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Well, you can call me Anakha. I'm from England. That's all I'm telling you.

I don't really know why I'm writing this as no-one will read it because I haven't written any stories.

I love to read - always have - but I cannot write to save my life, therefore I don't.

So my favourite fan-fiction to read is Harry Potter, just because it's so amazing. The Twilight saga is revolting and should not be classed as Literature. Remus Lupin would kick Jake's arse, and wizards - they can disappear and re-appear instantaneously, no matter how fast those glittery vamps can run - it's not instantaneous.

Okay, so my grammar is terrible so I don't really care if I read a story with bad grammar unless it's something like: they haven't heard of a full stop or capital letters. However, I do care about spelling and correct use of 'there' 'their' and 'they're'. What I also hate is Americanisms in Harry Potter fan-fiction, it is not 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' it is 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' it's really not that hard to get right. Also it's not 'mom' it's 'mum' and finally, for the love of God 'pants' are actually called trousers, whenever English people see the word pants meaning trousers in fan-fiction, we crack up because in our mind 'pants' are those little things you wear to cover your private areas. Example: "He put on his shirt, pants and shoes and left for work." A British person's thoughts: "...So, he was walking around in public in only boxers and a shirt?..."

My favourite Harry Potter Character:

Severus Snape.

Yes, he was a bit of a bastard but he had reason to be. He might have been bitter, sarcastic, rude and cruel but I can be all of those too, and I don't even have any good reason. He came from an abusive home, and when he finally made a friend she was taken away because he made a stupid mistake.

Admittedly, he treated Harry cruelly but every time he saw him, he saw the embodiment of everything he couldn't have. In Harry's eyes he saw Lily, the girl he loved but would never love him back, and in the rest of him he saw James Potter, the popular, handsome, confident and sometimes cruel boy who managed to take Lily away from him. Seeing the eyes of the girl he loved on the face of the man he hated must have been agony. It must have been a constant reminder that Snape could never have what he wanted most with all his heart.

I guess Snape is my favourite character because I can relate to him. No, I have not been in love with my best friend only to have them fall in love with my mortal enemy, but I have felt alone and betrayed. (On a less serious note: I am very sarcastic and according to my friends, I do the best Snape impression they've ever heard - let's be honest, it's most likely the only Snape impression they've ever heard but I feel proud anyway.)

Snape devoted almost 17 years to protecting Harry to make up for a mistake. He ultimately sacrificed himself because of his love for another person. Snape had to do a lot of terrible things; he had to spy, he had to lie, he had to kill and he probably had to do a lot of awful things to prove his faux loyalty to Voldemort. It would take a pretty strong person to do all of that, and while I would like to think I could do all of that - be strong enough to do whatever it takes for the one I love - if I'm being honest with myself I don't think I could.

He never even tried to take credit for any of it. Everything he did, he did for Lily. Snape would not have my pity, for he was too strong to be pitied. However, I would hold him in the highest regard.

Snape was cunning, clever, brave and loyal. The four founders would have been proud.

Snape may be a fictional character, but if there is someone like him in the world he would have my complete and total respect. I may not like him, but I would respect him.

If you actually managed to read through all of that, I salute you.

Ships I Support:

Sorry but I'm a canon girl through and through

Harry and Ginny,

Ron and Hermione,

James and Lily,

Remus and Tonks etc.

Ships I Don't Support:

Under no circumstances is Harry ever to be paired with Hermione. Just no! They're like brother and sister, it's practically incest.

Also Remus and Sirius? What is up with that pairing? They're friends, nothing more. What, just because James is already madly in love and Peter's too much of a traitorous git so they're the only two left and they have to get together? Or because Ron (who is kind of like Sirius) and Hermione (who is kind of like Remus) get together, Remus and Sirius should get together too? It makes no sense.

And honestly guys, what is up with Draco/Hermione and Severus/Hermione? Draco has called Hermione a Mudblood the entire time he's known her, oh sure that's the way to a woman's heart: insult her parents! (note the sarcasm) and Severus/Hermione? When has there ever been even the slightest inkling that they might be interested in each other, they barely speak to each other.

Ships I Like Against My Better Judgement:

Okay, so I will admit I do like Harry/Draco and HP/TR because a girl's got to have some vices, and "two beautiful boys are better than one."

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