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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Tales fans, I'm sorry. Finals kicked my inspiration out the window, and I'll need sometime to recollect my thoughts on it. This semester is going to wreak havoc on me as well, but I will try to update as soon as possible.

You want to know about me? Well, I'm not a very complicated individual. I'm entering my third year in higher education by transferring to a university, and right now, education is the most important focus in my life. My time will be consumed with chemistry labs, lectures, and studying. In my college career, I pulled a 4.0, and I'll try to maintain that throughout the coming years. I also hold down a part-time job that I've had for going on three years. You might expect from this that once I start something I finish it.

That's not exactly accurate. I get easily distracted. Plus, once I lose interest in something, it's hard to get it back. Because of this, I'll probably focus on random one-shots rather than start a chapter story I won't ever finish. You never know, though...

Also, due to other variables outside of the Internet, (i.e. work, school, social life, marching band) I may disappear once in a while. Life will always take precedence over fanfiction.

Alright! Enough of this somber mood! In case you're wondering about my username on here, I'll explain. I have a wide variety of favorite shows and anime, videogames, and books.

Favorite Shows: Heroes, Chuck, Amazing Race, Survivor, Ghost Whisperer.

Anime: Kuroshitsuji (Current addiction), Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Yu-gi-oh!

Videogames: Golden Sun (Renewed addiction) Final Fantasy series, Tales series, Pokemon, Kirby, Castlevania, Mario, Super Smash Brothers, Lost Magic, Mana series.

Books: Harry Potter, Inheritance Trilogy, LotR.

Now, for pairings: I'm a strange soul that will read mostly anything, be it yaoi, yuri, or het, mature rated stories, or cute K-rated fluff, as long as it's pulled off reasonably well and sensibly.

As for what I write, I'm trying to expand my horizons from simply innocent stories and extend into topics that would previously have made me cringe. Expect some odd stories, but I hope you'll enjoy them.

In the battle of Dub vs Sub...uh...both? I'm under the impression that each has its merits. If you take offense to this, please don't fight me and try to change my opinion. I'm very stubborn.

See, I'm pretty simple. I'll leave you with a list of planned stories when I get them all plotted out. For now, they're mostly all Soul Eater fics about Death the Kid, since he's my favorite character in the series and he doesn't get enough love. Even though I'm a recent newcomer to Soul Eater, I've finished all the anime and current manga chapters. I hope my characterization is mostly if not completely correct. I do have plot bunnies for other fandoms and characters, though. I just have to lure them with carrots.

New plot bunnies: I'm rediscovering my love of Tales of the Abyss. Oh, how I love that game/anime! So now I have all these new ideas floating around, so I'll write them when I have time, too.

Future Works

1. A story about the various times Kid's symmetry has been interrupted and ways he compensated. It's just a collection of short drabbles pieced together in a oneshot. Crack may or may not ensue.

2. A oneshot about Kid as a child, his stripes, and why he doesn't actually mind being teased by his father about them. Sometimes.

3. How Kid's time in the Book of Eibon caused Liz and Patty to feel. It's shaping up like a dialogue fic between the three right now.

4. A Stein and Maka (not paired) dissection fic, based on her comment about the dream she had.

5. A Gopher story, about how he tries his hardest for Noah and it still isn't good enough.

6. A one-shot about how Kid feels misunderstood simply because of his status as a Shinigami. He isn't all that different in comparison...

7. Hopeless Dreamer: A multi-chapter story (so much for oneshots) about Guy and Noelle's relationship...or lack there-of. In-progress

8. A Mother's Biggest Fear A Susanne reflection one-shot on gaining two sons and then losing them both. Currently being written.

See you later!

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