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Author has written 5 stories for Vampire Diaries, and Vampire Diaries.

My name is Eden Rose, but you can call me Eden, because apparently the name 'Eden Rose' makes me sound like I am 5 or something. I am now 15, and for some wierd reason I am as oddly attracted to writing as I am to Ian Somerhalder, even if he is like a bajillion years older than me. I keep on trying to convince myself it's because we share the same birthday (December 8th, baby!), but it's proabably just because he is the hottest thing to ever walk this earth.

My major obsession is Vampire Diaries- as you can probably already tell- and I also think that an evil Stefan is a hotter Stefan, and even though he is a big hybrid douche, I still think Klause is crazy adorable (Who can resist those dimples?) I think that Elena and Damon just need to get it on already, because I know it's killing me and many of the other girls around the world. If she doesn't take him, then I sure will.

I type on this adorable little laptop that my Grandma bought me (my Mom wasn't too thrilled with that piece of information) and it really helps make my updates longer and more freuquent. Now that my Dad and I don't have to share a computer, it makes my writing ALOT easier.

A little bit about me is that I tend to be loud, my parents and friends think I'm funny, (and no one else does...) If I am mad, I can't keep my big mouth shut to save my life, and if I want to do something, then I will do it, consequences be damned. I do great in school, (not to brag or anything) and I am in Select Softball year round. I also play on my High School team. I also love reading, cats, the color pink, music, cute clothes, working out in my free time, English Literature, and driving cars (I am actually pretty good at it, given my age. In plus, it's super fun!) I also have a pretty bad case of ADD, which makes it hard to focus, and that is why my stories will sometimes be put on a stand-still due to other things that aren't nearly as important.

I live in Marysville, Washington, and yes, that does mean that the weather sucks, but after almost 15 years of living through the horrible rain and cold, you just get used to it...sort off.

I started my first story "Game On, Damon" when I was around 13, and looking back I can definetly see how much I lacked in the writing process. But now, I can succsesfully say that I am proud of my work!!!

And I want to say thanks to all the lovely reviewers out there. You make my mini-job so much easier! Without you guys, I would just be stuck. I also want to give a big screaming shout-out to BadBoysAreBest and Temptress-kitten17, because they are the best damn writers I have ever seen before, and they encourage me daily without even knowing that I exsist!

Wow...that made me sound like such a loser...

I am now officially a Beta Reader and am currently accepting any stories that you would like me to read/review. So, if you are interested (and hopefully you are) then go ahead and e-mail or PM me. Hopfully, I can make you happy with your stories!

I recently just won a Caption Contest on TV Fanatic for a Vampire Diaries still picture. If you want to see my caption, then go here:

My Stories:

Game On, Damon: Complete: I wrote this story when I was young (maybe around 12 or 13) and I am all too aware of the fact that I really lacked in the grammer depertment. But hey, I was young and naive, and barely had any clue what I was doing. So, if you can and you decide to read it, then let me just warn you that it is not Nobel Prize worthy.

Together?: Still in progress (?): Well, this was a sequal to 'Game On, Damon', but I don't even think I will be continuing it. I have pretty much just moved on to bigger and better things, and I barely have enough time as it is.

In Their Minds: Complete: This really was just a dumb/sarcastic thing I wrote one night because I thought I was funny...And, as it turns out, it doesn't sound funny when I read it two months later.

The Worse I Do, The Better I Feel: Complete(?): This was a really angst filled 16,000 word one-shot that was just begging to be written. I am VERY proud of this and how I actually managed to finish it. This was also my first attempt at writing an M rated story. Hope I didn't dissapoint! And I am still trying to figure out if I am done with this or if I should continue.

Mistaken Observations: In progress: Even though this is my story and I really don't want to brag, I really love this story that I am working on. The reviewers are amazing and I just want to keep them coming. I feel that this is probably one of the best pieces that I have written.

Upcoming Stories:

I Am Almost Regretting It (One-shot):Summery: The bad thing about this whole situation wasn’t the fact that Klaus still needed her in order to create an army of hybrids, or the fact that Stefan was helping him do it. No, it was the fact that she could still feel Damon on her lips.

Merveilleux: Summery: Damon Salvatore was made of wonderful things. But it’s when you put those things together that can make the worst of combinations. There was a time when Elena was the exact same way.

Videos I Highly Reccomend:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNNtkj43Sl8 If you love Ian Somerhalder and you think he is adorable, then I highly reccomend that you watch this. It is the best IS video I have ever seen in my life and I give a big thanks to the women that made it. So what are you doing still reading this? GO WATCH IT!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IBw6yqz3xs&feature=fvwrel This time, if you love Nina/Ian as a cute couple and/or as cute friends, then I really do highly reccomend this. They are both so beautiful and cute and...ughhh. They are just everything. So, go ahead and check it out!

Really Amazing People On Here Who I Love:

fallenfairy4:Our story started when she reviewed my story 'Mistaken Observations' after I had a very bad day. And now, we talk to each other all the time! I highly recommend some of her stories because what she writes is truly interesting and very sexy. And if you're reading this right now Peri, then thank you tons for all the encouraging words!

LoveEpicLove:Oh, boy. Were do I even begin? Such an amazing writer and inspires me everyday. I wait in anticipation everyday for one of her updates. I am heavily addicted to her story 'Kiss Me, Break My Heart' right now. And of course, it revolves around Damon and Elena and all the good things that come out of a complicated relashinship.

BadBoysAreBest:If you don't know her, then you have probably been living under a rock for most of your time on here. Every single one of her stories is so amazing that I am practically at a loss for words. If you have never read one of her stories, then get the hell over there...NOW!

Temptress-Kitten17:The name pretty much says it all. She is the God of all smut. If you want to do yourself a favor, then go check out each and everyone of her amazing stories. You will not regret it...

Beautiful1Disaster: 'The Story of Us is probably one of the most astounding and beautiful stories I have ever read in my life. I think I have probably cried about a bajillion times during it. She is simply one of the top best writers you will even find on here.

aj81writing:Really amazing writer who is funny, sensitive, and witty in her stories. She is a true gem when you read her stories and she will not dissapoint.

Athazagoraphobiac: Please, please, please go read her story 'Addictions' Hopfully, it will change your experience on here. I know that it changed mine.

Katy5219: You probably haven't lived yet until you've read her her stories 'Rocker Sex God' and 'If You Can Afford Me' They are, just like all these other stories I've meantioned so far, great reads and EXTREMLY entertaining to read.

asdfghjklb: I am hoplessly in love with her story 'You Found Me.' I highly reccomend you go take a look at it.

hopelessromantic549: Read everything she has! Everything! She is one of the most unique writers I have ever come across in my short years of living. When she writes, you can't help but go to a much better place with jumping unicorns and Cotten Candy as grass.

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