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Author has written 33 stories for Inuyasha, and Bleach.

I rarely write anything personal about myself either in my responses to my readers' reviews or on here but to make things official, since apparently my pen name isn't enough, I will make things clear. Yes, I am a female author. Anyway, on to the important stuff...

I often wondered how good my creative writing skills were. In the past I've received enough "A's" to know I can do research and other essays just fine. So I'm finally getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new. I don't think the plot bunnies will let me ignore my desire to write anymore. Hopefully a much loved Manga/Anime will give me the push I need.

1.) A Soul- a collection of interconnected one shots. Introspections of the characters seen most throughout the Inuyasha manga and anime. Includes an original character as a love interest for Sesshoumaru since he didn't get a happily ever after with Kagura. Includes Mama Higurashi, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Kagome, Shippou, Kaede, Kirara, Kohaku, Rin, Sesshoumaru, "Maria" (OC), Souta, and Gramps. I also stuck another nekomata in there for Kirara. She's a beloved character for me and I think she's smarter than we give her credit for. After taking care of the inutachi, she deserves a little romance. It ends with a epilogue where their souls are reborn for another mission despite having lived for centuries. Complete.

2.) Her Knight- Kagome is attacked in her era while Inuyasha is in the Sengoku Jidai. Sensing that something is wrong, he goes to check on her only to find her mother standing under the Goshinboku wishing that he would stop by. Both are injured but it's not until the next night that the trouble really starts. Having been shot, Inuyasha falls victim to his human fraility and ends up in the hospital. Kagome, worried about his condition puts stress on her own wounds and ends up in the bed beside him. They're about to find out that distance doesn't matter when a demon senses danger to his mate. And for them, Time doesn't matter either. Complete.

3.) Her Monk- Second in the series that started with Her Knight. With the destruction of Naraku and the Shikon Jewel, the inutachi are trying to settle down to a life of normalcy. Unfortunately for Sango and Miroku, that turns out to be impossible when the gang learns that the Tama cursed them by making them a part of the Taisho clan. And somebody's not happy it was done without his permission. Along with learning how to live for centuries instead of decades, they must satisfy the curiosity of a nosy miko about their own tale of love. Not easy to do when an interferring Lady Taisho shows up. Complete.

4.) Father of the Bride- Third in the HK/HM series. A grown Rin must choose whether to marry or to stay in the village helping Lady Kaede. And when she does choose, guess who has the dreaded task of being the FOB? Thinking it a snap as he had previously approved of her eventual groom, the demon lord learns that it's not easy letting your little girl go. All the while he has to deal with his own relationship with a ward of the clan. He must decide whether to make her his mate, or watch her die. Includes an OC as a romantic interest for Sesshoumaru. Also introduces some OC's as elders of the Taisho clan and a surprise OC at the end. Complete.

5.) Forewarned, is Forearmed, Right?- A long one shot centering around Kagome and Inuyasha. Kagome's grandfather finds an old scroll warning the duo of a terrible storm in the Feudal Era. Finding that it's written in Modern Japanese, Kagome assumes she wrote it and tries to prepare for the worst. Seperated from their friends, the pair take shelter in a cave prepared by Sesshoumaru as a refuge for Rin. Upon waking in the morning, Inuyasha is confronted by his brother who demands the younger marry Kagome to restore her reputation. Sometimes forewarnings are more trouble than they're worth. One-shot.

6.) They Don't Understand- One shot centering on Rin's opinion of her relationship with the demon lord. The girls in the village don't understand how he sees her and she decides that it doesn't matter. She does, and he does, so that's all that counts. She's as close to a daughter as she can be, being human. Post manga. One-shot.

7.) Her Son- A one shot about Rangiku, Toushiro, and Gin from Bleach. Matsumoto decides that it's better that she kill Gin before Toushiro gets it into his head to do it himself. Set before the revelation that Gin had planned to kill Aizen. She wants to do this because Gin is her child's father and she doesn't want that on Toushiro's conscience. One-shot. A cover has been added featuring Rangiku thanks to the free wallpaper part of animecrazy(dot)net. I do not own the image.

8.) His Mother, His Lieutenant- Companion/Sequel piece to Her Son. Coming upon Rangiku and Gin just as the latter is killed, Toushiro Hitsugaya learns something startling- that Matsumoto is actually his mother. Now he has to learn to deal with the fact that she is, without letting her know he knows. Steeped in grief about Momo's death, it's not until her shocking return that he lets the whole of the Gotei know the truth. It's a comedy of errors when learning the line between son and captain. And if that didn't make things difficult enough, our white haired genius has questions only his Zanpakutou can answer. Complete.

9.) The Nekomata Guardian- Fourth in the HK/HM/FOB series. Kirara is the elder of the pack and it is her duty to protect her charges. Whether they like it or not. It's a difficult thing to do when they're scattered all over the country. Here we learn what happens to the inutachi through the years and it will end with them all in the Modern Era. Complete.

