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Hey there everyone! (Updated 6/12/12)

With a small step I've finally turned from fanfiction reader to a fanfiction writer! I started out with a little goal and proposed project of trying to write a story and now I've begun writing my thoughts and ideas down that will hopefully turn into many more stories to come!

A little about me:

I'm 22, gay, and I'm a 4rd year University Student majoring in Political Science. Usually I have a lot of free time and I don't go out much so my mind often wanders and comes up with pretty weird, exciting and fun things. I do like writing here and there sometimes but never really have written any fan fictions myself, mostly just short original stories (usually because of a school assignment lol). I love playing video games, watching anime, tv shows, movies, reading fan fictions (of course!), manga and comics. I'm pretty timid and shy at first but after that I can be pretty talkative :P.

Status UPDATE (6/12/12):

I'm GRADUATING!!! YAY!!! With a short vacation in mind and a long summer and tons of free time, I plan to put myself down and get "Love is in the Air" finally done. Thank you for the reviews and for my fans for the continued encouragement. You've help to strengthen my resolve and get off my butt to really put an effort on finishing this story that many of you guys love. The email alerts here and there of fans favoriting my stories and adding me as a favorite author have cheered me up and keep pulling me back to writing again. Thanks everyone!

(Update Note: In regards to "Love is in the Air", I've finished the plot and have written a few more chapters but have not gone back to writing more chapters in the past several months.)

I've been looking back at my notes and outlines and been writing a bit. I've actually went back and did some re-reading and found grammatical errors and such spo I will be editing some chaters. Anyways I hope to get something up soon that is of similar or better quality, since I've been a bit rusty. Thanks again for the encouragement and reviews.


Fan Fiction Obsession:

SWAT Kats!!!!

Honestly, I have to say I've fallen in love with SWAT Kat fan fictions the most. Ever since I saw the show way back when I was a kid, I've always thought about the coolness of the characters of Chance and Jake and always had the urge to see them in more action and stories. I still have my hopes of seeing a revival of the series in some way and have read and heard rumors, but who knows. At least I have fan fictions to inspire me and entertain my thoughts (even if they are a bit naughty lol). I actually love Chance/Jake pairings and find them to be an interesting and adorable couple. My hopes are to attempt at writing my own fan fiction about them and create a continuous flow of stories featuring Chance and Jake as well as other characters. Hopefully I'll have the courage to bring something out, since many of the stories I've already read have really touched my heart and brought so much joy to me.

Anyways, I'm pretty easy going and like a lot of things (don't feel like listing them out, just ask me later hehe :D), and I'm very easy to please too lol. Feel free to message or contact me. Let's see where this goes!


June 2010: Love is in the Air: In-Progress, Chapters 18 Uploaded!

I started on my first fan fiction story based on Hanna–Barbera's SWAT Kats, "Love is in the Air". It was a rough start, but with planning and time, along with the help of Ulyferal, I've been able to get this work underway. I've received generous support and help from Ulyferal (very honored to have such help) and have already gotten much needed critique, review, revisions and a general eye-opener to my early mistakes. A great big thanks and appreciations to Ulyferal for beta reading my work as well as giving me lots of guidance and tips to my writing attempts. There's much I need to learn but I'm hoping this is will be my first step towards writing amazing stories. I can't wait to finish tightening up my first story! Although I had a rocky start, I'm glad to at least be trying and enjoying the ideas and thoughts coming out of my head. The first two arcs of my first story have been completed, just a little bit more to go. Feel free to review, comment, rate, or even contact me if you'd like. Any critique is appreciated greatly! Enjoy and please look forward to the completion of my first story!

July 2010: Love is in the Air: In-Progress, Chapters 911 Uploaded!

The third arc of this story has begun and I've tried out longer chapters this time. My story has also been planned out, just doing the writing of it at the moment. I was stuck for a while completing a difficult scene but finally pulled through and finished it after a long time mulling over it. Let me know how you think, review, comment, rate :D. Thanks again for your support _.

August 2010: Broken Heart, Lost Soul: In-Progress, Chapter 1 is Uploaded!

Well I've finally got this long and first chapter out for my next story following "Love is in the Air". While I was struggling with chapter 11 with "Love is in the Air", I took some time to slowly write this story out. To make a quick note, "Broken Heart, Lost Soul" is suppose to take place after "Love is in the Air" which I know has yet to be completed. I am getting a little bit ahead of myself but I do plan to have "Love is in the Air" finished before I get too far ahead in this newer story. So I hope you enjoy this one that's more in-tune with my natural writing style as I've decided to produce this one "cold" without assistance from a betareader. It's a different attempt and style, so enjoy reading!

September 2010: Broken Heart, Lost Soul: In-Progress, Chapter 2 is Uploaded!

Love is in the Air: In-Progress, Chapter 12 is Up!

While still having difficulty finishing up "Love is in the Air", I've managed to pull out this second chapter in between grueling over chapter 12 of my first story. I have to admit, this story is much easier for me to write, but since it takes place some time after "Love is in the Air", I need to start finishing up that story as well (even though I'm so stuck at the moment!). In any case, I'm still alive and working. The slow updates have been grueling but I hope this can tide everyone over for now. Take a look at "Broken Heart, Lost Soul" and I hope you'll like how it's tying in slowly with my previous story.

Ah, finally I put another chapter of my first story up. It was a really fun chapter and I think I'm getting a hang of things now with this particular story. Only a few more chapters and most of what I want to happen and play out in this first story will be completed. Since "Love is in the Air" does have some occurring elements from my second story, there's much I need to make sure fits and works so that both stories flow well not only by themselves but can also be enjoyed read together. I've put in little clues and hints in both stories that I hope you guys can spot as in how these stories correlate to each other. Either way I feel that working on two different stories and narrative styles has been very fun and I hope you all enjoy the progression in both of them. Although I do have some one-shots in mind, my goal is to have a continual storyline featuring Chance and Jake and other characters. They could be called sequels or numbered orders, but I feel that my plans for these stories that are in the same flowing time-line can be enjoyed and read without previous knowledge of stories in the time-line. With that, I might make a broader attempt to write stories in different styles and see how things goes. Anyways, enjoy these stories for now! (Oh and yay for doing two different story chapter postings in one month for the first time!)

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