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As of 6/29/2012:

I am going to try to finish my first story The Phone Call but in return I would love it if you could just take one second and click this link below

Me and my friend are currently over every past obsessions and our now focused on five homosexuals called One Direction.. They are so hott and have create music! In my area they are holding a contest and in order to win, I need to get as many clicks on that website as possable in order to win tickets to their concert! So please help a person out? If you do then I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

And also Niall James Horan is mine :)


hello people, ill just say that my two friends got me totally obsessed with the outsiders and now we all cant stop talking about it! ive watched the movie about 10 times and only read the book once :( my absolute fav greasers are Ponyboy, Johnny, and my number one favorite SODAPOP!!

if you want to know something about me, here you go: I am fourteen and im always happy:) I never wanted to be a writer..but i just have so many ideas and i wanted to try!! It doesnt hurt to try right? hahaha!! and i know i stink!

outsiders insiders (haha that sounds funny) :

me, Marisa and Sarah at my house watching the movie

*my mom walks in

my mom: whats this movie about?

Marisa: gang members

my mom: what?? gay men??

all of us together: nooo! gangs!!

*i look at my mom

me:you saw the bed scene

my mom: yes! what are you girls watching?!?!

me, Marisa and sarah at my house watching the special features

*patrick swayze comes on screen

me: woow he's oldMarisa and Sarah: jamie, he's dead

my mom: to make you feel worse, he died this year

*then i had a spaz attack

-"a three letter name?"..."bob"..."omg!!!"

-"when i say pony you say boy!".."pony".."boy!"

me, Marisa, Sarah, and Jen playing outsiders jeopordy on the computer in engineering

*me and Sarah were on a team and Marisa and Jen were on a team

*me and Sarah had 200 points, Marisa and Jen had -200 points

*it was the last jeopordy question: we bet 200000 and they bet 900000

the question: what was Johnny's last words to ponyboy?

All of us together screaming: STAY GOLD!!!!

we get stares from everyone in the room and start laughing

me, Marisa, and Sarah on the sky ride at canobie lake park

*sees a beautiful sunset

Marisa:natures first green is gold...

*then we all started saying the whole poem

me, Marisa and sarah on the sky ride at canabie lake park

Sarah to two little girls: hey do you know who Ponyboy Curtis is?

little girls: no

Sarah: well look him up! he's hott!!!

poor girlz :(


-''sitting on pony drinking soda!" hahhahaha love that 1!

Me and Sarah watching the movie at the part where there at the movies:

*sees old lady

sarah: o look an old lady!

My mom: maybe shes on a date

*i see an old man right next the old lady


*then couldn't stop laughing

Me and Sarah watching Johnny's death

*Sarah smacking me with a pillow

Sarah: turn it off turn it off! put it on mute!!

me: i can't find the mute button!

*still hitting me with a pillow till the scene was over


the greasers birthdays:

Ponyboy- July 22, 1952

Dallas-November 9, 1948

Two-Bit-June 20, 1948

Johnny-March 1, 1950

Sodapop-October 8, 1949

Steve-April 15, 1949

Darry-January 5, 1946

Tim-November 5, 1947


I am noww a...AVATARDDD! (haha that sounds funny)

Marisaaaa wasss hereeee!!!!! ohhh and Aang iss minee!!!! dont forget tht Jamiee! 7/2 :)


AAAAAAnd NOOW i have ANOTHER obsession!! its an awesome book and movie called PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS!!!

(seriously you have to read it, its really good and suspenseful!!!)

BTW: Logan Lerman in the movie is incredibly cutee!! :)


New obsession time!!!! This time it's with an anime! Anyone heard of Dragon Ball Z, or even better a little adorable chibi named Son Goten? Well, yeah, he's probably the most not-smart, goofy [as Marisa calls him xP, yet ADORBALE character I've ever seen:) Oh! And Trunks is the most hillarious, bratty, yet adroable [yes another adorable!] character ever! [He belongs to Marisa, though!] And Gohan's not half bad;) Oh forget it! They're all pretty good-looking xD

Marisaaa was here, yet again! And yess, Trunks is mineeGohan too;) June 22, 2011

Yup! That's Marisa again! She's a pain in my southern exit, but she's one of my best friends :)

As of 1/9/11:

As you can tell, I havent been updating. This is because my obsession with the outsiders has passed, like a phase in life..

But don't worry, I am still writing, just not for this fanfic. I am currently writing a story for Avatar: The last airbender, and I'm figuring one out for Percy Jackson. If though, I get more reviews on The Phone call, I just might boost up my confidence and write a chapter. So don't worry..

If you are an Avatar fan, my name is XoAvatarAangXo and check out my story when its published.


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