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The Evil Thing is a gruesome beast.
On living flesh it loves to feast.
It's a two-headed thing, who you don't wish to greet.
One head sucks your blood, one head chews your meat.
It carries its babies, in slimy eggs on its back.
The babies are hungry, when they hatch for a snack.
So the Evil Thing traps some poor victim alive,
For the babies to eat when their birthdays arrive.
But don't worry, don't cry, please don't have a fit.
The Evil Thing is not real...
Unless you think about it.

But by blood, no wolf am I...


Hey people! I'm James Chester and welcome to my profile page thing! :D That basically sums it all yeah...16 THIS YEAR PEOPLES! CHYEAH!

Even after the huge lecture my S.O.S.E teacher gave me about "American-ised" Society...I still think Australia needs more of it :P

OH HEY! Here's a crazy Idea, how bout you follow me on twitter? YEAH OMG THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! follow me: jameschester110...Send me a mention, do something To be heard, And I'll follow you :)

Paramore\My Chemical Romance\The Sims\Death note\Short Stack\Vampire Knight\For Our Hero\Halloween\All Time Low\Music\Milkshakes

I don't know what else to put in...So here's some things about moi :P

I'm what most people would put in the 'emo' stereotype. I sleep-talk sometimes. I'm in love with music. I love learning and school (NERD ALERT!). I read all the time. I love anime and Manga. I prefer CDs over itunes songs. I usually have bright red hair. I wish I had glasses. And even though I am both of these things, I hate girls and humans. :D

20 Reasons You Know You’re Obsessed With Vampire Knight

1. You can sing the opening and ending theme songs for both the first season of Vampire Knight and guilty from memory (and you do, often.)

2. It bugs the living hell out of you when someone mispronounces Kaname’s name, (Ka-NAM-e : emphasizing the “nam”, as apposed to Ka-na-me) and you don’t even LIKE said character.

3. You spend most of English class trying to think of as many words as possible to describe the color of Zero’s eyes (lilac, purple, lavender, ...ARGH!!)

4. You actually know the color of every individual character’s eyes by heart.

5. You feel passionately about one or the other side of the ‘white or silver’ debate about Zero’s hair.

6. You immediately think how songs relate to your favorite Vampire Knight pairing whenever you’re listening to them.

7. You’ve assigned each of your friends characters from Vampire Knight (“Your name is Aidou.” “What?” “It just is.”)

8. Everyone you know is completely used to you calling them weird names with no explanation.

9. You’re smiling and nodding as you read this list.

10. You’re going to send this list to all your friends you’ve assigned characters to.

11. Every one of them will be completely unsurprised and will ignore this list (they’re used to it).

12. People ask you if you’re a vampire often.

13. You say “Yes,” and “I’ll bite you to prove it, if you want.” when people ask you if you’re a vampire.

14. You’ve started to learn to play chess since you’ve started watching Vampire Knight.

15. It doesn’t bother you anymore that Kaname’s chess analogies make no sense whatsoever in the context of the rules of the actual game.

16. You’ve bitten nearly all of your friends at least once. (She told me to, jeez! Is it my fault it hurt!?)

17. You’ve bitten most of your enemies at least once, too. (They won’t even think of stealing your pencil now, heh!)

18. You’ve noticed the similarities between blood tablets and white smarties.

19. You now live on white smarties.

20. You’re going to paste this list onto your profile ;D

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