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Hello everyone, this is StormWolf. (Ex)

I'm a writer that has just recently decided to go public with some of my works. I'm not exactly new to the whole writing scene as I have been doing small ficlets in little notebooks since I was young. Of course, this is the first time I've actually posted online. Well, actually, it's the second but the first is sorta embarrassing so I would rather not talk about it. As such, I take whatever I post seriously and always welcome constructive criticism with open arms.

I don't like the ideas of flames or 'die for my ship' sorta things. As a reviewer, it is important to remain objective. How was the writing done? Was the flow smooth? Were any parts confusing or misleading? Grammar, vocabulary, spelling. All these are what reviewers should remember to prioritize first. Parts that you like and parts that you don't are all part of the process and it's ok to communicate it to the author, just tactfully and politely. However, as an author, I feel one has to connect to his or her characters. What drives them? What makes them who they are? These are all important things one must ask his 'inner author' so as to bring out the character's depth. Depth is what makes the character interesting and what makes the story fun to read. A good plot, complete with good character depth and of course, good English is what makes a good story.

Deus Ex Machina's however, are not. As such, I'm not a fan of stories where a main character suddenly gains a superpower and his personality suddenly seems nothing like the originals while he or she goes on a rampage. If it's a humour based story then it's bearable but it's kind of sad to see the author trying to squeeze everything out of the Deus when it's clear he would win anyway. *Shrugs*

Opps, there I go again.

Heheh, sorry, I get carried away at times.

About me, well...

I'm a 20 year old Singaporean who likes writing and loves the English language (among others). I took up writing stories as a hobby but it soon became an obsession, so that's why I'm here presenting my works online in hopes of receiving good critiques in order to further improve my skills and become a full fledged, competent writer that can bring wonderful stories to all of you.

I know my quality right now is not yet at a level where it would be considered good but I will certainly do my best to exceed your expectations. I do expect civility from you,m of course. Reviews that simply flame my work without going into detail of why exactly it sucks will draw my ire as well as various other expressions of disbelief.

Right now, I'm open to being a beta/editor for fics that I think have potential. PM me if you need my help with your works and I will do my best to help if I think I can actually help with that particular idea/story.

Until next time,


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