10.) The Parents Meet- The parents of the inutachi gather together in the afterlife to watch over their children as they grow. Izayoi and the Inutaicho are first on the scene and they begin to wonder if the congregation of parents means that they are supposed to help their children. Deciding to find out if there is a way to free Inuyasha from the Goshinboku so that he can meet up with Miroku and Sango and kill Naraku, the demon lord goes to ask questions. The result is Kagome's entrance into their lives. Moments of humor and angst. One-shot.

11.) A Little Revenge- A follow up to HMHL. Ishida comes up with a plan to get back at Yachiru for putting pictures of him and the other guys in the SWA newsletter without their permission. And while he's at it, get a little revenge on Kurotsuchi as well. Hide a lot of candy in the Research Institute and sic the small pink haired disaster on two legs on the place. The more hyper she gets, the more damage she'll do. Sounds doable but that's if Rukia and the others of the SWA don't find out what Ichigo, Ishida, Hitsugaya, and even Byakuya are planning. Complete.

12.) Battle Royale- The fight scene between Hisana and Kellan from The Nekomata Guardian. The two matriarachs battle it out to find out who is stronger. They each discover neither is going to best the other and the fight ends in a typical fashion. Typical at least if you're Hisana. One-shot.

13.) Determination- Ichigo wished that he'd told Rukia how he felt sooner. Now, he's determined to regain what he's lost. He might have been content to be a "normal" teenager had it not been for the fact that the love of his life (and afterlife) was a petite, dark haired Shinigami. They are two halves of one whole and nothing was going to stop him from being with her. Zangetsu mourned the loss of his ability to see his beloved Sode no Shirayuki but when Benihime told him there was a way for him to be Ichigo's Zanpakutou again, he becomes just as determined as the Hero of the Soul Society to regain his position as Ichigo's sword. With a little encouragement from his white moon. One-shot.

14.) Trouble, Thy Name Is Woman- Thinking that he's being considerate of the women in his pack, Inuyasha decides to let them spend the night in a village filled with only women and female children. Leaving Kagome and Sango with Kirara and Shippou, he and Miroku go to make the arrangements. Only to end up kidnapped as potential husbands. Now they've landed in a whole other sort of trouble and will be in even more if they don't get out of it before Sango and Kagome come looking for them. One-shot.

15.) I Told You So-A piece of fluff where Inuyasha eats something he's been told not to. After getting sick, he wants to get better before Kagome gets home and says the dreaded phrase, "I told you so." Too bad what he ate is posionous for dog demons. His recovery won't be quick enough to escape from her reading him the riot act. One-shot.

16.) Family Reunion- Fifth and final in the HK/HM/FOB/TNG series. Now able to reunite with her family, Kagome is all set to introduce the Taisho clan to the Higurashis. Too bad nothing goes as planned when the first opportunity begins with a yelling match between her and Inuyasha. That wasn't how it was supposed to go. At least things are normal. Or as normal as things can be with the royal youkai clan in the middle of the action. Complete.

17.) We've Hit A Little Snag- One-shot in where the Gotei Thirteen have a meeting to decide how to get Ichigo to "wake up." They would prefer him to be a Shinigami before he died for real. When his substitute badge is returned to them and Rukia gets a hold of it, they realize that all is not as they'd planned. However, out of all of the suggestions made as to how to get Ichigo to use his reiatsu again, letting Rukia beat him to a pulp if necessary gets the unanimous vote. One-shot.

18.) Saying I Will- Rukia is reassigned to Ichigo in the effort to restart his reiatsu so that he will become a Shinigami daiko again before he dies. Since Ichigo is about to go to college, it is decided that she'll go right along with him. It becomes a typical Ichigo/Rukia reunion as she "drives" the point home that no one is happy that he lost his badge. This is sure to be a comedy of errors and embarrassing situations as family members stick their noses in the new university students' lives. If the orange haired college freshman thought soul reaping and high school were tough, he's in for a surprise. Now while his reiatsu level returns to normal, he'll have to put up with visits from the head of the Kuchiki clan. Complete. First place winner of "Best IchiRuki Fanfiction Over 15 Chapters" on BlackMoonxSun. Jan 2012.

19.) What Ifs and Plot Holes- A collection of unrelated one-shots centering on "What if?" scenerios and plot holes from the Inuyasha manga/anime and my own stories. Suggestions and requests will be taken this time around. Complete.

20.) Hating the Rain- One-shot where Rukia and Byakuya share a moment of sibling understanding. Rukia thinks back on Ichigo's sacrifice and explains his hatred of the rain to her brother. Byakuya, knowing his sister's feelings for the war hero shares some news that just might clear the rain from her heart. One-shot.

21.) Romance Is In The Air- A two-shot that is an unabashed cliched story for Valentine's Day and White Day. Ichigo hates Valentine's Day with a passion. The only thing he wants is to avoid the nonsense that goes along with the holiday. This year though, he just might change his mind. For White Day, he's going to have return the favor. Complete.

