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Hey guys,

I discovered fan fiction a bit of a while back. I have way too many favorite shows and books out there so it's great fun to discover varying perceptions of all the characters I love.

I am guilty of being obsessed by Gossip Girl, adoring Vampire Diaries (that show is just so darn good!), feeling kinda, sorta sorry for Severus Snape (Did The Prince's tale make anyone else weep? No? Just me then), revering Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spuffy: my first love) and fixating on Rhett and Scarlett (they defined true love). I also enjoy Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, How I met Your Mother, Scrubs, Sex in the City, X-men, True Blood, Stephan King, Twilight, Chuck, Jane Austen, the Office, Harry Potter, Bronte sisters, One tree hill, O.C, Charmed, Tru Calling and well, a lot more!

Sacred are:

Chuck/Blair (always)

Damon/Elena (on the show and the books)

Stefan/Elena (sometimes)

Alex/Izzie (I’ve missed them)



Robin/Barney (didn’t see that one coming)


Cyclops/ Jean Grey



Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy

Dr. Cox/ Jordan


Buffy/Spike (she meant it)

Lately I love Puck and Quinn.

I like reading the same books a thousand times, blueberries and cheesecake, chocolate fountains and travelling. I never forgot a quote I liked. I have a bizzarely obsessive love for shooting sports but not the kind that would hurt anything living. Parascending makes me squeal. I always take the bad boys’ side. I believe in second chances. I believe in redemption. I believe in keeping faith.

I want to end up as a not so evil entrepreneur and tackle the nasty corporate world someday- and maybe get published? That's the dream.

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