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Author has written 5 stories for Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VIII, and Zootopia.

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DarkFlameWolf is a prolific fan game designer who has created a variety of missions/campaigns/games for commercial video games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Descent, Zelda Classic, Game Maker, and Big Kahuna Reef.

She started off as a young player wanting to create her own games since she first received Duke Nukem 3D from a friend in middle school. Once she found out it had a level editor, the spark of creativity was lit and it has not gone out yet. Since then, she acquired and learned to master the Descent Mission Builder that came with special editions of Descent; she went on to create several campaigns throughout the years for the game series. She also dabbled in RPG Maker territory, creating two games and currently working on a third which appears to be in Development Hell, even to the point of Vapor Ware. She has also created a sizeable collection of Zelda Classic quests, some of which are quite popular within that community. Finally, she dove into Big Kahuna Reef and created multiple level packs totaling over 250 challenging levels. She recently dabbled in writing her own stories and has completed a full novel sized fanfic for The Legend of Zelda series entitled "Zelda's Honor." She also finally finished and released a fan made game, Megaman Revenge Of The Fallen, on Nov 27, 2014. She has recently dabbled in writing her own stories and has completed a full novel-sized fanfic for The Legend of Zelda series entitled Zelda's Honor as well as working on another three fanfics for Final Fantasy VIII and Zootopia.

Her current round of projects involve a self-made RPG that has been in the works since 2006, and a new mission set for the Descent series. She is also spearheading a OC Remix album for the soundtrack of Skies of Arcadia with a total of 36 planned tracks across 3 CD s. As of February 7, 2017, this album has been granted official OC Remix album status!

You can follow her on Facebook. She also has her own Youtube channel which details 100% walkthroughs of her works alongside various Let's Plays of commercial games. Given the name and that they are involved in the furry fandom, Darkflamewolf also has quite an impressive collection of art revolving around her fursona and other characters she's created - You can find them at these locations: Fur Affinity, Deviantart, So Furry, and Ink Bunny.

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