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Hi! I'm chaotic-iak. Preferably with an underscore (chaotic_iak), and you can google it to know me better.

13 July 2013 update:

Still lurking as reader, but I doubt I'll have time to write. Let's see.

I might post my fictions on deviantART because it's more about my OCs and not really official characters, but just see. deviantART profile at http:///.

Who am I?

Username: chaotic_iak
Country: Indonesia
Gender: Male
Primary language: Indonesian
Secondary language: English

I'm hanging around: Pokemon fandom. Not really into Sonic any more, although I'll happily read stories that are suggested to me (preferably by you sending a PM). (That applies to all fandoms.)

I've submitted: Three stories, two of which are deleted. "Crash!" is a completed one-shot.

I'm planning: No story. Too busy with other stuffs.

Screw numbers! Because I don't like statistics.

Alert List on: 5
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Signed Reviews submitted: 174

Stories submitted: 1
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Words archived: 2302

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Stuffs, Babbles, and Anything Else

My OCs...

Land is a Land Forme Shaymin half-Pokemon-half-Mobian, and Sky is a Sky Forme Shaymin half-Pokemon-half-Mobian. Yes, Mobian as in the creatures in Sonic's world. Actually I do post Sky's profile in my blog, see http:///sky/ .

Arguably arguable stuffs aka personal opinions

Dang. I've read too much Pokemon stuffs to actually form an opinion here.

You can argue all the way you want whether a P/pokemon name is capitalized or not when it refers to a generic object (compare a Pikachu to a mouse; that P is the argued thing). Both sides can be correct by their views, seeing the other as wrong. My preference is that Pokemon names are capitalized (compare a Pikachu to an American). Because I'm too lazy to respond to anything that I have publicly state in an easily available space (read: this page), I'll simply ignore your review/PM/whatever if it contains "capitalization is wrong" without a satisfying argument, or I'll ignore that part if your review/PM/whatever contains multiple parts.

Other grammar issues
While we're at it, these also apply, and the same ignore thing will be applied:
- Items/places are also capitalized, although this is sometimes not consistent for common items (B/bicycle mostly, but I rarely use it anyway)
- Trainer Classes are capitalized. Even the phrase "Trainer Class".
- A group of same-species Pokemon is not followed by an "s", unlike normal pluralization (compare to sheep) (e.g. a Pikachu, several Pikachu, the Pikachu, the Pikachu (the former "the Pikachu" is a single species while the latter is a group; usually I'll try to make it clearer in context, but I'm pretty sure I'll give up soon and start pluralizing like most nouns).

Other babbles

Guess my favorite Pokemon (plural)...
...oh wait I put it up. Oops. Whatever. Genders used for below.

1. Shaymin (Sky Forme) (M)
2. Glaceon (F)
3. Sylveon (F)
4. Leafeon (F)
5. Jolteon (M)
6. Umbreon (M)
7. Jirachi (M)
8. Mew (F)
9. Espeon (F)
10. Deerling (F)

Too many Eeveelutions qq

Because I'm pretty bored, I decided to copy something from people's profiles...

List same as above.

Number 1 says he persuaded Number 7 into a date at a fancy restaurant. What happens?
"Sky, I know this is a nice restaurant, but do you actually intend to date? I'm straight."

Number 2 cooks dinner for you. How is it?
...I prefer that she makes ice cream instead.

Number 5 proposes to you? Your reaction?
You should find a Pokemon to mate with, not a human.

Number 8 announces that he's marrying Number 10 in a week. Your thoughts?

Number 6 comes to bunk with you in your college dorm (sometime in the future).
Oh hi! Aren't you supposed to stay with Espeon?

You invite Number 5 and 9 to go swimming with you. What happens?
I and Espeon run frantically, out from the pool, lest an unhealthy electrocution takes place.

Number 3 is embracing and hugging Number 9 in bed when Number 2 walks in. Reaction?

If Number 4 walked in instead?
(If Number 6 walked in instead: "Sylveon, don't you dare change Espeon's sexual alignment. Otherwise I'll make sure you'll have a nightmare.)

You meet Number 1 live and in person. What do you do?
*insert fangirlish screaming*
This is quite the same reaction as when I got my Skymin action figure or something :P

Numbers 3,4,6,7,8,10 only appear once among the above scenarios. What can you do to feature those six?
Sylveon and Leafeon meet. Hugs to the whole group. The other four cannot escape and died. Espeon will mourn and probably kill Sylveon and Leafeon, while I will struggle finding replacements for Psysteel City's mayor(s).

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