22.) Every Teen's Worst Nightmare- Kisuke and Isshin are bored after the end of the Winter War. When Ichigo's teacher asks for their help, they eagerly jump at the chance to do something. Despite the pleasure they're going to get out of the situation, Ichigo and his friends are not going to be happy when they learn what the speacial Health Studies project is. Even worse, Byakuya is going to be severely "upset" to learn just what his precious little sister has to do in a human school. Of course, to him there's only one way to rectify the situation. Complete.

23.) Secrets Abound- Ichigo and his friends are forced to go to the Sunset Shrine in metropolitan Tokyo. There they sense an aura unlike any they've every felt and encounter a stranger who is unlike anyone they've ever met. While the "Substitute Group" from Bleach is totally mystified, the inutachi from Inuyasha are not much better. They had fought a war against Naraku, survived hundreds of years to the present and had to stand by while a madman tried to become a god. Now, they meet the warriors responsible for defeating a Naraku-like foe but can they be trusted? In Progress.

24.) Obon for the Daiko- Obon is the Buddhist festival celebrating one's ancestors. It's said that the spirits can return to the material world for that length of time. Ichigo knows different, and could care less. The only thing he wanted was a petite Shinigami who would side with him no matter what because at the moment Tsukishima seemed to be turning everyone else, including his sisters, against him. He should really be careful what he wishes for. Not only will Rukia return, but so will someone he hasn't seen in almost nine years. Complete.

25.) A Little Vacation- Shippou pleads with Kaede to do something about his friends because he's of the opinion that they're crazy. Having returned to the miko's village beyond exhaustion, they don't even realize that Sesshoumaru has arrived. Concerned, Kaede tries to come up with a way to ensure that they get a little rest because as things are now, if Naraku attacked, they'd die for sure. In Progress.

26.) The White Moon Returns- A look at Rukia's return to Ichigo's side mostly from her perspective. In celebration of her reappearence in the manga. With a little bit of Ichi/Ruki goodness towards the end. One-shot.

27.) Black Sun Rising- After reading manga chapter 460, I couldn't help it. The Black Sun can shine once again because of his friends in the Gotei Thirteen. Friendships may be tested, but some bonds can never be broken. Some Ichi/Ruki goodness here too. Along with Byakuya's "Big Brother" reaction. One-shot.

28.) The Kurosaki Affair- Years have passed since the events in Saying I Will. Ichigo, now a doctor, should really have known that the relative peace he'd been experiencing couldn't last. Rukia, his loving fiancee, still loved to hit him rather than kiss him in greeting and his father was still as crazy as ever. Normality is impossible when it comes to his family as he'll soon discover. Between Shinigami visiting and a long lost relative finally found, there's much the future Spirit King will have to put up with. And all without losing his sanity. Complete.

29.) Gifts for a Princess- Sequel to Obon for the Daiko. On his birthday Ichigo promised Rukia that he would visit her the day he got his powers back. Unfortunately, that ends up being right before his university entrance exams. Unable to keep his word, he sends a message via Hell Butterfly. Rukia demands a birthday present in return for his tardiness. Good thing his sisters thought of that first, isn't it? Ichigo thinks so too, until he sees the reciept for the gifts they bought. Now with a dwindling bank account and several unhelpful friends, our daiko is about to do the bravest thing he's ever done: ask the sister of the guy that hates his guts to go out with him. Complete.

30.) Consequences of War- Ichigo, Rukia, and the others deal with the emotions and loss that the aftermath of the Thousand Year Blood War brings about. How do you move on when your loved ones have died? Going through the stages of grief has no timeline and no set path. In Progress.

31.) One Hanyou Too Many- When the Lady Mother gets an idea in her head, it usually means no good for everyone around her. Meeting up with Miroku and Sango thanks to inclement weather, she gets it into her head to "help" them out all the while using the opportunity to play a little joke on her son Sesshoumaru. It's just too bad for the inutachi that her idea of "help" is far from normal and her joke is going to go a little too far. In Progress.

32.) A Full Loop- An alternative look at the ending of Bleach. A lot aren't satisfied with the way things ended, including yours truly. What happened to our heroes after Yhwach was defeated? Who survived to move on to the peace that reigned ten years later? Some things changed, and yet, a lot of things haven't. One-shot.

33.) The Twelve Days of Christmas- A sweet treat for the season that takes a very different turn from the canon ending. Revolving around Rukia and Ichigo, this story uses the old English carol as its theme. The Kuchiki elders have decided that with a bankai level heir, the time had come to find Rukia a husband among the surviving families to strengthen ties. Ichigo, related to the Shibas who are set to become nobility again, has been invited by Byakuya to join in the selection process. Unfortunately, as with all things that include the Gotei and "well meaning" friends and family, the course is not smooth sailing. Is Ichigo up to the task of competing with the wealthy families vying for the right to court Rukia? Complete.

Those are the thirty-three that are published.

It seems that one of my fans has made a book out of Saying I Will. He printed it off, made a cover for it and now has a physical copy. And man is it a big one. He even uploaded it to "Rapidshare" so that people can read it in digital format. It has some errors in it but if it would be easier for you to read, here's the address: rapidshare .com/files/476484803/BleachSayingiWill.pdf. Remember to take the space out between rapidshare and the (dot)com.

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