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If you have forgotten the plot of The Shining Dark...

Yes, I know it's really long and yes, I know that I don't update very often and when I do, the chapters can be really long. It's understandable that people get lost in the mean time. In the interest of providing anyone who wants it with a refresher on what the hell is happening, see below.

The Shining Dark, a summary, Spoiler Alert:

Once upon a time, Ichigo lived with his mom and his dad and his sisters on a spacestation. His mom died in an accident and he ended up blaming himself. He threw himself into studying to become a pilot, but as he grew up, eventually spiraled into depression. It poisoned his eventual relationship with Orihime, and in order to push himself further, he became a stim-user. Recognizing the destructive path he was on, his father dragged him and his sisters on an extended trip around the solar system as he provided medical services to outlying colonies and mining platforms.

Upon returning to the system's largest spacestation and then attempting to find employment as a short range pilot, Ichigo meets Rukia in the middle of a battle with a Hollow. Ichigo and Rukia work together, defeat the Hollow and head back to the station. Upon learning there is an entire branch of the military devoted to this, Ichigo volunteers to pilot for Rukia, seeing how important a job it is.

This is great, except the ship is broken. In order to fix it, they load it up in Urahara's ship and fly off to a nearby terraformed moon to buy parts from Kurotsuchi, who runs a bio-mod chop shop down there. On the way, they meet up with Yoruichi in a stolen ship, carrying mysterious cargo (this is the real reason Urahara dragged them out here, they could get parts any old place) and then they're attacked by Hollows, but not just any Hollows, these ones are smarter than normal, and have taken out a pirate ambush area. They are saved by the timely arrival of Uryu, a vigilante on the same general mission as Rukia.

Fast forward down on the moon, they get the parts they need to fix the ship and Uryu meets Nemu, Ichigo unwittingly supplies Kurotsuchi a DNA sample (I wouldn't put it in the summary if it wasn't important) and they all go out to dinner. On the way back, Ichigo and Rukia are tailed and chased by assailants unknown, and they end up hiding in a closed down bar that Rukia knows. They are discovered the next morning by the owner, one Renji Abarai, the very same pirate that had set up the trap in the first place. They all set aside their differences for the moment in order to team up and fight yet another Hollow that has made planetfall, searching for Yoruichi's mysterious cargo. Turns out what she has is a part of an ancient Hollow, and all the current Hollows are trying to get it back.

They defeat the Hollow, and then made a speedy escape before the authorities can respond, heading back to Uryu's orbiting service base, which he has fashioned out of an abandoned textile factory ship.

This whole scenario, however, has been the machination of a man who goes by 'Revolver' who, let's just be honest with each other, is really Gin Ichimaru.

Anyway, they fix the ship, Ichigo and Rukia get a little closer emotionally, and then they all head their separate ways once the ancient Hollow artifact is secured in Rukia's ship. Having no where else to go, Rukia has them head towards the nearest ship on the same mission, captained by a friend of her commander's. When they get there, Captain Kyoraku throws them immediately in jail. What they didn't know was that they were out handling the Hollows, Ichigo and Rukia were the targets of a smear campaign and had a bunch of charges levied against them, all of which technically were true.

Kyoraku recognizes the situation and frees them, but can't drop the charges. They set off on their own, as fugitives, with orders to find out who is behind this whole situation. What they need is information, so they set off to the best place Ichigo can think of to get it: an old comm relay station. It's supposed to be fully automated, but it's really manned by a pair of artificial intelligences who are also fugitives, Kon and Lirin. Ichigo befriended Kon a while ago, and knows they can sift through all the comms that bounce around the system, encrypted or not.

While collecting the information, the station is approached by another ship suffering from some kind of biological infestation. Turns out the whole thing is filled with Hollows, only these are also different, their consciousness's have been transplanted into the human bodies of the crew. It's not a completely successful experiment though, since the Hollows keep trying to integrate metal and circuitry in their bodies, so they end up looking pretty crazy. They also have their first encounter with Shinji and Hiyori, but are unable to communicate.

Ichigo and Rukia escape with Kon, but Lirin sacrifices herself in order to blow up the station and the infested ore ship. Managing to get away with their lives, they fly out to the further ice belt and find sanctuary in an old agriculture installation, inside a excavated asteroid. There Ichigo and Rukia deepen their relationship (wink wink) and use the data they managed to collect to extrapolate a course through the system of a ship suspected to be involved in this situation.

In order to find out more information about this ship, they'd have to fly deeper into the inner orbits. They devise a complicated plan to infiltrate Byakuya's computer databank. Over the course of executing the plan, they steal a space marine dropship, Rukia battles Yachiru, Ichigo jumps off a building, there's a complicated urban spacefighter scene with Kenpachi, and Rukia is ultimately shot in the back by police.

Except it was all part of the plan, and it turned out that it was Renji and Uryu dressed as cops, and it was her exit strategy the whole time. They almost made it back together in orbit, but before they could Byakuya came and destroyed the Sode no Shirayuki, ostensibly killing Ichigo. His ship was disabled and Rukia mouthed off to him, and then Yoruichi arrived with Kon in a hardsuit, Ichigo safely sealed inside.

Urahara then shows up, and they all fly off towards a secret military installation near the twin suns called Pendulum. There, Urahara had been developing a countermeasure to the growing Hollow threat, a one-of-kind ship designed to defeat energy based weapons. Ichigo is injected with a new link to replace the one he burned out flying Rukia's, and learns that there is some kind of connection between the Hollows and the Ministry of Population Control, and that Hollow DNA lies dormant in lots of regular people. His own Hollow DNA has awoken and is now a presence in the back of his mind, but having no alternative, Ichigo is forced to keep using his link.

Before they can leave, Detectives Hitsugaya and Matsumoto show up looking for Ichigo and Rukia, along with Soi Fon, hunting down Yoruichi. A Hollow shows up as well, and there's a big crazy fight inside the hangar, and then outside in space, and Hitsugaya blows it up in a really cool looking assault hardsuit with solar-panel'd dragon wings and shit. Anyway, they all forge a temporary alliance and head off back towards Karakura Station. Hollows are swarming all over the system by now, and have attacked Karakura Station, turning the area around it into a spaceship graveyard. The ship at the center of all of this is a prison ship called the Hueco Mundo, docked at the station, and the Hollows are crawling all over it. Also, a big mystery ship is entering the system from way out beyond the Oort Cloud, and it's also headed right for the station.

The group decides they need to get aboard that prison ship, undock it, and lead the Hollows away, all while staying alive. They (Ichigo, Rukia, Uryu, Toshiro, Rangiku and Renji) board Karakura Station and find that it's been overrun with those crazy Hollowfied people from the ore ship, but they're all decomposing and zombified now. There's a long navigation scene inspired by zombie-apocalypse movies as they make their way through the wrecked station, eventually ending up underground in the cargo transport train tunnels, heading towards a control juncture they can use to make it to the prison ship, they hope.

That's about where Chapter 28 ends. Chapter 29 picks up right there down in the tunnels.

I hope that helps, but this does not absolve you of reviewing the story! If you like it and want to see more, leave a review.

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