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Name:Thin white duke of death

ITS ALMOST CRISTMAS!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! HAPPY HALIDAYS PEOPLE!!!!Avatar: No!! not the cool blue people! That drawling over there...ya...I drew it. I'm not lying. I wish I could draw it right in front of I'm going to post it when It's not finished. You see, I still have to make his hand and arm darker. I have a lot more. Dragons, Jesters, dogs, people and Joker.

My stories are only here to entertain. None the less. I'm not the best editor or writer in the world so please feel free to point out a mistake. I do not care if you give me advice or your opinion, my ideas are random and some of you might find them to be stupid, so don't flame on me. Some of my stories will be based on DC comics, and some will be my own creations(you will able to recognize some Joker material in them) and when I have an idea that I need to let out, I'll type it(regardlessif its the dumbest idea ever thought of) so expect some weirdness.

I love science fiction, so I know about some science. For example: E=mc2 means energy= mass variety of light squared. I just said that to look smart :) I warn you...I sometimes make up my own equations and don't expect them to be true(even though I dream of going to a College that is specialized for chemistry, physics and astronomy) some I actually do believe, but some others are just for the sake of the story. I'll leave a note at the end of the story if I have additional information that you will need to know. Now for some back round on the story you will see if you click on it.

Faded Glory: I typed this story long before I knew about fan-fiction and when I saw this site I knew immediately that this would be my first story once I created an account. I have only been a Joker fan for a couple of I have my doubts that all of you will think he's in character. The main point of this story is to give people a whole new philosophy check on the Joker. There will be a second story that is the second fanfic. If you guys like it, then a third story will come up with hot sauce on the side(lame joke) I look forward to reading your reviews( and I'm also frightened) I try to make this story funny, but my sense of humor is...special. Heh seriously I laugh at my stories all day when I re-read them. I wrote this story a long, long, time ago. I ment to divide this in to four chapters but since this is my first time doing this...I had it all in one chapter. Sorry...

The fire: I do not plan on posting this yet, It's basically batman during the pilgrim age (Joker is a sorcerer, and penguin is sort of the mayor of the village) (did they evn have mayors for villages?) but anyways, this story is based off of the cover of the return of Bruce Wayne #2. I'll post the first chapter and see how it goes, but don't expect to see any cross overs with Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I uploaded the second chapter of this story, and I decided to make it a story rether that a one shot.

Okay...I haven't gotten reviews. So I'll update them anyways because I got the best original idea ever! I Gave the second story following up on Faded Glory so enjoy!

I'm so hyped up about this idea I have. I'll give a sneak peak on what the next story will be about shortly. It will be called Depressed mode. See you there!

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