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Author has written 3 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, BlazBlue, and Sekirei.

What I'm known as: America, Alfred, Idiot, Wolfy, Ojii-san

Age: ...young enough to say dude but old enough to map out the history of the word from it's origins in the English Language.

Short Bio: I've lived and grown up in the United States for my entire life with a dual blood ethnicity of Hispanic and Caucasian. I've written number of short stories and various other novellas and I have taken a crack at Fanfiction more than once. However, my inspiration is few and far between so I've never been able to keep to a schedule for most of my writings. When my inspiration does strike however, I have cranked out full fifty chapter long stories in a week and a half so it is not something that is easy to control when it gets going. In short, I hope I can contribute something interesting and fun to read in this community which is already swamped with talent as well as drek.

What I like to write: I'm a bit of a romantic at heart, something most people wouldn't expect from me when they first meet me. I love writing romance stories, particularly one shots, and my favorite genre's tend to change over time. However, recently I've been interested in America and Belarus which is sweet if not a bit psychotic in it's own way.

Favorite couples:

// Hetalia //

America X Belarus: I understand it is an impossible pairing but to me they are just so ridiculously cute I can't help it.

Canada X Ukraine: It falls under the same category as above, no chance but adorable none the less.

// Naruto //

Naruto X Hinata: As if there weren't enough of us crawling along the under belly of this infamous site, I happen to find these two to be quite adorable and interesting to write about. Granted most of the stuff out there needs the help of a serious editor but overall I enjoy most of the stories.

Naruto X Female Kyuubi: Yes I know, very weird and to a point...well disgusting but some of the fictions out there that contain this pairing also have a deep underlying root of psychological horror and visceral disgust that I can't help but enjoy.

Naruto X Tayuya: I have no excuse for this one, it's grown on me through the years is all.

// Blazblue //

Ragna the Bloodedge X Rachel Alucard: There are so few fictions about this pairing and it is a very grave shame. This is one of the most interesting dynamic that I've ever seen in a relationship for a long time now. I know that there is no 'canon' connection between these two characters but their interactions spell out a world of emotion that hides beneath the toughened skin of these two characters.

Bang X Litchi: Creepy but at the same time very sweet, I really keep a hope alive that Bang will some day get the girl of his dreams.

Taokaka: Needs to be mentioned as my favorite character, just needs to be stated.


Ash (Satoshi) X Misty (Kasumi): I watched the original series and this is what I grew up with; I love it immensely. This is one of the few I will fight for simply on principle, advanced shipping and the like be damned.

// House //

Gregory House X Lisa Cuddy: ...don't ask, please just don't ask. There are some things better left unexplored.

// Azumanga Daioh //

Tomo X Yomi: Best friends who fight flirting, what could be better? I also realize that the creator of the series explicitly stated that none of the girls were lesbians which I felt was akin to the creator of Saiyuki stating that none of the characters there were gay. In any case, this is my first pick and I enjoy it greatly.

Nyamo X Yukari: The same as the above, also the whole scene where Nyamo gets completely drunk and starts talking about sex with the girls, classic.

Sakaki X Kaori (Kaorin): Adorible, sweet, and almost destined, how could this not be romantic!?

// Majin Tantei Mourgami Neuro //

Neuro X Yako: Abusive and horrible, the demon and his 'pet' is something I find is ripe with disturbing romance as well as a psychological twist that would make a Salvador Dali painting seem normal.

// Rosario + Vampire //

Tsukune x Moka: The obvious one and the most cannon, he has the ability to woo two girls at once, both of which are beautiful. I also like the dual personalities of Moka, that always makes for an interesting interaction.

Tsukune x Mizore: It's sweet and subtle without being completely impossible.

// Spice and Wolf //

Lawrence X Holo: Pure gold at almost any time in the series, from the beginning to end, I love this pairing. They are sweet, bickering, and love to flirt with each other in subtle and wonderful ways, I love it.

// Princess Resurrection //

Hiro x Riza: Unconventional but perfectly interesting, I've loved these two together for a long time and I doubt it'll change any time soon.

// Sekirei //

Minato x All of his Sekirei: They love him and are destined to be with him forever, really it's a simple choice.

More to Come


:Red, White, and Belarus: Completed // As my first fiction I was very happy with how it turned out and I am immensely grateful for whoever read it and commented.

:Tao and the Art of Love: In Progress // Taokaka needs some love and I am to give it to her. It's a bit slow in the making but I plan on finishing it, I will never give up on Tao.

:Claws and Kisses: In Progress // A random Sekirei fic that I thought up and wanted to post. It involves everyones favorite bandaged Sekirei Haihane and her adventures outside of the Disciplinary Squad.

Special Note:

I am accepting special requests if they capture my interest. I would like to see what I can do with other peoples suggestions should they have any.

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