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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

I changed my pen name from 'I Luv Flinx' to 'Rosealyn 'Flinx' Roth'. My name is Kaylee, but i strongly dislike my name, so my friends call me Alice. I would prefer if you would refer to me as 'Alice', 'Rosealyn', 'Rose', or 'Alice Rose'. I have created three characters for Teen Titans, one of which is created in inspiration of me a little bit, and one for Victorious, who is also created after me. I think you can tell which of the Teen Titans characters is me. *cough*Rosealyn*cough*.

I am 15 years old. I get really obsessive about little things like books, movies, and TV shows. Honestly, like you wouldn't even believe. It's embarrassing how obsessive I am for an almost 16 year old. But what can you do? Nothing!

Favorite TV Shows:

Victorious!!!!-OMG, I love this show so much, it hurts me. I am obsessed with Jade! Yay, Jade!!!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Teen Titans

H2O: Just Add Water

Vampire Diaries

So You Think You Can Dance

Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Books:

Twilight Saga (I am so obsessed, you don't even know)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Vampire Academy series

Harry Potter (Also obsessed)

Favorite Movies:

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Twilight, New Moon

Harry Potter (All six)

Percy Jackson

The Ring/ The Ring Two


How To Train Your Dragon (Another obsession. Don't ask, 'cause I don't even know)

Teen Titans Couples I like:

Robin and Starfire

Beast Boy and Raven

Jinx and Kid Flash

Terra and Aqualad

Cyborg and Bumblebee

Speedy and Cheshire

Kole and Jericho

Argent and Hot Spot

Kyd Wykkyd and Angel

Teen Titans Couples I HATE:

Robin and Raven (Seriously? No way.)

Terra and Beast Boy ( She broke his heart. She's a bitch.)

Cyborg and Jinx (No freaking way!)

Aqualad and Raven (Don't Even go there!!!!)

Starfire and Aqualad

Starfire and Beast Boy (Seriously?)

Victorious Couples I Like:

Beck and Jade (Of course! I know a lot of people don't like this pair because of Jade not being the nicest person on the planet, but I can't help but love it anyway.)

Andre and Tori (Super cute!)

Cat and Robbie (Also super cute!)

Victorious Couples I HATE:

Beck and Tori (Ugh! People who ship this are INSANE!!! Can't you tell that Beck is so deeply in love with Jade and Jade is too! This is just wrong.)

Jade and Sinjin (Double UGH! For the same reason as the one above it. This is almost worse. ALMOST! They're tied.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Couples I Like:

Aang and Katara (Sooo cute)

Sokka and Suki ( Perfect!)

Mai and Zuko

Avatar: The Last Airbender Couples I HATE:

Katara and Zuko (Are you kidding me?)

Sokka and Ty Lee (O... K... That one's just strange)

Sokka and Yue (Don't hate it, but like Suki better)

Percy Jackson Couples I like:

Percy and Annabeth (Yeah!)

Grover and Juniper

Thalia and Nico (I don't know why, I just do.)

Percy Jackson Couples I hate:

Percy and Rachel (Just... No.)

Annabeth and Luke (Seriously hate Luke)

Twilight Couples I Like:

Bella and Edward

Alice and Jasper

Rosalie and Emmett

Carlisle and Esme

How To Train Your Dragon Couples I Love:

Hiccup and Astrid

Ruffnut and Snotlout (Don't ask me why.)

I've created a few of my own charachters for Teen Titans:

Rosealyn Roth- Rose is Raven's twin sister. She is two minutes younger than her sister. (17 years old) Rose has very powerful telekinesis, which is described as putting a little piece of her soul into everything she moves. She occasionally chants "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" to focus her abilities, allowing her to perform much greater feats, but can move objects without reciting it; she also uses this phrase as a mantra while meditating to keep her emotions in check. She can also fly and create barriers of dark and light energy. Another of Rose's abilities is her "Soul-Self", which allows her to detach her soul from her body in the form of a dark-energy raven, like her twin. This ability can be used to enter the minds of others, teleport herself and others great distances, pass through solid matter, and alter her own physical appearance (typically increasing her size). In addition Rose can heal herself and others (to an extent) and sense specific people over short distances. Rose's powers are tied to her emotions(also like Raven), becoming more powerful and unstable with the intensity of the emotions fueling them. Pretty much the exact same powers as Raven. The only difference is that she uses both light and dark energy and she's more capable than Raven at showing emotion. Rose is working on helping her twin with that. She looks exactly like Raven, except instead of a leotard, it's a midriff short sleeve black shirt that is cut a few inches below her collar bone and a black short skirt. She has black fingerless gloves and the same gold belt as Raven. Her cloak and boots are Hott Pink. Since Rosealyn can show more emotion, she's the more happy-go-lucky twin. Even though she's the happier one out of the two, Rosealyn can still be quiet, collected, and emotionless when she has to be. She is not as happy as Starfire, but not as emotionless as Raven, or unhappy or jealous as Rubie.

