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Dearest Readers,

Just so you know, I'm admittedly not that wonderful with updates. I know that my long updates are painfully frustrating, but writer's blocks suck...a lot. So I apologize in advance for that. I do my best to develop a story to the best of my abilities, so that's one of the top reasons why my updates are slow. And I know it may seem like I'm dragging a story out, but in the end, it's necessary.

For the most part, I like to include a funny quote at the top of each chapter. I'm not necessarily a funny person, but I try to make people laugh or at least smile. Hopefully, those quotes will do that.


The stories I write do tend to be kind of dark...I like to torture characters. _ I also like to make the main character darker than they really are.
The genres I usually write in are: angst, romance, drama, and supernatural. I'm a sucker for a good angst story, even with the redundant themes. I actually like reading stories with similar themes because each writer usually has a different take and/or perspective about the same thing.

Also, I usually make the main character a guy...and I usually make him dress and act more feminine. This is just a personal preference; whether it's because I'm a girl or not is most likely non-influencial on this preference.

I'm absolutely fascinated with the human mind and how it works, so basically all of my stories have some psychology involved. That's why my stories are angst nearly all the time; for some psychology-based things, some kind of trauma is usually involved along with addiction or things along those lines. I research mental illnesses and other medical illnesses as a hobby because it fascinates me, so whenever I come across something that really catches my attention, I get inspired to write a story with that particular illness.

Favorite Pairings


NejiXShikamaru (My top favorite)
ItachiXShikamaru (My second favorite)
KibaXHinata (Not my most favorite, but I'm okay with it.)

Shikamaru is my favorite character, as I'm sure you can see, so the majority of my Naruto stories have him as the main focus or at least have him in a major role.

House M.D. :


Even though I only have 2 House fics up right now, I only write fics with this couple. I'm honestly not the biggest fans of the other couples. Chase is my favorite character, so all of my House fics center around him.



I know I don't have a story with this series yet, but I still like this series...the original is the best version...ever...period.


Stories Currently In Work

"Come Find Me" (Naruto): This is my most popular Naruto story. I have many ideas on what to do with this story and I'm going to try to incorporate those ideas smoothly, so that they make sense. This one still has a bit of a ways to go.
When Shikamaru’s behavior begins to change without reason, the teams attempt to break through the surface of who he presents himself as. However, Shikamaru shoves them all away, refusing everyone entrance to the things that he’s hidden for many years. However, slowly, he only allows Neji to get the closest to him. As time begins to pass and while battling his own emotions, Neji begins to see the true Shikamaru that has been hiding behind the lazy unmotivated façade for the majority of his life. After a breakdown that leaves him physically and mentally devastated, Shikamaru can barely hang on; however, Neji refuses to let him go. Very slowly, Shikamaru begins to lead Neji back in time to the very beginning of when the nightmare began.

"Help Me Remember" (House M.D.): This story is going to be CRAZY! I love it. Now, it is one of those stories where you really have to pay attention to the small stuff.
Summary: Chase "comes to" standing in the middle of PPTH with no idea where he was or how he got there. It's later discovered that Chase didn't even know he was in the United States, let alone why he was there in the first place or how long he's been there. On top of that, it's discovered that Chase also forgot a trip to France. When asked what his most recent memory was, Chase responds with a date that passed 9 months ago. Realizing that Chase's memory loss is beyond regular amnesia, the team tries to piece together the multiple pieces of information that they have, but quickly realize that none of it really makes sense.

"You" (House M.D.): I know my updates are ridiculous with this story in particular, but this story will get finished in time!!
Summary: This fic mainly focuses on House and Chase's relationship after "Dear Body". It may seem like I'm dragging it out (as it also seems with my other stories), but I'm just trying to show development. Again, I know my updates are frustratingly ridiculous with this story, but I PROMISE that it will get finished.

"Burned and Restored" (Naruto): This one involves a pair that not many people like (or seem to): ItachiXShikamaru. I'm honestly not sure why I like this pair so much, probably because they're very different. Itachi is a little OOC, but I think it's in a cute way. *CURRENTLY UNDER MASSIVE RECONSTRUCTION*
Summary: This story is basically being rewritten, but I figured I'd keep it up anyway. _


Those are the stories I'm currently working on and as I've said before, my updates do tend to be slow and I'm really, truly sorry about that. But I work on multiple stories at the same time while going to college. ; But I greatly appreciate all of those who have continued to read my stories!!


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After a breakdown that leaves him physically and mentally devastated, Shikamaru can barely see a reason to hang on; however, Neji refuses to let him go. Over time, Shikamaru begins to lead Neji back in time to the very beginning of when his hidden nightmare began... "A part of me has always wanted someone to come find me...to come save me...is that you?":Shikamaru
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