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20 random facts about me. (This was done a while ago, so let's see what's changed...)

1. It is impossible for me to scream like a girl, even on rides and stuff. it’s quite embarrassing. It just sounds like some monster going Uhhhhhhh. (nope still the same darn it)

2. I love making fun of people’s spelling mistakes. My sister is horrible and I read her stuff out loud all the time…yeah, fun times. (Still fun, but I've relaxed a bit.)

3. I am the only person I know that doesn’t like French Fries. (This is probably the one most popular non-story related come back from you guys so "Yay! Kindred spirits!)

4. I once caught a fish in my pocket. (my sister caught a sting ray, but not in her pocket) (Ok, topped that. A squirrel made a nest in my car's engine while we were on vacation. Where did it make the nest? ...The squirrel cage. Didn't even know it had one.)

5. I will make up stories or random songs on the spot. I have a friend that will text me all the time asking me to tell her a story to keep her awake. I never know how it will end up until I get there. (Wow, haven't done that in a while. Need to start that again)

6. I want to learn how to fly. (Still do, but it's moved farther down my list.)

7. I have recently adopted the song “Let Go,” by Dave Lichens as my theme song. (Hey, I have a theme song) Whenever I make plans, they almost never go my way, but I’m not bothered by it. (Wow, I haven't listened to that in a while! Great Song, though. It's from the She's the Man soundtrack. I've moved on to 90's "Seattle Rock" and Indie Dance music right now, LOL.)

8. I get lost, all the time, even if I have a map. That’s cool though. I find a lot of good stuff that way. The weird thing is my best friend is the complete opposite. I call her the human mapquest. (That'll never change. LOL. That's ok, I kinda like it.)

9. I get weird obsessions where I’m really really into something or someone (but not stalkerish) for a while, then I’m over it. Last summer I wanted everything with pineapple. Looking at my stories can you tell what one of my obsessions is now? (Strangely enough, still not over it. Maybe when the show ends...)

10. I do not have one favorite color. The color I am attracted to at the moment is dependent entirely upon my mood for the day. There’s this guy that knows this about me and instead of asking how I’m doing, he’ll ask, “what’s the color?” Same goes with food. I never can decide. I'll have a friend order for me when we go out. I've had some interesting things I probably wouldn't try on my own.

11. I hate that I cry so easily. Movies, tv shows, sad songs, happy songs, if I see someone else crying. I even cried when people sang Happy Birthday to me. It’s so embarrassing, but everyone in my family is like that, even my dad! (I loved how Gus from Psych put it...a "Sympathetic Cryer".)

12. Along the lines of crying. You will know if I am really sick and not faking (mostly with a fever) cause I will bawl like a baby (again, hate it). Don’t talk to me, or look at me when I’m like that, or it’ll set me off. It's best just to leave me alone. I just take something and suffer through it.

13. I have at least one good friend or family member on every continent, except Antarctica. (I’d adopt a penguin if they’d let me…) (OH! I just found out that in New Zealand where my cousin lives they get penguins there all the time. That's still not Antarctica, but...)

14. Every tooth I ever lost as a kid was either knocked out in an accident (or once a fight) or pulled out (braces). (I also have less than the average amount of teeth in my mouth, and never grew my molars, ...but that is an extremely boring fact, and I'll move on now.)

15. I like making videos and am killer at editing…but I’ve never posted anything to you tube. (Still never posted, but my stuff is there...I'm not telling where. Mwahaha >:{D )

16. I once wanted to join the circus. No Seriously! (About 8 months ago I convinced this kid down the street to teach me how to ride it. I was starting to get pretty good at it, could stay on for almost 2 minutes without falling, but he moved away)

17. You know how some people sing better in the shower? I dance better in the shower. (And getting better all the time. I'm waiting for them to come out with a shower version of X-factor. I'd win hand's down! LOL)

18. I am ambidextrous and can read and write upside down. (Next I will learn to write with my toes. That was actually a joke, but now that I think about it...)

19. I overanalyze things way too much. And I’m sort of secretive (not in a bad way) about things. Mostly, I just think that people would be bored by what I’m really thinking. Like right now. I’m surprised you’re still reading this list. (Maybe not quite so overanalyzing. Maybe its more of a...who am I kidding? Yea, still do this. I'm trying to get over the secretive things though, but some things are just not anyone else's business.)

20. I carry a little notebook with me because I can get inspiration from almost anything. (Upgrade to iPad, Woo yeah!)

As far as my FF stories go. I've had a Multi Chap, a song fic, one-shots, a drabble, a couple inspired by's, a challenge and a sequel. I have done an M (Just to see if I could) . I'm not really a fan of crossovers unless it makes sense. Did I miss anything? Feel free to take a look. Oh, and If you feel like sending me a message, I'm always up for a good conversation (warning: sometimes I can be a bit random).

July 25th ...(eh, close enough) update.

So dear ol Panda Hallows, gave me the idea to add some pics on here so you can see my inspiration for iCarly's Own MLP. If you're interested in that sort of thing, just click on the following links.

The OC's would be: Gabe, Alana, Heather (aka Pixie) , Janis, Boomer, Yuri.

Other story stuff: The Extreme Scrambler, the Balalaika intrument from the contest questions, what the balalaika sounds like in a rock song (it's actuallya mandolin, but sounds similar).

Ooh, I also went virtual shopping! Behold Sams outfits: Carly's makeover dress, Sam's before top, and shorts. Sam's After top, and shorts, and hair...and the Shoes!

Heart to Broken Heart: Behold, The Ba-Cone, and the Banded Piglet Squid

Sometime Around Midnight: Song by Airborne Toxic Event.

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