Daredevil- Daredevil or Dimitri Hawkins is Rose's boyfriend. (19 years old) He has extremely pale skin, black hair, and gold eyes. He is a half demon, like the Roths. Also like the Roths, he wanted to do good. He doesn't want to be part demon. He can control fire, create fire, can create a forcefield, and can mimic anyone's powers. Dimitri is deeply in love with Rosealyn and would do anything for her. He would die for her. He wears a black and blood-red spandex suit wearing no mask.

Rubie Roth- Rubie is the younger sister of Raven and Rosealyn. (13 years old) Rubie has lavender hair that reaches the middle of her back, big amethyst eyes, and wears a short black dress with long sleeves, like Raven's leotard, just with a skirt. She has the same gold belt as her twin sisters, her cloak and boots are a deep blood red. Rubie has the same abilities as her sisters, but they can do things that she doesn't know how to do yet. (which feeds her jealousy toward her sisters) She can be nice, but can be a real pain sometimes, whine a little, complain sometimes and even get a little bitchy when put in a really bad mood. She gets jealous of her older sisters which causes her to seem mean and thinks she doesn't really like her sisters much. Rubie tries not to be jealous or 'hate' her sisters, but being the youngest, she feels that she doesn't get enough attention as Raven and Rose and thinks it's unfair that they can do more than she can. Due to that, she sometimes seeks attention from the wrong source, such as villains and bad guys. Usually she will be reminded where her loyalties lay and come back begging for forgiveness. Beside all of that, Rubie really loves her big sisters, even if she doesn't quite realize it yet.

Also a character for Victorious:

Rosealyn West (Rose)- Rose is Jade's fraternal twin sister. They don't look identical, but they are very similar. Rose has the same fashion taste as Jade does and her hair is just like Jade's, meaning length, color, style. It is curled, dark, and has blue, turquoise, and light green streaks in it.(Like Jade's in Season 2 of Victorious) She also has two piercings: one on her RIGHT eyebrow, mirroring her sister's and one on her left cartilage. Rose is a few minutes younger than Jade is and they are the same height. She has a very similar attitude to Jade's but she is a little bit nicer and less mean than Jade is. Other than that, they are pretty similar. A BIG thing with Rose is that she DOES NOT like BECK!!! I know some people give Jade a sister who tries to take Beck away from her, but MY version of her sister DOES NOT! She respects their relationship and supports it completely. Rose thinks that her sister and Beck are the cutest, most perfect couple she has ever seen and will react not so kindly to someone who tries to ruin that. If Jade is not with Beck, when Rose catches them, and other girls try to get Beck, Rose will defend her sister and get rid of any threats that may be proposed.

And a character for Pirates of the Caribbean:

Serena Angelica Sparrow- Serena is the daughter of Angelica Teach and Captain Jack Sparrow. She is named after the mermaid Syrena who impacted Angelica's life a lot. After all, she did help Jack save Angelica's life and Jack told her so. Serena has long black hair and speaks with a heavy Spanish accent like Angelica does. She has her mothers attitude and personality but can act like Jack at times. Serena has blue eyes. Another important thing that needs to be known is that Serena is immortal.

The Secret of Queen Annalese Links

Queen Annalese's hair

Queen Annalese's Dress (Light Blue)

Queen Annalese's Eyeshadow

Annalese's Wedding Dress

Bridesmaid Dresses

Annalese's Wedding Hairdo

Jump City High Links- I don't own any of these routines, songs, costumes, people, etc. But I so wish I did!

Rubie and the Rubettes

They have the same outfits. Exactly.

Teen Titans' Routine

They also have the exact same outfits.

Terra and Garth's Routine

Terra's dress is a light blue/baby blue. That's the only difference.

Jinx and Kid Flash's Routine

They have the same exact costume, too. I couldn't change it. There are too many colors and details, so...

Argent and Isaiah's Routine

Their costumes are also the same.

Kole and Joseph's Routine

Kole's outfit is a dark blue instead of red. If Joey has any red, that's dark blue too.

Cyborg and Bumblebee's Routine

Bumblebee's outfit is black and gold. Cyborg's is also.

Rose and Dimitri's Routine

They both have the same exact outfits, too.

Raven and BB's Routine

Raven and BB's costumes are the same, too. I thought about changing it to blue, but... I like the white.

Jade and Roy's Routine

Instead of red, it's the same color green as Cheshire's kimono.

Robin and Kori's Routine

Kori's dress is a baby pink, that's the only change. Robin's is the same.

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