do anything since it gets quite violent. As for the whole updating thing goes, Forever Alone in now on hiatus for who knows how long so, alert the story if you like it instead of waiting. You're still waiting but not really...whatever. Now the Forever Alone hiatus is because, of my lack of inspiration. Simple.

If anyone care about my stories or stuff like that, my inspirations are like a flash, so I am fit for short, one or two chaptered stories. Forever Alone is a bit too long, but I hope I can finish it.

Ways to contact me: just PM me, review, those are connected to my email and I check that everyday! I read everyone's review and I thank all my subscribers, favorite-rs, and review-ers! I deeply appreciate all the everything! (weird? I am.)

Possible Projects

Katekyo Hitman Reborn- I'm considering an idea now, I'm just not sure how it'll turn out. If I really, seriously write it, I will post it! Doncha worry!

Skip Beat- Aside from the obvious Forever Alone, I actually got a sequel idea for Scary. I used to have like 2 paragraphs but it disappeared and I don't remember it may or may not happen!

7/25/2013 Update: This is a bit weird but I'm currently eating Pringles... Life works wonders eh? I'd like to think I've matured quite a bit but I have the same personality. I find my past self quite humorous... ah... I was such a cute kid. Anyways, finishing my reminiscing, I might have a new project comming up regarding Skip Beat, I recently reread it I have like a drabble idea.

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